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iar posted on Jan 12, 2009 at 05:54PM
Which is your dog's name?
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一年多以前 iar said…
I have two female dogs.
Gala a Beagle and Mika a Golden Retriever.
一年多以前 Berni said…
My dogs name is Zac he is a Border Collie x.The name Zac means ,the lord has remembered.The dog i had before him was called Tobias(Toby)The name Tobias means the lord is good.I love the names Gala and Mika!
一年多以前 shihtzusrool said…
shihtzus:spanky,yoshi,and milo
my yorkie is manny
一年多以前 mariahdecorah said…
my puppys name is cocoa
一年多以前 Laurencia7 said…
Got you all beat I have five dogs!

Dougal---Blue tick beagle

一年多以前 thirteen_times said…
My dog is called Huntingtons
一年多以前 emma_728 said…
Huntingtons! That is such a cool name thirteen_times!

Mine are:
Max - Akita/Lab
Oscar - King Charles Cavalier/Maltese

Original I know! :P
一年多以前 18wanda said…
Mine is Milly. She is an aussie
一年多以前 jamet said…
My dog name is Lia and she's an italian hound
一年多以前 Mistyflower said…
Clifford. He's a Cairn Terrier.
一年多以前 JUSTINA7 said…
oscar and zoe
一年多以前 Manhunter108 said…
I had a dog named fang.
Name: Fang
Breed: dobermon
Weight: around 220-250lbs
i miss him he died 2 days ago
一年多以前 fishypup said…
Current dogs:
Ulla the Saluki (mine)
Rusty the Brittany (family pet)
一年多以前 CuteBlossom123 said…
How many dogs?:1
Name:Pippin Puppy Potter
Age:2 an a half (I'll update recanly)
Age when got her:2 months
Living place:England

Thats my info of Pippin!
一年多以前 xAnberlinx said…
big smile
I have a yorkie named Oliver.
He's so cute; when we put his hair up, i call him my yorkie-cornXD
一年多以前 Harpaw8 said…
I have a black and white corgi mix named Harry

I used to have:
A begel named Luckey
Westie named walice
A mix named Max
一年多以前 Negu said…
champ is a beagle and pepper a mutt
一年多以前 webkinzluv said…
I have two dogs. A female Sh-tzu named Caramel, and a male Japanese Chin named Samuri
一年多以前 IsidoraSmiley said…
big smile
I have two dogs. A female Border Terrier mix named Tiny and another Border Terrier mix, a male, named Scardy!
一年多以前 NiabellaBiebs said…
big smile
My dog is a boy
It is black and brown
It is a Yorkie
It is Calm
Names Chino