"When we recorded From Under The Cork 树 it was out first time staying in California for an extended amount of time.We lived at the Oakwoods (Corporate housing)and ate at the "101" acot. I don't think anyone had an idea that this record was going to be as well received in the mainstream as it was. We were standing on a huge ledge and had no idea. We recorded on the cheap in Burbank. We didn't have a clue where we were headed. I remember that the chorus of "Sugar" was originally a throw away part that we salvage. I also remember people hearing it in the studio for the first time & saying that it wouldn't work as a single because noone would understand the chorus. We didn't care, we wanted heavy guitars. We just wanted to do whatever we wanted to do. We had a couple of fist fights. We also became closer as 老友记 that we ever had been. I had a mental breakdown 或者 close to it & refused to get on airplanes. -My band stood 由 me & waited. I will always 爱情 them for that. This was the last time we would be under dogs. Won our first VMA, 迷失 our first Grammy.
When I look back it amazes me how much 3 分钟 and thirty seonds can change your life. When I look back at these years in my head - it is always almost fondly. Our record spread 由 word of mouth at first. For that I thank our dedicated fans. 你 were always there, so hopefully 你 understand that this is our gift back to you. If we changed 或者 saved your life, understand 你 did the same for us.
P.W "

That last one sentence really got me. And still can believe that the label didn't thought that "Sugar" was going to be a hit!