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 Silverrose1991 posted 一年多以前
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wavesurf picked Yes:
The movie that stopped Disney's animation studio from going under forever, and kicked off the Disney Renaissance (a period where Disney "glowed" by producing a succession of highly successful film hits). This movie has lasted twenty-six years without diminishing in luster thanks to its heartfelt music by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, and its well-defined characterization of all players-- both its principals ( Ariel, King Triton, and Ursula)-- and its supporting, secondary cast (Eric, Sebastian, Flounder, Chef Louis, Grimsby, etc., etc.). This movie never gets old, because at its core is a tightly-written plot that has almost zero plotholes to be found. This movie translated into an acclaimed Broadway show, that was just as well received as BATB. Some people might not like this movie, but if it had not been made...the Disney we know and enjoy today would not exist.
posted 一年多以前.
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PrueFever picked Yes:
How do you even review a movie that you grew up with, without being fully nostalgic? Without having a bias towards it because you know it so well?

I don't think you can, which is partly why I love this movie. It's completely wonderful and charming, but the fact that it brings up such nostalgic feelings, and I can recite every line, makes it just perfect.

The Little Mermaid is a spectacular movie, and it saved Disney Animation from going under. It ushered in the second Rennassaince. Perfect songs, magical vocal performances, spectacular animation all in the highest Disney tradition.

Mermaid is the tale of a beautiful young mermaid named Ariel who longs for something more than what she has in her life, namely to live on land and to 'be where the people are'. She saves a young prince from drowning, and falls in love at first sight. It is her beautiful voice that wakes him. After her father finds out, and smashes all of her precious human finds in her grotto, she sets out to get Prince Eric, by making a deal with an evil sea witch. What follows is a frantic race against time, before the sun sets on the third day.

Somewhere under the sea and beyond your imagination lies an adventure in fantasy... This sums up the whole film really. Winner of two very deserving Oscars, and two Golden Globes, it was a winner with both critics and the box office. Ariel was the first immediately popular Disney heroine, and she has become an iconic figure with Disney. Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel) is still doing voice work for Disney now, as part of the Disney Princess line.

This film has been loved since it was first released, and is a true Disney Classic in every sense of the word.
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anukriti2409 picked Yes:
I have a love hate relationship with TLM. When i first watched it, i loved it through and through. Ariel was fun and loving and charming and most beautiful girl ever. It was love at first sight. It obviously sated my teen fantasies to fall in love at first sight and leave everything for your one dream. How thrilling it was to dream like that once. That nothing else matters except your dream, go out and chase it and make it yours. It made me love myself much more, it made me believe in my dreams. There will be people who'll call out on you, will tell your dreams are wrong, but it doesn't matter, one should chase it to your heart's will.

Then i grew up and saw the world. Saw the world with its lot of greys. That how miracles are never always good, that true love hardly happens at first sight and most importantly it's never about only your dreams. That one must not shun their loved ones for their dreams, that it's a cold way of living.

TLM is the best fantasy that I would want to believe in. And Ariel is surely a great fantasy to cherish. The movie has gorgeous animation, the city under water, another fantasy that liven up your imaginations. Ursula is a great villain and Triton adds layers of complexity needed to make the plot interesting. Songs, hmmm, part of your world is one of the best song and beautifully sung, Jodi Benson is surely the best singing voice ever. But apart from that, all songs are nothing more than nice.
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twinklestar11 picked Yes:
ok mine is gonna be very short cause i have to get going to school in a couple of minutes so here is what i think:
Ariel is full of fun and always wants to see the human world. she gets her wish true by the sea witch. The sea Witch lets Ariel go to the human world to get her prince to fall in love with her for 3 days. But the sea witch wants Ariel's voice so The sea witch could become human and trick Eric into falling in love with her instead of Ariel. Ariel tries to stop the wedding with her friends. Scuddle pulls the shell off of The sea witch's neck. Then, Ariel's voice comes out of the shell, and returns to Ariel. Eric found out the beautiful singing was Ariel and not the sea witch. Ariel turned into mermaid, and the sea witch tried to distroy Ariel and Eric. But Eric defeats the sea witch. Ariel's dad turned Ariel into a human, and she married Eric.
All the time when Ariel was a mermaid, she had a scecret cave that had a lot of human stuff.

that is all i can type for now. I have to get going to school now.
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audreygrace412 picked Yes:
My absolute favorite Disney Princess film, I think this movie is just wonderful and an instant classic. This was the start of the amazingly talented team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken who created a beautiful soundtrack with memorable lyrics as well. The animation was one of the most consistent of the DP films, keeping Ariel looking gorgeous in everything she did from pout to smile. It had everything that was good from the classics but also added some good from modern society. It had a very powerful and polarizing message which some (including myself) could take as encouragement to be an individual and find your own path, willing to take risks and face the consequences along the way. There are so many different ways that one could see this film, which in my eyes also lends to the brilliance of the film as it can also act as a cautionary tale from another perspective. I find Ariel's character to be completely charismatic as well, compelling me not to look away. The story is also very powerful, with Ariel being so young and curious yet unaware of her vulnerabilities at the same time which are masked by her overconfidence and spunk. It's very interesting to see how many different obstacles that Ariel faces compared the princesses who came before her and I like the symbolism of certain things in the movie with new modern obstacles such as dealing with contracts. I think it does a great way of telling an old tale and renewing it with added modern details. Additionally, the original tale is quite depressing to me so I especially love Disney's happy ending version and appreciated that they still kept some dark scenes to show that, that is still a part of life (such as the scene with the Chef and the fish and Sebastian trying to make it out alive). Some people give Ariel a hard time for making some bad decisions, and she certainly does, but I also think she is more dynamic than given credit for since the film shows her adapting to new situations and how relying on her looks doesn't work, which many critics seem to forget. I think there are a lot of positive messages in this film that sometimes get overlooked because it shows a nice dosage of negative consequences in an attempt to show the balance of both. Overall it is my favorite because I just think everything comes together in the best and most extraordinary way for this film in a way that it doesn't for others. It has a unique capturing of magic and wonder (especially with Atlantica and mermaids) combined with such real and relatable situations, iconic music and imagery (especially with Ariel whenever she sings) and overall powerful script. <3

Whoa! That was longer than I meant it to be, I apologize for that and will shorten it if you need me to. :)
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