Dream High 2 [Spoilers: Dream High 2] Kirin Arts underdogs turn the tables on idols

vanniluly posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 07:01PM
In the 9th episode of KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, the Kirin Arts underdogs transformed into super idols. By practicing diligently and confronting the meaning of dreams, the students performed a sweet song as they competed against the OZ Entertainment idols in an audition process to become the next super idol.

Talent producer and composer Shin Jae In (Yoon Hee Sook) arranged a competition to recruit the superior Kirin Arts students for a ‘super idol’ group. Under Teacher Tae Yeon, the ‘ugly duckling’ team is composed of Yoo Jin (2AM‘s Jinwoon), Soon Doong (Yoo Sooyoung), Ui Bong (Jr), Hong Joo (Kim Ji Soo), Lee Seul (Jung Yeon Joo), and later joined by Hae Sung (Kang Sora). With the theme of the performances as ‘B’, the students first interpret it as singer Rain. However, with their teacher’s support and encouragement, the ‘B’ theme transforms into an idea that is more corresponding to the students’ personalities.

As Shin Haesung returns to the Kirin Arts School with a newfound confidence and ambition, the students transform their ‘inferior B level’ to a song full of hope. Not only were the stars finally able to showcase their true talent with their singing and dancing, but Haesung moved the crowd with an explanation of the concept. Drawing in her own confrontation with ‘hopeless dreams’, she explains,

At any school, there are always the superior and inferior students. The names are only different, but ‘A’ and ‘B’ exist. Only a few days ago, I had left this school. I was ashamed that I didn’t have talent in singing, so I ran away. I want to ask everyone this. Are dreams only for those who have talent? If you don’t have talent, should you not dream? If you want to dream, you need to close your eyes. If you close your eyes, it doesn’t matter how other people see you. When you close your eyes, you don’t see how other people see you, but you face your true self. When I closed my eyes, the person I faced said ‘Don’t give up on dreams.’ Because dreams are not only for the talented, but for those who dream…This song is for those who hurt because of their dreams, who are about to give up their dreams, those B-level, 3rd level, inferior, all those B-level people.

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