Gaston turned around, there was that Prince that was formely the Beast he faught on the 城堡 rooftop.

" OH 你 will, will you? With your kind and gentle nature I suppose? Pfft, what a prissy 你 got here Belle, he's no man, he's a pansy." 说 Gaston mockingly

" Gaston I told 你 to..Who is that?" 说 Belle looking over Gaston's shoulder at a Dark-haired woman with heavily lidded eyes.

It was Vanessa who was worried about Gaston

" Gaston, dear what is taking 你 so long, and who are these people?" asked Vanessa

" This is 皇后乐队 Belle, she was almost my wife, until she met him A BEAST turned prissy nobody" 说 Gaston brutishly

" Ha, royals they are all the same. They are probably no different then King Eric and 皇后乐队 Ariel- the little brat. Ruining my plan to rule the oceans!" 说 Vanessa

" 你 know of our Friends?" asked Belle rather shocked

" 老友记 what are 你 talking about, 你 mean the Mermaid and her Prince? 你 call them friends?" 说 Vanessa snobbish like

" YES I do, Adam and I are very close 老友记 with Ariel and Eric. 你 wouldn't happen to be this seawitch she was telling me about would you?"asked Belle cautiously

" OH, would not believe the powers of evil I could conjure up 你 Poor Unfortunate Soul." 说 Vanessa slyly

" Ha, thats my little Wife." 说 Gaston proudly.

" Idiot, come on Belle. Lets get back to the Castle, we have guests and better things to do than look at the slime of the earth." 说 Adam angrily

" Adam. Please your temper is showing, they're not worth it. 你 both have a few min. to get off the grounds before I summon security. Now leave."

" Oh we will 你 highness, say Hi to your little friend for me. ha ha ha. Come on Gaston lets leave these losers and their happily ever after alone." cackled Vanessa

" I have my eye on 你 Belle," hissed Gaston.

Concerned about their encounter Belle and Adam wrote a letter to Ariel and Eric about who they met today in the woods.