A Valentines Story.
Written 由 lovingmylife.

Emily honestly did not dislike Valentine’s Day. She actually enjoyed it; she being a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart. The 日 usually put those around her in good spirits, spreading 爱情 and joy and friendship. And the 浓情巧克力 was also a plus.

There were those who 助力车, 摩托车, 轻便摩托车 on Valentine’s Day; complaining about their lack of significant other. Emily always refused to let her lack of a boyfriend ruin her 日 though. She would gather her other single 老友记 and they would go for a night out on the town.

But Emily wasn’t walking around with rose colored shades and she could definitely see certain flaws in this year’s approaching Valentine’s Day. All of her girlfriends had managed to conjure up a boyfriend 或者 at least a 日期 for the night. And of course Penelope and JJ had their long term boyfriends to spend the 日 with.

And this 年 it wasn’t just a day. Because the event was falling on a Sunday the festivities seemed to have started early. 或者 that was Emily’s realized upon entering the FBI building on Friday morning. Everyone seemed to be sporting different shades of reds, pinks and white; she herself had on a 粉, 粉色 衬衫 and black 短裙, 裙子 rather than one of her pantsuits. There was also a multitude of people carrying 花 and gifts along with their files full of important documents.

Emily wasn’t expecting any special gifts this year. She and the girls usually bought 浓情巧克力 and small silly gifts to swap but nothing extravagant. And sure enough when Emily stepped off the elevator there was Garcia waiting with a 心 shaped box and wearing an outfit so sweet and 粉, 粉色 it would put cotton 糖果 to shame.

“Oh good morning my sweet.” She pulled Emily into a hug before shoving the box into her hands.

“Okay you’re even 更多 chipper than usual and Valentine’s 日 isn’t until Sunday.” She had taken in the smile on her friend’s face. Twice the size as normal she resembled the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“You must come see.” Garcia 说 and without farther explanation looped Emily’s arm through hers and they started down the hall to her office.

“I can’t put my stuff down first?” Emily asked as she was pulled alongside her friend.

“Well if 你 had been here on time this wouldn’t be necessary.”

“If 你 haven’t noticed, there’s a blizzard outside.” Emily lived the farthest from work, and now with the endless amounts of snow they were getting she had been late to work every 日 the past week.

“But if 你 were on time 你 wouldn’t have missed this.” Garcia pushed open the door to her office and Emily couldn’t stop her jaw from dropping. Every flat surface of the office was covered in vases of 花 of all types and colors. Classic red 玫瑰 in one corner, daisies in another, orchids 由 the door. “They were all paraded in this morning.”

“Kevin did all this?” Emily asked in disbelief. “How could he afford something like this?”

Garcia just sighed dreamily. “Well we might not have another fancy 晚餐 until 下一个 Valentine’s 日 but it’s totally worth it don’t 你 think?”

Emily laughed and hugged Penelope again. “Whatever makes my 最喜爱的 tech analyst happy.” She pulled away and reached into her bag retrieving a small box of chocolates with a pen taped to it. The pen was 粉, 粉色 with red fuzz sprouting off the 最佳, 返回页首 along with a large plastic 心 that bounced on the spring that attached it to the pen. Emily tested it at the store check-out line and noted that it wrote in 粉, 粉色 ink.

“It’s not 花 but,” Emily held up the gift with a smile and Penelope snatched it.

“It’s perfect!” She spun around to her 台, 办公桌 and picked up a 粉, 粉色 sticky note pad with a 心 pattern printed onto it. “JJ’s gift…did 你 to plan this.”

“Not at all Garcia, I’ll see 你 later I want to get this damp 涂层, 外套 off.”

“Okay my dear we shall speak again later.”

Emily left Garcia to primp her flowers. She was sure the analyst would get little work accomplished today. Just outside the BAU doors she ran into JJ. She was also all smiles.

“Morning JJ.”

“Good morning, you’ve been to see Garcia’s garden?” She asked noting the direction the brunette had come from.

“I have, I’m sorry I missed the delivery I hear it was quite the entrance.”

“That it was.” The two women stepped over to the break area and Emily set down her box of chocolates before reaching for a mug and the coffee pot. “Thanks again for watching Henry, Will and I are so excited about getting to spend Valentine’s 日 together.”

“I told 你 it’s not a problem, 你 two deserve some time and I don’t have other plans. Besides Henry at 16 months old will probably be a better 日期 then my last few.” Emily 说 and she didn’t think she was over exaggerating too much. “What are your plans with Will?”

“Well last 年 we rented this fancy hotel room, my mom and dad came down to watch Henry. He was four months old at the time so 你 can only imagine how exhausted Will and I were.” JJ explained and Emily had an idea where this was going. “Anyways I caked on a bunch of make-up to try to cover up the circles under my eyes and Will of course didn’t have the luxury of make-up, were both trying to stay awake through 晚餐 at the Hotel’s restaurant and finally we just went back to the room and crashed.”

Emily was holding back her laughter as well as she could but it was pointless.

“Yeah,” JJ 说 nodding her head in agreement, “not the most romantic evening of my life but we’re gonna try again this year.”

“Well hopefully this 年 will be better.” The two finished up their conversation and JJ headed back to her office. Emily picked up her 心 box as she thought about her best friends. They were both so excited. Maybe that was why she couldn’t get fully into the spirit this year. She had nothing to be excited about, nothing to look 前锋, 期待 to. No huge displays of affection, no romantic plans, not even plans with her friends. Just a box a chocolates and an adorable baby boy; not to bad but not the norm.

Emily let out a sigh before heading to her desk. It would be quite this morning. 摩根 and Hotch were at a consult and with the road conditions it would be afternoon 由 the time they got back. Reid was guest lecturing in some of the academy classes and Rossi had a meeting with his publisher.

At least it would give her a chance to get used to the quite.

She reached her desk, set down her coffee and 浓情巧克力 and had her 涂层, 外套 off and 钱包 stored away before she realized a vase sitting on the desk.

And not just a vase.

A vase with 玫瑰 in it.

And not just a normal bunch of roses…just four not six 或者 twelve. And they weren’t red 或者 粉, 粉色 或者 even white…they were yellow.

Four beautiful yellow 玫瑰 in a lovely glass vase just sitting on her 台, 办公桌 as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world; but it wasn’t.

Emily looked around as if hoping to catch who had ever left them there sneaking away under the desks. No luck. She looked back down at them. An envelope was set gently against the vase. She picked it up carefully; almost afraid she would break it.

It had been a while since she received 花 as a valentine. Quite a few years if she wasn’t mistaken; most likely before she joined the BAU.

But who were they from was Emily’s question; certainly not a secret admirer. That would be too cliché and really admires typically left red and 粉, 粉色 玫瑰 unless there was some significance to another flower. Though yellow 玫瑰 were pretty they weren’t her favorite.

She had opened the card as her thoughts processed. The front was cute. The words ‘a valentine’ were printed across the 最佳, 返回页首 and beneath them was a small cartoon girl holding a card. Emily noted that the girl had brown hair and eyes, she smiled, flipped it open and read the rest: ‘For a special girl and amazing friend.’

Under the words were four signatures, each with a note.

Derek Morgan’s large bold signature was first and 下一个 to it he had written ‘I picked out the card.’

Spencer Reid’s messy name and 写作 was beneath it, she squinted and was able to make out the words ‘well I paid for it.’

The words ‘well I paid for the flowers’ were followed 由 David Rossi’s well practiced autograph.

Finally along the bottom ‘have a happy Valentine’s Day’ written in the well recognized left-handed slant of Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner.

Emily was laughing as she took her 座位 and set the card down 下一个 to the vase. They were good and it was just so like them, 摩根 gloating and Reid making his case. Dave coming in a beating them both and Hotch putting everyone back on track.

She certainly never intended to get rid of it; it was one of the most wonderful valentines she had ever gotten. And somehow those boys knew that this 年 wasn’t going to be the same as every other year.

She would have to thank them; her boys had just made her Valentine’s Day.