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posted by Beyal8
Shadowing Eternity...

A special place for 你 and me,
An undying bond to guide us free.
Loneliness blocking the day,
Our 爱情 lighting the way..

Your gentle touch,
Your smiling face.
There is no corner,
No dark place..

Our passion flowing in the waves,
My 心 stands still.
Awaiting your pace..

Your 爱情 is my destiny,
your 心 is like the soul of God..

Our love, withstanding time,
Diminishing doubt, in our mind.
There is no place I rather be…
Than in your 心 and in your dreams...

posted by snootygirl50701
Doorway- the FantasyXII theme song
Its a cold and crazy world,
That we fight in life
Its gonna be me and my team,
That's raging a fight!
Like no other kind of sight!
We've been living threw hell,
And its burning our sight!

Its like there's no place,
No home!
No family!
No friends,
Cause their gone.

But behind every man,
There's a intelligent girl,
Who will be a woman one day!
She'll raise up those small arms as one.

But behind every 墙 hides a door,
A secret world.
She'll reach for it,
Hoping to find...
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posted by Beyal8
A pain so deep inside of me that no one will ever see,
I take the pain and lock it up and throw away the key..
Because if I take this pain out of the bottle for 你 to see,
你 would not know the one 你 know because I’m not even me..
The one I was months 以前 disappeared the night 你 left..
My sailing soul was caught ablaze and sunk into the depths..
I smile on the outside but within my hearts in rage..
A beautiful vase filled with poison,
my sadness turns to hate..
The hate that I have,
I hold the closest to my soul..
It is the only thing I have left of you,
it is hate that makes me Joel...
posted by allicyn1234
"what can I get you?" the bartender asks. And the boy sits at the counter, wipes away his bloody nose, and lays an ID on the counter.
"Vodka, and lots of it," and the boy slides a debit card after it.
The bartender looks at the ID, trying to identify if it's fake. This boy is too young. To small, too scrawny, too, boyish, to be really 20 like his ID says. Nope, not fake. As far as the bartender can see. And she swipes his card and fills him a shot glass of Vodka.
"What are 你 here for?" The bartender puts her hands on the counter letting her blonde hair spill over her shoulders.
"I don't know...
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posted by malmcd
One of my best 老友记 name is Summer Wilson. She crazy funny and people think we're twins. But you'd never think that someone like her would have a sad story for a live...

Summer at the moment is in her 秒 foster 首页 with her real sister Sam, her "mother's" name is Heather and "dad's" name is Dan. When 你 first meet Heather and Dan 你 think there nice and sweet and have a nice 首页 with a cat and dog and pool, But really something else is going on...Her "parent's" HATE her. I'm not lying 或者 bending the truth they HATE her and they even 说 it to her face. On the other hand they think...
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posted by snootygirl50701
This 诗歌 is the art work of my character,Alik, in Fierce & Love. For a forbidden love,known as a 爱情 Dream.

Sometimes 爱情 is a dream.
A hope.
A crime.
Love is a crimsoning dream.

We thirst for the sweet drink,
the sweet drink of love.
The longing sweet juice.
The sweet taste of the warming love

A hug.
A kiss.
And even a lot more,
Just makes me go crazy for you,
you have the most beautifying face I've ever seen,
I 爱情 你 更多 then what 你 think,
just come a little closer,
a 爱情 dream,
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posted by BeautifulBlaze
I open my eyes again, to a sleepy morning
I tighten the tie around my neck
When I pass through the classroom door I can walk in with my chest puffed out proudly
Such a wind blows past everyday life
I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
As those millions of stars vanished
I watched them fade
I waved them good-bye
Im glad

Overlooking the corner of the hall as I sweep
I think something is odd
Even though the time within me has stopped
Its like Im living different days
The dust falls and piles up like snow
I thought they were waiting
I even...
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

    From the moment your born somewhere out there 你 have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same 心 strings as 你 and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep 你 apart from one another...But what if my one true 爱情 isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him 或者 her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
    My name is Sunflower I was born on the...
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posted by malmcd
I Believe

I believe the stars keep shining all through the
I believe if we just keep trying it will be alright.

I believe that someday we're gonna find our way.
And I believe in a beautiful day.

I believe in 爱人 walking side 由 side.
I believe that someday we'll be satisfied.
I believe the 天使 listen god hears us pray.
And I believe in a beautiful day.
Yeah I believe it's gonna work out and be ok.

But not for me, and not for you.

I believe, I believe that all are wish's will come true.

I believe, I believe, I believe. ohh

I believe there's an answer waiting when the 日 is done.
I believe if...
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A Speech

Some words from MikeWJ but I rewrote most of it

Why would are children of today judge a person on how they look on the outside when they don’t know whats going on in the inside and how it feels to be told something that stabs your 心 and makes 你 think if they are right?

Now if your like me your sick of this lie people have brought, but the
people who sold it to us the ones who we should blame. Blame your enemy
or blame your sister either one it's the same. Because times now are
changing are whole world seem rearranging, to fit the fragile pieces
that they say can stop me from ragging....
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posted by malmcd
I'm Fine.
That is the number one biggest lie.
An average person tells for lies a 日 或者 1460 in a year,
A total of 87,600 由 the age of 60.
And the biggest one is I'm fine...

When someone says there fine don't believe them...
Because really inside there feeling...
On the verge of tears.
About to break down.
Ready to give up.
A burden.
About to fall apart at any moment.
Never good enough.

All these things run through the person's head but all they can come up with is I'm fine......
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posted by SongGirl50701
 Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl

"I don't know what I did to deserve this."
"I just want to curl up and just die in the core of the earth."
"I've never felt so alone. I don't know why they called me all those mean names. I just want to fit in."

Soon there will be laughter instead of the voices.
The new ditches are dug with Satin softly speaking towards us to drag the blade.
Names marked on us like banners, but they don't understand decide to cut 你 and deny their skill while they tear 你 apart.
oh, either way would have been the way to awaken from the depths.

So the 天使 of me dies with the screams of my blood.
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When I blink my eyes open, I'm curled in the 湾 window, Anneri Sleeping on my chest. When I wake she stirs and blinks her eyes. "Darka! Finally your awake, it's already noon!" Noo, mom will be gone to work for a pocket of change and Dad'll be out drinking it away. Anneri climbs over me and I sit up warily. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a deck of cards. I laugh softly, Anneri was a wiz at cards mostly, poker. She smiles and opens the deck pulling out a peice of paperwork it and unfolds it. "Well Darka 你 better get playing cuz after yesterday's terrible failure it's Anneri 35 and...
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posted by BooBooBear981
Within the furthest reaches of the 心 lies those desires whose name one dares no speak. So seductive, so intoxicating, so indulgent, our most private passions burn at the molten core of our being, luring us to the very highest of ecstasy to the depths of despair. Through the ages, the words impassioned 爱人 have transformed a virginal sheet of paper into a sanctuary for a restless heart. Each of the pages in this journal awaits the expression of your own desires- Unedited, Undiluted, Uninhibited.... Abandon yourself....

posted by malmcd
If tears left scars then the world would know who 你 truly are.
For your tears leave scars and it would 显示 them how much you've cried and been crying.
It would 显示 them your pain and sadness that 你 always have tried to keep in
But one 日 你 just let it out for know reason...
Maybe it's because your friend turned on you?
Maybe it's because 你 long for someone?
Maybe it's because the one 你 want most is breaking 你 but 你 still 爱情 him in the end?

Maybe it's all of those things...
或者 maybe your just hurt and afraid that 你 can never fix your self again...

If tears left scars the world would know how much pain your truly in.
They would see that your hurt in 更多 ways then one...
They would see the real you...
But until that 日 comes
I guess people will just have to hide it away...

Fierce & 爱情
Poem Girl
Mallory McDonald
Amber watched but her view was blocked 由 Knut a ogre who helps the Trix, Darcy pops up from behind her and says "Surprise." Amber goes tumbling over the garbage can she shakes her head. Icy walked up Amber had never seen anyone so tall, Stormy created a twister that sended her flying Amber grabbed a hold of the ledge. Icy laughed and 说 " I don't want to leave 你 hanging so come on down." Amber falls on the ground and got 《冰雪奇缘》 由 Icy. Darcy walks up to her and says "So your a fairy, well we're the Trix." The Winx arrive and Stella says " 嘿 leave her alone."

I will write 更多 soon
posted by SongGirl50701
have brushed off some of the lyrics..
__________First few:

And so, I'm going to keep running,
Maybe I'll come back one day,
but until that very day,
I'm going to keep running,
going to keep running.

I'm going to recover,
and one day,
lay my toes between the grass,
but until that very day,
I'm so,
I'm so,

I'm going to walk on this Earth one day,
no longer waiting for myself to heal,
be 由 all my loved ones,
lay my head down on the ground,
and look up into the sky,
seeing white puffy clouds,
and a much brighter 日 ahead.

And so, I'm going to keep running,
Maybe I'll come back one day,
but until...
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posted by snootygirl50701
~The Series~
Author notes: My story series's : Libra,are mild and have sexual continte. this book is based on some of my life and some of my darkest secrets. i'm a 13 年 old girl who's house burned down and all,but with Libra 你 will see hell burn down.

~The books~

1)Seeing the Man
5)Glanced For Her Chance
7)When 你 walk and Talk
8)Blood Toss
9)Maple Honey
~Intro: Summarys~
1) Seeing the Man: When 13 年 old,Libra meets her father,Redfeather....
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posted by malmcd
Broken Smile's

We're all broken.
One way 或者 another.
Like a girl who seemed not to care what other people thought of her really does care.

She cares if people don't like her.
And that they talk about her behind her back.
She say's to herself each night,
"Sorry I'm not pretty enough for you."

No one would find that she was anorexic.
And that she's...
Still looking for help.

But no one came.

We're all broken.
One way 或者 another.
Like the girl who lives 下一个 door doesn't she seem SO happy- She isn't.

She scared.
She get's abused each night.
She doesn't think she's strong enough to leave.
So she cry's herself to...
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posted by allicyn123
Izzy blinked her eyes open and stared at the small space. As she stood up and yawned she realized the pile of pillows and two blankets that she was sleeping on and a box. She crawled over to the box and opened it, inside was a huge stack of papers, a box of pencils and colored pencils along with some paints. Izzy peeked out the small hole in the door and herd footsteps coming her way. Izzy peered through the hole as A green skinned figure creeped into the closet "Mother? what are 你 doing in my closet?" Izzy recognized Dana's voice and the green figure turned and Griffens voice rumbled "I...
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