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茉莉, 茉莉花
So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly 文章 can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it 或者 not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if 迪士尼 princesses lived in the MODERN 日 world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into 食物 and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She...
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posted by SarahCorine
Voted over a 月 ago, the results are in. Keep 阅读 to find out what holiday each princess represents. I had fun do this and was thinking it would be fun to redo this with princes, and maybe villains. 评论 down below and let me know what 你 think about that idea.

Mother’s 日 is an easy choice for Snow White as she is so motherly. She takes care of the dwarfs. She cooks. She cleans. I know that sounds cliché. But beyond those traits, she cares about people the way a mother would. Unconditionally. But she still has her limits much like a mother would. She bonds with her dwarf...
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It's no secret that I absolutely DESPISE the movie The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. It's absolutely insulting, has terrible continuity, the original characters (except for Ariel) are completely different characters, Triton is a one-dimensional and exaggerated version of his former self, the story about 音乐 being banned is stupid, the villain is lame with an equally lame song, it's full of plot holes, the new characters are unnecessary and unmemorable, Athena died in a dumb way (Leave the 音乐 box 你 idiot), and it puts 更多 effort into gorgeous 动画片 and good songs (Except for...
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11. Brave

This revisionist fairytale, while less inspired than average 皮克斯 fare, boasts typical awe-inspiring 动画片 and flare. The contemporary story of mother-daughter bonding is a step in a new direction, but the main problem is the convoluted execution and the fact that Merida craves adventure but is stuck in a mother-daughter psychodrama.

"I've only seen it once so I don't have too much to say about this one. What I remembered about it is that I loved Merida and really felt connected to her and her mom's relationship. I was invested in their story and wanted it to work out well...
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 伦敦 Eye Fireworks!
London Eye Fireworks!
Hi guys, since I had done for 圣诞节 already, here is their New Year's Eve activities.

1. 食物 Organisers

Once again, Snow White and Tiana will organise the 食物 presentations.

2. New Year's Decoration Themes

灰姑娘 will decide on how the the castle's decoration will look like, it will be fabulous!

3. New Year's Dancing

Princess Aurora choreographs the dance with some classical 音乐 set 由 famous composers.

4. Sea Life Party

Ariel will invite all of her 老友记 and her family from the sea, she will ask Sebastian to be the conductor for the orchestra.

5. Games

Belle will organise the games...
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 Different faces, different personalities
Different faces, different personalities
We all 爱情 迪士尼 princesses, don’t we? So Seasons are also like them, they are really different from each other and each one of them at least has a good trait. I recently developed an interest of 写作 文章 on 迪士尼 princess symbolism. Thanks to the people who viewed my 文章 recently and loved them! Hope 你 all enjoy!
Snow white – Spring
Yes! For me the princesses in spring category are kind, resourceful, pure, obedient, self-reserved, matured and somewhat innocent. I like the Spring people. Traits 或者 qualities tell she’s a spring person. She always likes to keep the room...
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PrincessAyeka12 gave me the fabulous idea of coming up with what 图书 and authors each princess would like to read. We already know that Belle's a bookworm, but what would the other princesses spend hours flipping through, totally 迷失 to the outside world? I had a lot of fun with this article, since I 爱情 reading. I've read at least one book from most of these authors, although not all of them. All credit for this idea goes to PrincessAyeka12! All 图片 made 由 me.

Snow White

I get the distinct feeling that Snow would just adore classic children's 图书 such as Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures...
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Source: https://style.disney.com/living/2017/11/04/disney-princess-phone-wallpapers/
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Source: https://style.disney.com/living/2017/11/04/disney-princess-phone-wallpapers/
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
1. The outside of the palace is inspired 由 the Taj Mahal.

2. The word "Agra" is in the name Agrabah. Agra is a city in INDIA.

3. Rajah is a tiger. 老虎 are a symbol of INDIA.

4. Lotus fountains (like the one we see when we're first introduced to Jasmine) are an Indian thing.

5. "Abu" is an Indian name.

People complaining about Naomi being cast as 茉莉, 茉莉花 because she's Indian need to educate themselves.

If 你 want a version of 阿拉丁 with 茉莉, 茉莉花 being played 由 a Middle Eastern woman, then major in film and get a film degree. It's not Disney's job to please you.

As for the people complaining...
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Source: http://thenamelessdoll.tumblr.com/post/163681619551/my-contribution-to-myhollie1911s-mermaid-collab
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The 迪士尼 Princesses are usually have some beautiful and iconic dresses. In this 文章 I would share my 列表 of 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess wardrobes.
I don't include some undergarments, undone dress (ex: Ariel's sail outfit), and some that I don't count as an outfit like Ariel's mermaid attire.
Credit goes to link's 文章 of link for ideas of rate each princess' dress.
Anyway, here's my list, started from least to most 最喜爱的 :)

11. Tiana

Tiana has a lot of clothes out of all Princesses, but a lot of dresses doesn't make me like them. Most of her outfis consist of yellow and green, which were...
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Having recently watched Pride and Prejudice (again), I felt compelled to do an 文章 comparing the characters, seeing how easy it is to compare young, female characters with other young female characters.

Elizabeth Bennet - Jasmine
Elizabeth is best known for her wittiness, sassiness and smart remarks. Like Jasmine, she doesn't want to get married and only wants to marry for love. She's stubborn. Lizzie is criticized for being selfish, but she's actually far from selfish, 给 that she walks for miles just to see her sick sister and seems to be the only one who cares about her younger sister...
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 I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
On December 21st 2016 (Technically 23 because I accidentally hit "Unpublish and Save" and had to 编辑 it.), I wrote an 文章 wherein I listed of 40 of my 最喜爱的 fan-arts of Elsa. It was her birthday, and wanted to write an 文章 where I listed the contributions of other Elsa fans, as a tribute/gift.
Today is June 21st, Anna's birthday, and because I 爱情 her almost as much, I want to 列表 off 40 of my 最喜爱的 fan-arts of Anna, to 显示 that she's a wonderful character that deserves just as much credit as her sister.

When I became a 粉丝 of Frozen, it was because of Elsa. Heck, I used...
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