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posted by Pyjamarama
In Aladdin, Jafar is introduced as the sinister Grand Vizier to Agrabah's Sultan who desires power over Agrabah and lusts over the Sultan's beautiful daughter, Princess Jasmine. He is the 秒 most powerful authority in Agrabah, answering only to the Sultan. He is always accompanied 由 his sarcastic, devious pet parrot, Iago.

Whilst presenting a charming and respectable exterior to the Sultan and the people of Agrabah, he secretly holds everyone around him in contempt and manipulates the Sultan 由 means of hypnotizing him with a magical snake-headed staff, which he always carries on his person....
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posted by axlluver43
 Walt Disney's most 流行的 character, Mickey 老鼠, 鼠标
Walt Disney's most popular character, Mickey Mouse
The Walt 迪士尼 Company started in 1923 in the rear of a small office occupied 由 Holly-Vermont Realty in Los Angeles. It was there that Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short live-action/animated films collectively called the ALICE COMEDIES. The rent was a mere $10 a month. Within four months, the ever-growing staff moved 下一个 door to larger facilities, where the sign on the window read "Disney Bros. Studio." A 年 later, in 1925, the Disneys made a deposit on a Hyperion Avenue lot in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. Construction began on the new studio shortly...
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posted by Pyjamarama
The 迪士尼 Villains go down in history. They're the best characters ever. They're 更多 popular. The 列表 of the villains is: The Evil 皇后乐队 from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Sykes from Oliver and Company, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Jafar from The Return of Jafar, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. 迪士尼 Villains is my favourite franchise of all time. I'm a big 粉丝 of the villains because they're the most 流行的 villains 迪士尼 has ever created. They're really evil. They're the baddest guys of them all.
Read th first chapter here: link

And the 秒 chapter is up.

Anyway here is the cover of "A Twisted Fate" well technically its just the daughters of Adam and Belle but still kinda a cover /get to know them...

My inspiration for the characters...

Annette- Ahhhh Annette....she defiantly has her moments. I kinda based her off of me yet we are totally different people...I just needed one of the girls to relate to making it easier to write it. Her personality mainly is her father and 你 begin to realize that as 你 progress in the story. Yeah she has a temper but a sweet 心 and she wont be cursed...
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And another review of a live action movie. It should be pretty obvious, why I picked this one, but just in case 你 don’t know this: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea was a huge success for the 迪士尼 studios, a critical acclaimed movie which still influences our perceptions of the book it was based on. And I freaking loved this movie as a child. But then my copy of the movie got 迷失 and I didn’t see it for a long, long time. When I rewatched it as an adult, I did it with a lot of trepidation. Would it still hold up after all this years?

1. The Setting

If there is anything Jules Verne is famous...
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Chapter 2

Sparks Fly

Hours had past and Melody still hasn’t memorized her A B C’s

“Melody it’s like this:” 说 Ariel. Ariel got her beautiful voice ready to sing to Melody.

“Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp,

Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz. Now I know my A B C’s, 下一个 time won’t 你 sing with me.” 说 Ariel. Melody clapped and Ariel looked at her watch. Ariel ran to the very nice principal to 显示 the note from Eric and she was excused to go bring Malory home. They waited and waited for Eric, Dimitri, and Jim to come. Then suddenly, the...
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posted by Swanpride
Okay, the 标题 might be misleading. I don’t intend to talk about the movie from 2011. I intend to talk about The many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It’s a movie with a really strange history for me, because in a way, I needed nearly 20 years to watch it fully. That’s because the movie consists of three segments which were later combined to one big movie. I had all the segments as a child on VHS (you know, those big, black things which were used before the DVD was invented), but the full movie with all segments connected and the additional last scene was never shown in theatres here...
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Guard: [after lighting the signal fire] Now all of China knows you're here.
Shan-Yu: [lights a flag on the fire] Perfect.

Imperial scout: The Emperor will stop you.
Shan-Yu: Stop me? He invited me.
[clutching the scout and holding him aloft]
Shan-Yu: 由 building his 墙 he challenged my strength. Well, I'm here to play his game.

Shan-Yu: I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!
The Emperor of China: No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.
Shan-Yu: Then 你 will kneel in *pieces*!

[Shan-Yu releases two captured Imperial scouts to give the Emperor a message]
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 "Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindel of a spinning wheel and DIE."
"Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindel of a spinning wheel and DIE."
5# Maleficent-At the christening of the newly born Princess Aurora, the Three Good 精灵 come to bestow three gifts on the child: Flora’s gift is Beauty, and Fauna’s is Song. Before Merryweather has a chance to give the child a gift, Maleficent arrives with Diablo, perched on her staff. Angry at not receiving an invitation, she curses the child, decreeing that, before the sun sets on Aurora’s 16th birthday, the child shall die, 由 pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. She then leaves, whilst cackling. Merryweather, unable to undo the entire curse herself, is able to...
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Cruella and the crooks had followed the dogs' tracks to the village. Cruella parked her car right beside the van. "Oh, no!" cried Perdita, looking out of the 商店 window. "How will we get to the van?" The cursed answer to Perdita's 问题 came from two 小狗 wrestling in the fireplace. Covered with soot, they looked like two little Labradors. "That's it!" shouted Pongo. "We'll roll in the soot. We'll all look like Labradors!" A parade of black "Labradors" marched to the van, right under the nose of Cruella De Vil. Thier plan might not work if a blob of snow had fallen off the roof onto the last puppy, washing away the soot. "After them!" Cruella shouted to Jasper and Horace as Pongo leaped aboard the 面包车, 范 with the last 小狗 clenched in his teeth. The 面包车, 范 roared down the road toward London. Cruella in her car and the crooks in thier truck went in hot pursuit of the van.
Bonjour! This is a countdown of favourite 迪士尼 heroines. These do not include 动物 as I will be 写作 a similar 文章 like this soon about animals. I 爱情 all of the heroines but I just have favourites as I'm sure most of 你 do as well, and I'm sorry if some of your favourites don't make this 列表 - even if 你 believe they should.

Let's get started shall we?

10. Snow White

 "Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine" - Snow White
"Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine" - Snow White

I 爱情 Snow White - I really do. I think she's cute and sweet and it's sad that people put her down all the time, and I...
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Yesterday, I did a match-off of the best Renaissance film, pairing 2 Renaissance films against each other, and 你 guys voted which one was better.

The Little Mermaid vs The Rescuers Down Under

The Little Mermaid id the movie that kicked off the 10-year span of the 迪士尼 Renaissance, and The Rescuers Down Under was the first sequel 迪士尼 ever made released a 年 after. The results for this match was not surprising at all, since most people 说 The Little Mermaid is better in every aspect, and some people did not even see The Rescuers Down Under, and sided with The Little Mermaid automatically....
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10. Aurora

I haven't watched Sleeping Beauty in a very long time and I don't remember much about it so I have to put her at the bottom. Sorry Aurora!

9. Cinderella & Ariel

I usually avoid ties but I couldn't decide who I like better! I like 灰姑娘 because she is patient, mature, and wise. She was abused for so many years and never turned cruel like most people would. As for Ariel, she is independent, proactive, and stands up for what she believes is right. I 爱情 both of them, I really do. It's just that I like the ones higher on the 列表 better.

8. Merida

I love...
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"Disney's 万圣节前夕 Treat" is a 47-minute Halloween-themed clip 显示 which first aired on The Wonderful World of 迪士尼 in 1982 and featured a compilation of 迪士尼 animated shorts involving spooky 或者 邪恶力量 themes as well as excerpted segments from 迪士尼 feature films. The credits also featured footage from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. The special was narrated 由 a 杰克o“灯笼, 杰克o灯笼, 杰克点灯笼 puppet, which was also used in an educational short to talk about 万圣节前夕 safety called Disney's Haunted Halloween. The opening and closing credits feature an 橙子, 橙色 colorized version of the 1929 Silly...
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Yeah, 你 might have guessed this one, not just because it is the logical 下一个 step after reviewing The Wind in the Willow but also because it's Halloween. I admit, I deliberately put this movie off for so long in order to be able to post my thoughts about his segment this one around the proper date.

1. The Setting

One of the things which always puzzled me about the short was that especially Katrina’s clothing reminded me of tradition Dutch attire. 阅读 the story it makes much 更多 sense, since it is explicitly set in a Dutch Valley near New York. This knowledge made me see the dynamic...
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posted by Pyjamarama
It is 圣诞节 and Sykes and Jafar are welcoming Forte, disney's greatest 圣诞节 villain of all time. Sykes: I'm happy to meet you, Forte. This is our christmas. Jafar: I would 爱情 to hear 你 sing, Forte. Sykes: Yes, Forte. Go on. Forte: The quickest way to break your heart
Make 你 depressed and ill
Is to get 魔发奇缘 up inside
The side effects could kill

All passion is a waste of time
A deadly game pour vous
I am your friend, your cher ami
I wouldn't lie to you

If 你 must 爱情 someone, may I suggest
You 爱情 yourself! Just think it through
You'll never leave and 你 will find
You'll get 更多 rest...
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Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼
I want to meet Walt Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼 Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet that guy
I want to meet Walt 迪士尼
I want to meet him before I die

You say Snow I say white
You say Doc He’s all right
You say Scar I say kill him
Jafar was ever so mean
But I do like Iago

You say Mickey I say mouse
Donald 鸭 in the house
You say Buzz I say Woody
do believe in Peter Pan
Tinkerbell in Neverland

Cause all I wanna meet is
Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼
I want to meet Walt, Walt 迪士尼 Walt 迪士尼 Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet...
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posted by bluethunder25
你 know, when we think of Disney, one of the things that first comes to our minds is fairytales. Since the days of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," 迪士尼 has had an ability to take classic fairytales and turn them into timeless treasures. Over its 75 年 history, 迪士尼 has turned a handful of fairytales into classic movies, but the thing is, there is but a limitless number of stories that The Happiest Place on Earth has yet to get their hands on.

So, in this series, I will be presenting a number of fairytales from the Brothers Grimm and other authors that 迪士尼 has not made and give my take on what would happen if they got their hands on them. I will explain the original 来源 material and the characters, then I will imagine how 说 fairytale would work with the 迪士尼 formula. I'll explain what kind of characters would be in them, what kind of songs; events, etc....
Chapter 22—Roth and Ruth

    Lady sat in the locked in bedroom, alone with Lucky and Penny. They looked at Lady, who stated, “Well… should we leave?”
    “Who are you?” Lucky asked.
    “I’m Lady,” she told them. “Scamp’s and Angel’s mother.”
    “Oh, those two,” Lucky stated. “I don’t see why they don’t have sense… nor does Patch.”
    “Yeah…I’m worried about them,” Penny added. “My name’s Penny… and he’s Lucky.”
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Yes, I know, I 说 that I would stick to book-based 迪士尼 电影院 and the Arthur saga is technically a legend. Practically though, this movie is not based on the legend, but on a specific book based on 说 legend with the 标题 “The Sword in Stone”. So I guess I’ll have to take a look how the book relates to the legend, and how the movie relates to the book.

1. The Sword in the Stone

This is one of the 图书 I read just for this 文章 series. And I have to say, it surprised me, mostly because I read some reviews in the past which complained that the movie is nothing like the book at...
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