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Dear Family,

    I know it’s wrong that the boy and his family had to died but that’s my job keeping this city in check. I’m stationed in the New York city slums that’s where most of the violence happens and it’s the core of the Freedom groups. Right now we’re trying to find there base which we’ve heard is under ground somewhere in the tunnels. I’m now 写作 these letters knowing that you’ll never get them but 你 can always hope I guess? I’m sorry I put 你 through all this pain...

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Chapter SIX:

Asha Hunston

    Asha grabbed her bag off the table, she walked over to the door and looked back at the little house. All the memories that her and her family had made there, ones before the war when happiness was something that was so easy to grab and feel. Asha knew she was going to change things, and for good she was ready to end it all.

~~~ Days later ~~~

    Asha feet her from walking so much but she had made to the place she wanted to be, The Royal City. This was the place where the kings...
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CHAPTER FIVE- Three days

Alife Vi Hangsingic

Still shaken Alife mange to get on to his feet.
“Your-your the Princess?” He 说 his voice shaky and weak has he’s holding his side. Illy turns around and see’s him fear fly’s to her eyes and she runs over to his side.
“Are 你 okay?!” Her voice high pitched and filled with worry as her 粉, 粉色 hair fly’s in the breeze. Alife’s knees begin to fell weak and he falls to the ground while Illy yells words in his ears which he can’t make out.
“Your the princess?” He says in a whisper and all he see’s is Illy’s 粉, 粉色 hair and her...
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CHAPTER FOUR- A Plan Set In Motion.

Asha’s eyes began to fill heavy so she pack up her bag and closed her book and took off her shoes and slowly made her way to the small 床, 床上 on the floor and covered up and began to dream of a better world...

She woke in a field filled with 花 and tall green 草 that made her feet wiggly. She looked around and then she looked up...She saw the bright blue sky and the sun she closed her eyes and just listened. She heard birds and 动物 and then she began to hear her mothers old song that would always put her to sleep. Then she felt cold...

She opened...
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CHAPTER TWO- The Dream Diary Of Sara Holds

    She Kept on 阅读 the sentence over and over again in her head, “All I want is Peace.” She wondered what she meant 由 make all my dreams come true, did she mean that what she wanted Peace? Which now a day’s seems so far away, peace and harmony the things she wished for the most. The book felled nice against her hands as she rubbed it trying to see what the cover of it said. She managed to make out to words in fancy lettering.

Dream Diary

    She walked past another burning building her once white hair...
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This is to all my 老友记 on here who believe in me and believe in my dream’s. But one person who really helped me and has the same dream as me BeautifulBlaze 或者 Daniel,
Thank You...

My Dream

My dream is to make the world a better place.
For 你 and me and the people to come.
I want peace in this world,
And love,
And harmony.
The world we live in now is curl and cool,
and filled with war.
It’s like we’re all on a wheel of all the angry,
thoughts and feeling’s.
A never ending and every winning
race of hate.
My dream is make the world brighter
and free.
A place that doesn’t know pain 或者 hurt.
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