King Adam and 皇后乐队 Belle
So Vanessa went back to Gaston's home.

" Good Morning Handsome." she said. " Good morning to 你 to gorgeous, nice to have a woman who appreciates a body like mine."

" Would 你 like something for breakfast before we start planning our wedding?" asked Vanessa

" Some deer meat and eggs would be nice my sweet" replied Gaston.

" Well, 你 didn't shoot one, for me to cook? but I will get the eggs ready while 你 are out hunting," 说 Vanessa.

" No problem, I'm the best hunter in the country. How about a 吻乐队(Kiss) from my little wife to be?"

* smooch* " Alright be back in no time. Don't miss me too much." 说 Gaston

" Bye Darling!" replied Vanessa

So Gaston went off into the woods. He found a Deer, he aimed and it ran off. So he followed it. Pretty soon he had traveled so far deep into the woods that he had come to a creek not to far from a castle. He slowly looked up at it and mumbled " Huh, Belle! And that Stupid Beast." " They think I'm dead." Then all of a sudden he heard someone coming toward the creek. IT was BELLE! Gaston stopped suddenly. She stilled looked so Beautiful except she was wearing a crown of royalty on her head.

" Oh what cute 动物 你 are, don't be scared. What's the matter? why are 你 all running away?"

" AHH GASTON?! you're alive?" 说 Belle stunned beyond words.

" Surprised Belle? and I have found someone while away."

" What are 你 doing on our grounds. Go hunt poor 动物 somewhere else. Adam and I will not tolerate 你 and your brutal ways here." 说 Belle sharply.

" Oh yeah, he wouldn't hurt anything cause he's TOO KIND and GENTLE to Fight ANYTHING!" 说 Gaston mockingly.

"GO NOW! GET OUT OF HERE" screamed Belle

" Fine, your MAJESTY! But remember I will always be around to keep an eye on that pretty boy of yours ha ha" 说 Gaston evily.

" And I will always be around to make sure 你 don't talk to my wife that way.." 说 a princely voice.

to be continued....
Gaston's new life with Vanessa