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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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posted by AngelPrincess10
Courtneys POV

Once we got 首页 me and duncan we celebrated all nite.

When we stepped into our 首页 he carried me upstairs bridal style and laid me on our bed.

He kisses me with a burst of passion as he tore my dress to shreds as if an animal awoken in him.

"Ohhh duncan, 你 bad boy." I moan to him and rip off his shirt

He smirks "oh princess"he say as he un hooked her bra , threw it on the floor and began to suck her breast,

I looked down at duncan with lust in his eyes which made me wet "ahh...oh yahh....bite me duncan."...
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posted by AngelPrincess10
In all stars we realized that there was no way that we should be apart cause we are like ying and yang , i bring out the good in him and brings out the bad in me which ke ".......YESSS!" I jump into his arms and 吻乐队(Kiss) him.ps our 爱情 for eachother strong. all stars season is done me and duncan are back, we decided to 移动 into a mansion together. We go to the mansion Im with duncan and turn to him and ask "wow duncan how did u get the money for this place?""All the money i got from total drama i saved it plus i got a job and save the cash from that too." "Also i want to take 你 to 晚餐 to...
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posted by joyfullness101
So Tom Mcgillis has told us that the reason he wanted to break Duncney and Gwent up was because they wanted to 显示 a "realistic portrayal" of couples and that they didn't want any 爱情 forever couples. And 你 know 嘿 they did that, ruining Trent and Courtney's character in season two but that's a different story.

Yet, it is heavy implied that Mike and Zoey will be staying together for All-Stars according to this 电子邮箱 I saw on the wiki : link Tom says they won't be dissapointed which probably means they'll be together.

Since this is probably the case, why did they break Duncan and Courtney...
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[i will continue my really him?! story but I was just dying to do this!!!! please review, there will be dxc, txc and gxt, but not in that order.]

WELCOME TO THIS NEW SEASON OF TOTAL DRAMA 超能英雄 VS VILLAINS! We've manage to bring everybody's 最喜爱的 超能英雄 and villains from the last two seasons and decided to put them all together on the once toxic, but now unfortunately safe, island of camp wawanakwa. They will compete against...
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Ahh,they're so love/hate.
full episode
season 1
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2 years later
kevin come here
ywes mommy kevin replied did u hit ur sister
she call me powop head that's still no need vilonce
aww ur dad isent it

lets catch up so Courtney and Duncan are now 18 their twin kids are 2 and a half brigette and Geoff are also 18 now back to reality

yes mommy it wads dawddy he taught him how two fiwwht well mommy has fihting for daddy eww dis goin to be good says the to twins duncan just walked through the door he worked at a tattoo shop
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the nurse asked me wat I was naming the I decided on name the boy kevin and the girl Jordan
it was time for us to bring them 首页 and then it was magical Duncan was holding kevin and I was holding Jordan I noticed how Duncan wasent being a badboy and I smirked he 说 wat u smirk for I 说 because ura great father yeah I am don't be boosting now 哈哈 so we put them to sleep and then I went back to being a vegitarin and 说 sorry to the anmals that I ate 哈哈 Duncan grabbed my arm and 说 she looks just like u and he gonna be my little bad 屁股 to kevin uhh umm I 说 no but he does look like u thought yeah im sexy I know Duncan 说 哈哈 I laughed
下一个 chapter will be good
we woke this morning just seeing Geoff and Duncan staring at us brigette 说 wats up with u to creepy clones -
back to reality is gonna be a short one write here
I was 9 months pregnant so the doctor told me I can have contractions anytime so I had to stay there after being there for 2 days I finally had contractions my husband Duncan never left my site
unless he was hungry 或者 something but u know
the doctor and nurse ran in sayin its time to push
they were screaming at me push push push
push push push ok good girl
ones out
keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing
the other came out I had to sighn their birth certificate
see 下一个 chapter for birth certificate
posted by court7
Courtney POV
In the 下一个 morning I was sleeping on something so comfortable, something so warm, something … ‘Wait a 分钟 why am I sleeping on “something” and not in my bed?
I opened my eyes and found myself sleeping in a king size 床, 床上 on “something “made of flesh (or maybe someone) a chest exactly.
When I saw WHO was there I had been in shock DUNCAN WAS IN MY 床, 床上 AND I WAS SLEEPING ‘’ON’’ HIS CHEST AND WE WERE TOTALLY NAKED!!!
“OH MY GOD!” I yelled loudly.” What are 你 doing in my room?”
When he heard my cry, Duncan woke up from his deep sleep; he yawned then answered:...
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Courtney's POV

I sighed as I washed my hands in the girls bathroom. I really don't want to go back out there. Then again, I'm going to have to face them someday. I took a deep breath and walked outside. I fixed my jean 夹克 and smoothed out my dress. The cafeteria. 鸭, 德雷克 and Duncan look up at me. "Hey babe." My boyfriend says. "Hey" I 说 and smiled at him. I sit down and glance at Duncan. He catches my glance and looks away. 鸭, 德雷克 smiles and says "Courtney, this is Duncan my best friend. Duncan, this is my girlfriend Courtney." I sigh. "I know....we've met before." I say. "Really?" Drake...
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posted by crystalpotato
Courtney: ( on the phone ) 嘿 Jason it's Courtney

Jason: court? Is that really you? Wow 你 returned my call this time.

Courtney: yea sorry about that any way I have an answer to your question.

Jason: 你 do?

Courtney : the answer is yes Im coming back and I. Want us to be together again.

Jason: well in that case I need to ask 你 some thing some thing important first look in your mail box

Courtney: ok?

I open my mail box and see the package from Jason and bring it In The 舱, 小木屋 which was empty.

Courtney: Jason what is this ?

Jason : we've known each other since kindergarten and have been going...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"You'll never get away with this."I said."Oh,I hoped you'd say that!It'll make me feel a whole lot better when I know you're wrong."he said.He was at it again.His name was Unknown,literally, his name was The Unknow.It's a stupid name for a supervillan.I cut myself out of the rope he tried to tie me up with and pinned him against the dark alley,brick wall."Now,for the last time,where's the formula?"I asked.Unknown grabbed my arms and switched me around.Great.Now I'm pinned against the wall.I feel so weak.Why?I looked into his eyes and saw they were 水鸭, 蓝绿色, 深青色 blue."Just like my boyfriend's...
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posted by james55
I was bored so i am going to right about courtney has gone missing in the forest so duncan tren d.j and geoff have to go looking for her so here i go............ oh yeah and he likes courtney but wont admit it

Duncan:She was gone no where to be founed but i had to find her so i went of with my 老友记 into the forest to find her she had to be somewhere.

Geoff:ok come on dudes we have to go in the direction of the east

Trent:no south

Duncan:no west

Dj:come on guys no fihgting how about we go north

Everone but Dj:fine

1 小时 Later!!!!!

Geoff:dude im so tierd can we have a little rest

Duncan:no we cant...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(The story starts at the restaurant, where Duncan and Courtney are on their date.)

Duncan: Where's your boyfriend now, Babe? (giggles)

Courtney: Well, according to this shirt, it says my boyfriend is right here (kisses Duncan's cheek, making him laugh.)

Duncan: (jumps to the other side of her) How about now?

Courtney: (flips upside down with the 《绿箭侠》 pointing to Duncan) Right 由 my side. (both laugh) Aww, dating that announces our feelings for each other (sniffs) let's get them, Duncan.

Waiter: Can I help 你 with something?

Courtney: I believe 你 can. My boyfriend and I would like to purchase...(Duncan...
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"Harold, your kidding."

"where the heck would 你 get a LAPTOP?!"

"E bay?"

"nice try."

The 3 boys sat behind Harold in awe as he quickly typed away on the pannle. Duncan was disgusted with the geek, while Geoff was slightly confused. DJ just watched while petting bunny.

Duncan was the first to poke fun, "and why, may I ask, did 你 get a laptop?"

"its called gaming."

Geoff chuckled, "no life man. Your sopose to PARTAYYY, not spend your life playing on a computer!."

"I don't spend ALL my time on the computer," Harold huffed, then added, "Idiots."

DJ finally spoke up, "what game are 你 playing then?"...
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