This 文章 Does Contain Spoilers.

After watching the movie Finding Nemo last night I found quite a few similarities between the animated 皮克斯 movie and Pierre Morel's Taken, which was released in 2008 staring Liam Neeson. I've decided that Taken and Finding Nemo, are very similar in plot lines.
Finding Nemo starts out with 展示 that 马林鱼, 马林 is a single dad, after his wife being eaten 由 a shark, and he is left with one single child, which he decides to name Nemo. After learning that 马林鱼, 马林 and Nemo have some issues with each other, with 马林鱼, 马林 being overprotective over Nemo, he is soon to be abducted 由 some Scuba-Divers, and the movie proceeds with 马林鱼, 马林 facing some dangerous situations along the way looking for his son.
Taken starts in much of the same matter. Bryan is a retired CIA Agent, and is divorced. He has a 17 年 old daughter who is asking to go out and take a tour of 欧洲 with her older friend, and needs to ask and get permission from her dad. He is a little hesitant, also overprotective over his child, but ends up giving her the okay in going to Europe. He gets a call from his daughter when they arrive in the apartment, and while on the phone she is abducted. The movie also proceeds with Bryan getting in dangerous situations looking for his daughter.
I find many similarities between the two dads. First of all they're both single, 马林鱼, 马林 a widower and Bryan, well he's just divorced. 马林鱼, 马林 is very overprotective and doesn't want Nemo to go to the drop-off. Bryan is also very overprotective and doesn't want Kimmy (his daughter) to go to Europe. To both dads, their child is the most important thing to them.
The story lines/plot are also very similar to each other. They both have each child get abducted, and have the dad go on a 搜索 for them. 马林鱼, 马林 has encounters with sharks, and well Bryan has encounters with some criminals.
To sum it up though, both Dad's go on a tough journey to find their child after being abducted.
The endings are also very similar to each other. In Finding Nemo, 马林鱼, 马林 finally makes it to Sydney. Nigel, the Pelican, brings 马林鱼, 马林 and Dory to the dentist office where Nemo is. Meanwhile, Nemo is 表演 dead so, he will be flushed down the toilet, into the ocean. After a series of events, he ends up going down the drain, and 马林鱼, 马林 is sad, and lonely. Long story, short, the end up finding each other, and living happily ever after. In Taken, Bryan finds Kimmy in a line of people being sold for sex. He threatens to kill one of the buyers unless he bids on his daughter, and buys her. But, security/ bad people after him (people have been out to get Bryan the entire movie) take him and tie him up. Long story short (again) He escapes, and follows Kimmy and the buyer who was trying to escape with Kim, onto a boat, and after some killing, he gets Kim back.
So 你 see these 电影院 are quite similar to each other. Both starting with the abduction, and ending with the finding and reunion of Families. I hope 你 enjoy them as much as I do! I hope 你 Enjoyed!