What Happens 下一个 in Downton Abbey? Season (Series) 3 Future Plots, Storylines, Spoilers 2012

Dowagers, Debutants Plus Mary's Wedding!
Downton Abbey, in case 你 have never heard of it, is an award winning British TV Drama written 由 Julian Fellowes, the guy who wrote the screenplay for the movie Gosford Park. Here you'll find out what happens 下一个 in Season 3.

Downton is sumptuously filmed and scripted in the best traditions of British costume drama with an all 星, 星级 cast that includes Dame Maggie Smith, Ellie the dog and, for season 3, Shirley MacLaine.

Downton has been sold to 100 countries and has won several awards including UK BAFTA and Emmy awards.

The 秒 series (season) set in the first World War, finished its run in the UK at the end of last year. This was followed 由 the 2 小时 圣诞节 Special (not surprisingly screened on 圣诞节 Day!).

Season 3 of Downton will kick off in the Autumn (Fall) of 2012 in the UK and in January 2013 on PBS in the USA. This series will be set in the 1920s with the first episode being set in 1920. Endless rumours are doing the rounds. For example that Maggie Smith wants out after season 3 and may be 'written out' at some point. Also that Matthew and Mary will marry in season 3.

For 粉丝 who just can’t wait, then here is what really happens next!

(Be warned that there are plenty of spoilers ahead)

Carson - shamed 由 the other half of the 'Cheerful Charlies'
The Plot of Series 3
Lady Sybil Crawley, the youngest daughter of the Earl of Grantham, the one who dressed as a nurse throughout the Great War, has confounded her family 由 marrying the Crawley family Irish chauffeur, Tom Branson. The 圣诞节 special reveals that they are living in Ireland and Lady Sybil is pregnant.

Tom, with a chip on his shoulder against the British, the size of a large potato, decides to buy up the local pub in Downton, return with his bride and turn it into a 音乐 hall in order to humiliate the Crawley clan.

When she hears the scandalous news of the 音乐 hall over dinner, The Rt Hon The Dowager Countess of Grantham, 紫色, 紫罗兰色 Crawley murmurs,

“A 音乐 hall! Dear God tell me its not true. Lets hope and pray that Sybil sees fit not to perform on the stage! And if she does she limits herself merely to singing!”

Carson the Butler, normally implacable, visibly winces and stumbles, nearly dropping the port, at the painful thought of the lovely aristocratic Sybil disporting herself on a stage in front of the local proletariat.

Carson is particularly sensitive to the humilation of being a 音乐 hall performer as in series 1 we find out Carson himself walked the boards in a double act known as the 'Cheerful Charlies'.

Carson's ex stage partner comes to Dowton to blackmail Carson but Lord Grantham sends him packing. (Please note I didn't make this up, it really happened!).

Lady Sybil with Tom Branson the Chaffeur

Matthew and Mary Crawley
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Lady Mary and Matthew
Lady Mary Crawley, the Earl’s oldest daughter listens in shocked silence to the dreadful news about her sister and the 音乐 hall. But Mary's thoughts are really elsewhere.

At the other end of the 表 Matthew Crawley, her distant cousin and the true object of her affections (what 你 didn't know?), sits pensively with his latest flame Lady Silvia Plum.

Mary’s alabaster face betrays no clue as to her inner turmoil. Only her moist eyes and the slight quiver of her lips betray her true feelings.

If 你 remember, Lavinia, Matthew’s fiance died tragically and unexpectedly of Spanish Flu at the end of series 2. We were supposed think Cora, the Earl’s wife, would be the one to perish, opening the way for the Earl’s affair with one of the maids. 你 know, the pretty widow who’s name 你 don’t remember.

Matthew, he who was totally paralysed in the war but was mysteriously restored to health, danced with then snogged the delicious Mary; a lady with oodles of passion hidden beneath her cold exterior and pale complexion.

Mary is a dormant 火山 ready to erupt should the right man, for example a Turkish Diplomat, pass her room at the wrong moment.

Unfortunately, the passionate 吻乐队(Kiss) was observed 由 poor Lavinia, as she walked down the stairs, who then died of a broken 心 (plus the Spanish flu).

Mary was so mortified about her part in Lavinia’s death she once again ignores her true feelings and vows to marry her grasping, manipulative fiance Sir Richard Carlisle, whom 紫色, 紫罗兰色 detests because he is middle class and owns newspapers and in her view, is no 更多 than a superior tradesman.

圣诞节 Kisses at Downton - Mary and Matthew Finally Together?
Matthew and Mary Poll
What Do 你 Think Will Happen?

They marry early on in season 3 and live happily ever after
They marry but are separated 由 the end of season 3
The engagement is called off and Mary is forced to marry Sir Richard
Mary marries Carson and Matthew settles for Edith!

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Matthew and Mary - Christmas
The 圣诞节 special reveals Sir Richard and Mary’s relationship crumbling. Richard demands she sets a 日期 或者 else he will reveal her ‘Turkish delight’ 《丑闻》 to the world via his newspaper empire.

Meanwhile, Mary tells her Father the dreadful truth. Mary and Lord Grantham decide she should not marry Sir Richard but 移动 to America to escape the worst of the scandal. Matthew and Richard have a 冲床 up and Richard is sent packing. Mary now only has eyes for Matthew and they dance together at the servant’s ball.

Outside, in the snow, Mary confesses all to Matthew. Matthew says there is nothing to forgive and proposes to Mary, kneeling in the snow.

Their passionate 吻乐队(Kiss) makes a perfect end to the 圣诞节 Special that and knowing that Mary and Matthew are finally engaged (if only life and costume dramas were that simple!).

Matthew and Mary - Season 3
Unfortunately, Series 3, episode 1 will find the dastardly Sir Richard visiting Downton once 更多 to talk to Mary. He is still madly in 爱情 with her and he has some shocking pictures taken at the British Embassy in Paris 2 years ago.

Mary is distressed. She recalls a game of sardines that went horribly wrong. It began innocently enough with several people squeezing with Mary into the wardrobe of her guest room at the Embassy.

Mary had no idea pictures were taken. Those present appear in the pictures to be in various states of undress and Mary in one appears to be being pleasured 由 the Dutch ambassador.

Another appears to shows Mary performing an intimate act with the wife of a Brazilian diplomat. The whole thing is being avidly observed 由 the French Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Mary is shocked as she doesn’t remember the game being half so lewd. However Sir Richard assures her that photographic experts have checked to make sure the pictures are not a fakes.

The upshot is that Richard is still in 爱情 with Mary and can’t let her go. He threatens to 发布 all the Downton scandals in his papers including the shocking photographs.

Mary therefore breaks off her engagement to Matthew knowing that this latest scandal, together with the photos, would be too much for her parents 或者 Matthew to live with (you knew the 圣诞节 episode was too good to be true!)

Matthew, thwarted once 更多 in his quest for Mary, has turned his attentions to a series of bland Lavinia lookalikes. The latest being Lady Silvia, whom he has bought 首页 for the weekend.

Carson the Butler, who has a distinctly over-fond affection for Lady Mary, glares subtly and icely alternately at Lady Silvia and then at Sir Richard, seated 下一个 to Mary.

But at this moment, Matthew is 白日梦 and recalling the 日 he and Mary first met. They shared a picnic on the lawn at Downton and Mary had got cream from the strawberries in her hair. Mary laughed as she wiped the cream away, Matthew turned to his Mother and whispered,

"There's Something About Mary"

Lady Mary Allowing Carsen to Lend an Ear to Her Phonograph Horn

The Crawley Daughters, from the left Sybil, Mary and Edith

Lady Edith Crawley
Fobidden Passion
Later that evening, we see a shadowy dark figure full of menace, stealing into the back entrance leading to the servant’s area.

It is none other than the sinister (but essentially good) John Bates, Lord Grantham's Valet, who was charged with murdering his first wife in the last series. In the The 圣诞节 Special he is found guilty and facing the death penalty, later commuted to life in prison.

Bates, unable to control his feelings for Anna, has escaped from prison. He sneaks into Anna Bates's bedroom (his new wife) for a secret night of passion.

Meanwhile, Lady Edith (the middle Crawley daughter) finds herself strangely drawn to the new housemaid, Janet Egge. Edith is generally disappointed in 爱情 and feels inferior to her prettier sisters.

Janet is strikingly attractive with strong features and a masterful manner, unusual in housemaids. She has a way with Edith’s hair and always chooses the right 袍, 礼服 to make Edith look her best.

Janet also has firm hands and as she dresses Edith she often caresses Edith’s neck and other parts of her anatomy.

Tonight Edith has a slight headache and Janet kindly massages the back of her neck and her temples in order relieve the discomfort. “You’re very pretty” 说 the maid, casually.

“No, No I’m so plain compared to my sisters.”

“That’s just the way you’re made to look, 说 Janet, straying dangerously from the script. “They make 你 up to look plain but you’re not. To me you’re much 更多 beautiful than your ‘sisters’ and 你 have fabulous legs!”

Edith is confused 由 such strange talk 由 a maid but at the same time deeply flattered. As she rises from the bed, Janet kisses her warmly on the cheek. Without knowing what she is doing Edith returns the kiss, hungrily finding Janet’s sensuous lips.

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Cora the Countess
Cora and Isabel
Meanwhile downstairs, Isabel Crawley, Mother of Matthew (he who really loves Mary) is sharing with Cora the Countess, wife to the Earl, how she wishes to start a school at Downton for the wayward village children.

“We’ll teach them in the drawing room, they can dine with family and sleep in the guest bedrooms..”

Cora is having none of it. After all, she spent the entire war with a house full of injured soldiers. She grasps poor Isabel firmly 由 her 领, 衣领 and, With her Mother Martha Levinson's help (played 由 Shirley MacLaine), drags Isabel from her chair and propels here to the front door. Carson opens the door and Isabel is unceremoniously ejected from Downton Abbey.

Edith wakes up in bed. She is very drowsy, naked and recalls a strange, sensuous dream about Janet her maid. She remembers the phrase ’Tipping the Velvet’ then becomes aware of something 或者 someone warm beside her, under the covers.

Later, as Janet dresses Edith, Janet tells her that soon everything will be different. In the 1920’s they will be able to wear short skirts and 吻乐队(Kiss) in public. She talks of the Jazz age and the Charleston and how women will soon have the vote and one 日 girls will be able to marry each other. How the shortage of men, due to the carnage of the Great War, makes it inevitable that the status of women must change.

These cultural and historical references, whilst helpful to the viewer, confuse poor Edith. However, Edith emerges into the dining room at 晚餐 with a 'cat that got the cream' smile. She is looking 前锋, 期待 to an early bedtime and being tucked in 由 Janet.

Robert Crawley, The Earl of Grantham with Carson His Butler
Robert, the Earl of Grantham
Meanwhile, Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham (husband to Cora) is returning from 伦敦 on the train. He is secretly delighted to find his first class carriage invaded 由 a noisy party of young women.

Whilst suspecting they don’t have first class tickets, their vivacious personalities and good looks make him decide not to summon the guard.

He soon finds that his fellow travellers are all 女演员 and are on the way to the village 音乐 hall at Downton run 由 his new son in law, Tom, to perform in the 圣诞节 Pantomime.

The girls produce a bottle of 杜松子酒 that is passed around. The Earl quickly learns the pantomime is Dick Whittington and in turn passes round a bag of acid drops.

“So which one of 你 girls takes Dick?” he asks innocently, trying to deduce which actress will don thigh boots and 交叉, 十字架 dress to play Whittington.

“We all do dearie says the blond in the corner,” with a naughty wink, “but not for acid drops!”

Lady Mary, Thinking about Matthew?

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Mary's Wedding
The 下一个 日 is Mary’s wedding. With a heavy 心 and accompanied 由 her Father, Mary is driven to the village church to Marry Sir Richard.

Everyone who is anyone is there but, for Mary, the service passes 由 like a bad dream. The couple say their ‘I dos’ and the Archdeacon declares Richard and Mary man and wife.

Mary gives Sir Richard a cursory peck on the lips and they walk slowly down the aisle to the muted applause of the congregation.

Suddenly there is the sound of a violent struggle in the porch and a dishevelled, breathless Matthew appears at the church door.

“I object!” he rages angrily, striding down the aisle in riding boots towards the altar.

"Too late!" shouts Sir Richard Carlisle, "we're already married!"

Matthew runs towards Sir Richard, who pushes his new wife aside and draws a 9mm pistol from his pocket. Carlisle strides towards Matthew, his face blazing with anger, aiming the pistol. Suddenly, Carson sticks his leg into the aisle bringing Carlisle crashing down.

Two plain clothes policemen fall on 最佳, 返回页首 of Sir Richard, (they were there hoping to apprehend Bates) and lead Sir Richard from the church in handcuffs.

Mary looks 迷失 and confused as Matthew takes her in his arms in front of the altar. There is rising buzz of conversation and exclamations from the scandalised congregation.

Carson moves swiftly to the front of the church and guides Matthew and Mary out through the vestry. He then hands Matthew a handful of coins and points out an Omnibus, due to leave the Post Office in 5 minutes.

Matthew grabs Mary's hand, she hitches her wedding 袍, 礼服 above her knees and they sprint for the bus.

紫色, 紫罗兰色 and The Earl emerge, running, from the church just in time to see the couple board the bus.

"An Omnibus!" Remarked Violet, dryly. "They could at least have run off in an automobile. I warned you, Robert not to marry an American. See what her Yankee blood has done to your daughters? And why could they not have run away before the wedding?"

"Oh well," she added with a sigh, "at least Edith is free of any scandal."

As the bus draws away, all the passengers turn and stare, open mouthed at the somewhat dishevelled Matthew and the beautiful bride in her ornate wedding dress sitting 下一个 to him on the back seat.

The couple grin back like naughty children. Matthew waves through the window in the direction of 紫色, 紫罗兰色 as the Omnibus picks up speed.