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posted by TivaRocks

Dobby was a free elf, loved 由 many, and not 由 some, but it didn't change his ways against the Forces of Evil.

Dobby the Elf was a 《勇敢传说》 lil thing, and we shall never, EVER forget him.

He died in the arms of his friend, Harry Potter.


For Dobby, the free elf. We 爱情 you, 你 cake ruin you, 你 Harry Potter suporter.

Thank 你 Dobby. We will miss 你 <3

P.S, Bellatrix, DIE 婊子, 子 DIE
posted by coolgal7131
Hi everyone!!
As 你 probably already know, Harry Potter let Dobby free, and turned Dobby into a free elf. Dobby, was pleased and even started getting emotional when he found out that he was able to be a free elf! Me and the rest of SPEW would 爱情 to have all of those poor, poor house elves who have to work for people, not to mention evil wizards and witches, for example Lucius Malfoy, to be free and happy like Dobby. Please subscribe to SPEW, and 你 will learn all about SPEW. SPEW helps set free and/or helps the rights of elves. PLEASE HELP, POTTERHEADS!! I am a fellow potterhead, and 爱情 that Hermione Granger is helping the elves, along with us Potter 粉丝 at her side!!

爱情 to potterheads,
posted by dobbyroxmysox
U may 或者 may not no about dobby and if u dont then ur a loser. sry bout the language but dobby the cutest most wonderful house-elf ever!!!! i 爱情 him sooo much i wear un matching sox in his honor. there r mant awesome dobby 语录 but my personal 最喜爱的 is when harry gives dobbt un matching sox!! it is the cutest part eva!!! if u havnt read the 7th harry potter book plzz stop 阅读 hear. if u have read the 7th book that dobby is killed 由 the deranged bellatrix lestrange when he saved harrys was sooo depressing when he died i was mad at jk rowling 4 making him die....soo if u read this i hope u appriciate dobby a little better...remember DOBBY ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!
posted by saraandjess2448
Hello! I am a representative from the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, better known as S.P.E.W. I invite all 阅读 to 加入 the fight against house elf enslavement and 加入 the S.P.E.W. 粉丝 club! 由 joining, 你 become an official member of S.P.E.W, founded 由 Hermione Jean Granger in the 1990s. To join, simply type in SPEW in the "Search Fanpop" bar above. thank 你 for your time, and I hope to see 你 加入 the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare!

I would like to greet 你 all. I am running for Treasurer of SPEW. I hope to see 你 all there!!!
posted by Mel4ever
The credit goes to LifesGoodx3 for letting me do a "Remembering _________" 文章 since she started doing them.

Dobby died as a free elf in March, 1998. He was killed 由 Bellatrix Lestrange while trying to save his friends.
He was the house elf of the Malfoy's. He was treated very terribly. At the end of the year, Harry tricked Lucius into freeing him. Ever since, Dobby would of done anything for him.
Harry, Ron, Luna, and Ollivander were trapped inside the Malfoy's cellar. No wands. Dobby came almost right away. He followed Harry's oders and disapparated with Luna and Ollivander to Bill and...
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