Dream High 2 [Spoilers: Dream High 2] HershE struggles with disbandment

vanniluly posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 06:59PM
The tenth episode of ‘Dream High 2‘ concentrated on the idol sphere, in which it brought out an issue in the entertainment world, group disbandment and its ramifications, and began Nana’s journey (SISTAR‘s Hyorin) to her dreams.

After Nana’s vocal problems worsen during the super idol audition, she visits the hospital and learns of heartbreaking news. Her vocal cords have deteriorated due to her neglect as Nana had brushed it aside as a minor cold. As she is diagnosed with vocal fold cyst, the doctor gives her the option of undergoing surgery. However, the side effects of the surgery include a shorter pitch range and a different vocal tone.

Pained by the possibility of not being able to retain her pure voice, her gift, Nana submits a withdrawal letter to her teacher and is hospitalized. After Rian (T-ara‘s Jiyeon) discovers that Nana is in the same hospital as her, she tries to comfort her thinking Nana only has a cold. However, Nana coldly shrugs off Rian’s helping hand, creating a fissure between their shaky friendship and teamwork. Nana’s journey in confronting her dreams is even more shaken by President Lee’s decision to possibly disband HershE.

With Nana and Rian both in the hospital and their relationships with HershE splintering, President Lee decides to disband them to place them as the super idol contestants, much to the outrage of Teacher Ji Soo (After School‘s Kahi) and JB. Although Rian and her mother are upset, Rian hurriedly runs out of her hospital room to search for Nana, only to find her missing. After Si Woo (Park Seo Joon) and Rian frantically look for her, they finally find her in the corner of the practice room.

As Nana begins to cry, “Singing was everything, the sound was everything. I lost it“, Rian responds angrily, “Why is singing everything? Why is [your] voice everything? What about me? Ailee? If HershE breaks up, is it the end for us? Aren’t we friends?” JB and Ailee also join in and encourage Nana to find her dream again, to have hope for her surgery. To embolden Nana, and to stand up against HershE’s disbandment, JB announces to the crowd that HershE will continue united and holds an impromptu performance of g.o.d‘s “One Candle” with the other idols.

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