迪士尼 is awesome!
Least favorite(please don't hate me if I insult your 最喜爱的 character please remember we each have different opinions!)

10. Aurora-Sleeping Beauty

She is 由 far the most dull and boring DP ever! Her whole role in the movie was to sleep and the few traits she had were those of the stereotypical princess. I don't necessarily hate her, but I feel like even if the story did say she had to sleep for the whole movie, they could have made her a tiny bit 更多 interesting in the time she was awake.

9. Hans- Frozen

Well I do have to say, he was a good actor, even if it was obvious he was the villain. But I found that one of the annoying parts about him. I mean I wanted to poke him in the eye for some reason, so when Anna punched him in the face I was all like "Finally! Someone gave him what he deserves!"

8. Goob- Meet the Robinsons

I feel so stupid that I don't remember what his actual name is and I feel so lazy that I don't want to look it up. Well I guess I shouldn't say I dislike his character, I just dislike him as the antagonist. He seemed like an idiot, trusting a robot and all, but that may be because everyone else was so smart in the movie but I found him to be a little over dramatic about the baseball game. I mean I've been kept up and I've been bullied but I don't want to ruin someone's future because of that.

7. Mabel Pines- Gravity Falls

I 爱情 Gravity Falls, but I find Mabel to be EXTREMELY annoying. It seems like all she ever does is obsess over her stupid 爱情 life and she often puts it in front of other's needs (like Dipper). Dipper gives up EVERYTHING for her and she only ever really gave up one thing for him - and that was the episode where she finally realized. that her brother is 更多 important than a 随意 guy off the streets. Now I wouldn't mind her obsession if she wasn't as selfish because of it but she is....

6. Yama- Big Hero 6

I don't know why, but I feel he was meant to be hated. But he's such a hypocrite! He called Hiro a sore loser just for asking to try again, but when Hiro kicked his a** he tried to beat up the kid. Ugh! He's just so annoying!

5. Elsa- 《冰雪奇缘》

Snow queen? 更多 like drama queen! I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like her that much. She hardly had any personality and I think she could have avoided the situation 由 telling Anna about her powers at the coronation, 或者 talking to Anna through the door so Anna would feel a little less lonely and would have been desperate for love. Sure, she had her parents for ten years stopping her, but she also had freedom for three years. Want to protect your sister? Fine, but at least talk through the door 或者 slip a note. And yet she blames Anna, claiming she knows nothing about "true love", when she herself knew nothing about it. Yet she runs away and sings the most overrated 迪士尼 song ever- which has great animation, beautiful lyrics yet a horrible message. So yeah, 总体, 整体 I think Elsa is as hypocrite and NOT a good role model.

4. Honey Lemon- Big Hero 6

I didn't get to watch Big Hero 6 until it was out on video, so all I heard about it from the 粉丝 was Honey Lemon. The only actual complaint I ever heard about her was she looked a lot like Rapunzel. So I was like "Whatever, I might like her". But after watching the movie, I discovered she was the only character(besides Yama) I didn't like. Sure she has a good, overused personality, but I found her annoying as heck. She was just too perfect and I didn't like how she did everything right. I mean, she could run in heals without snapping her ankles , she was nice to everyone, she was extremely beautiful etc.And every video with her in it on YouTube, people always obsess over every stupid tiny thing she does! I loved the bubbly and sweet thing on Anna and Rapunzel, but this time I think 迪士尼 overdid it. Honey 柠檬 is annoying and so are a lot of her fans!

3, Joy- Inside Out

Ironically, my least 最喜爱的 characters in one of my 最喜爱的 皮克斯 电影院 is the protagonist who managed to annoy me enough to put her in my bottom 3 迪士尼 characters. She's possit even and happy, yet she's also selfish and rude to Sadness. Her 粉丝 defend her 由 saying "She thought of Sadness as a threat" okay, but she still didn't have to be rude to her. She ABANDONED Sadness and she literally saw her do helpful things yet she was blind. And the worst part? She didn't seem to feel bad about being a bully. She only helped Sadness when she finally realized she was useful for something. I guess I would have liked her 更多 if she WASN'T the protagonist, but she was...

2. Princess Ponyhead- 星, 星级 vs the Forces of Evil

She was only there for one episode yet she had managed to get on my nerves. She seemed a bit selfish and kind of bratty and this made me wonder "How is she and 星, 星级 best friends?". So far, I really do like 星, 星级 vs the Forces of Evil and am glad she only appeared in one episode, but I have a feeling she's going to make another appearance and I Am NOT looking 前锋, 期待 to it.

1. The Duke of Wessleton- Frozen

Finally my number 1! They should have executed him and Hans. He's annoying, snooty and an idiot. He can't just sit down and think about a problem, he always just jumps to conclusions. I mean if Elsa really was plotting the kingdom wouldn't she have done it instead of sitting in her room? He is everything I hate about the previously mentioned characters and worse. Which is why he is number one on this list.

Now onto my faves
10. Olaf- Frozen

Olaf is just the most adorable thing ever! I don't know why, but before seeing 《冰雪奇缘》 I thought the whole talking snowman thing would be...meh. But thank god I was wrong! Olaf is awesome!

9. Riley Anderson- Inside Out

I don't know why but I really connect with Riley. I was apart of a military family, and it was hard moving every few years. I almost never had any close 老友记 and sometimes I didn't even have unclose friends. But we retired and it has been easier.

8. Tadashi Hamada- Big Hero 6

Tadashi is everything an older brother should be. He's supportive and cares for his younger brother. Sure, I felt that he was only there as Hiro's brother, he still rocked at it! He is a good role model and a perfect example of an older sibling.

7. Rapunzel- Tangled

Rapunzel is so entertaining. I'll admit it, although she, seemed a bit of a Mary Sue, she still felt like a realistic teen. 或者 at least she was a bit like me.

6. Flynn Rider/Euegene Fitzherbert-Tangled

I found him to be so interesting and developed. Aside from being my animated crush(lol) I liked his whole character. He made bad choices such as stealing but after spending time with a person like Rapunzel he attempts to fix his mistakes 由 returning the crown. I mean who else wanted to 冲床 Gothel when she stabbed him?(Well I wanted to 冲床 Gothel the whole time, but that's when I wanted to 冲床 her the most)

5. Vanellope Von Scweetz-Wreck it Ralph

I don't get where people say she's not a good role model, because she is! Everyone 说 she couldn't be a racer because she was a glitch and that was all she was. Well, she raced anyways, and proved to be 更多 than a glitch.

4. Kenai- Brother Bear

I 爱情 Kenai so much! I especially 爱情 his bond with Koda (I hope I spelt that right.) He went from hating bears to actually being one -literally! This proves that even the worst of enemies can become the best of friends. Sorry about being all deep.

3. Sadness- Inside Out

Out of all the emotions of Inside Out, Sadness is the one that hit me the most. I mean she can't help feeling depressed- she's Sadness! Yet, she is always bullied, and ignored. I feel like she would have made a better main protagonist than Joy!

2. Anna- Frozen

I know- I put her sister in my least 最喜爱的 列表 and she's on my 最喜爱的 list. But the thing is everything Elsa doesn't have Anna has-except powers. But the real reason she's number two on this 列表 is she's the DP version of me! I'm also awkward and clumsy and I often feel alone and don't know why.

1. Hiro Hamada- Big Hero 6

Hiro (in my opinion) is 由 far the best 迪士尼 character! He is a well developed, well rounded character. He is somewhat similar to Kenai, but he has some traits of his own. But the reason why he's number one is because I 爱情 his complex character! The villain was everything he could have been, but wasn't because after realizing his mistakes he chose to fix them. And look at the difference between him at the beginning of the movie versus the end of the movie. He went from immature brat to mature adult.

Anyways that's my list(s). Sorry that they are mostly new characters but the most 最近的 characters have caught my attention the most- for the better and the worse.