Frame which flickers during the "FBI" to "ELE" warning transition. Bad Horse and three eggs? Hm, curious...
Greetings! Now that Dr. Horrible is so busy with the Evil League of Evil, he has 给 his assistant (that's me!) the job of answering 问题 about the Easter Eggs located on the DVD of his blog. Before we continue on, be warned that this 文章 will contain a different type of SPOILERS! So if 你 want to figure these eggs out on your own, CONTINUE NO FURTHER! Also, these are not your average hidden features. To access these special horrible-rific hidden features, 你 will actually have to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts. It seems that the Powers That Be really want 你 to dig deep to find these eggs! I guess the Powers haven't heard of "Google," huh?

At any rate, this 文章 will explain exactly how to find three hidden features on the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD. And when 你 do, 你 too can enjoy the wonders of listening to the back stories of other infamous ELE members like Dead Bowie 或者 Fury Leika. 你 will also be able to view Joss Whedon playing Captain Hammer, and Neil Patrick Harris performing fun and nifty "magic tricks" with his hands as he shoulder dances and Captain Hammer cries on a couch. [In case 你 were wondering, that last one wasn't a joke, I'm serious. Yeah, 你 were totally missing something 由 not finding these eggs.]

EGG ONE: The Wonderflonium 公文包 (The Black Egg)
[Note: These first steps are not necessary to access the Easter Egg, but they are clues about how to get there.]
1) In the menu 标题 screen, click on "Languages" and then choose the "Wiccan" option on that menu, then play the movie. 你 will subsequently watch Dr. Evil practicing his laugh and read quirky (if half-assed) subtitles in "Wiccan" which will eventually tell 你 "ENTER AT 9780793529865."
2) Now where do I go from here, 你 may ask yourself. Never 你 fear, because Dr. Horrible's Assistant is here! Go ahead and copy-paste the number I just used into Google. Go on, try it. What is the very first result that comes up?

[This Guide Won't Continue Until 你 Google!]

3) That's right, it's the ISBN for Mariah Carey's "Music Box." I'm assuming 你 actually went and googled that and didn't just skip to step three? Good reader!
4) OK, Mariah Carey, you're thinking. What does Mariah Carey have to do with Dr. Horrible? Well go ahead and navigate your way over to the "Special Features" section of the DVD and click on the "Music" Featurette. Watch it for a while, until 你 hear a certain spunky doe-eyed redhead utter the name of the pop goddess. At that very moment, press enter on your remote, and 你 will be led to an Evil League of Evil Official Countdown, featuring the Wonderflonium Briefcase.
4) Be wary! For here comes the tricky part. Well now it's time to look at the back of your trusty DVD case. On the bottom of 说 case, 下一个 to the Mutant Enemy logo in the left corner, there is a message for Easter Egg hunters which reads "count the letters U+L+D+R" (in the order of the arrows on a DVD remote control... 或者 a video game controller's fingerpad). So we know there is a "WONDERFLONIUM BRIEFCASE." Count the Us, Ls, Rs and Ds in those two words, press that number (OK, lazy bums, I'll tell you, it's 5) and then hit enter.
5) Enjoy

EGG TWO: Professor Normal's Head (The Green Egg)
1) Now that you've watched the "Music" featurette, why not mosey on over to the "What Just Happened?" featurette and take a good long look at them perdy credits. Notice anything funny about 'em? That's right, partner, they're colored yella! Try spellin' out them there yella letters and 你 get the phrase "ENTER AT ACT 2." So what do 你 think you're a-gonna do now?
2) 你 guessed it. Head on over to the actual film and skip ahead to Act Two (or right after the doctor says "Balls!") and press ENTER. You're lead to another ELE countdown screen.
3) Same rules apply for this one. PROFESSOR NORMAL'S HEAD = five again of the letters we need. So what number do 你 think 你 push? Yup, and now sit back and watch another fun and quirky clip.

EGG THREE: Dr. Horrible's Head (The Blue Egg)
1) Okey dokey, so now, maybe you're thinking the egg hunt is over and done with. So 你 decide to go watch your 最喜爱的 scenes. Nothing 你 want to see in Act 1, so 你 head on to Act 2 and notice an interesting scene 标题 with Simon Helberg in the image. The scene 标题 is "Moist Dries Up." 你 don't remember this scene in the movie, so 你 click it, curious to see what it'll 显示 你 and-- Oh! What do 你 know? It's another countdown!
2) Here, 你 have Dr. Horrible's head blinking at you. The number of letters we need in DR. HORRIBLE'S HEAD is 6. Type that in, hit enter, and enjoy.

So there 你 have it! The three major Easter Eggs of the Dr. Horrible DVD. I give full (half-- I'm evil, not stupid) credit to the good 粉丝 and all their hard work at link and link. I bet other 粉丝 sites have this info, too, though, so it's pretty much just collective knowledge now.

... Half credit because I feel like I jazzed up the instructions for everyone. 或者 at least made the reader 更多 annoyed with my jargon and teasing.

Anyway, that's all for now! I have to jet. The doctor needs his coffee, and it ain't gonna brew itself! Evil Assistant Out!
Screen that appears upon accessing files after ripping the DVD. There are ways of accessing it without ripping the DVD, though... I'll leave that one up to you.