Turns out Gaston didn't really die after falling off the tower. So after seeing his " true " 爱情 Belle marry the man of her dreams, he left on a Ship. It was headed toward another kingdom where some sailors jumped ship. It was 首页 to another Prince and Princess Eric and Ariel. While in port, He walked along the 海滩 and saw this beautiful woman rise from the water she was as beautiful as he was. Dark brown hair to her waist, livid eyes, sculpted body. She was wearing an ivory dress with a navy shaul. " Hello, I'm Gaston" - " Really, nice to meet 你 handsome, I'm Vanessa." " 你 look like 你 could use a strong and handsome man 由 your side. I'm just the man" " We'll I don't know about 爱情 或者 dreams anymore I was supposed to be the ruler of the seas but this headstrong little Mermaid, took that from me" " I was supposed to marry the woman of my dreams, but she fell in 爱情 with a beast, a beast?! so I know how defeat feels". Vanessa- " Well, would 你 like to come away with me, I could make all your dreams come true and we both could forget our worries. Just promise me if we have a daughter we wont name her Ariel." Gaston- " Sure, but instead of me coming with you, why don't 你 come back to France with me? Oh and never mention the name Belle either." Vanessa " Alright, tough stuff, I accept." So Vanessa joined Gaston on his voyage back to France and they lived in a " rustic hunting lodge" and... many things happened to them along the way. Some experiences brought old memories back, but happier times come along as well....so stay tuned for part 2.