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 Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Beauty And The Beast 3D
posted by scarletunicorn
 The good ol' baddies
The good ol' baddies
Well, it's time for another 文章 here in Scarletland! I admit, I had this need for wanting to make another 文章 again, but I didn't know of what subject to make of. Then browsing around the Internet, the inspiration struck me: I could write about 迪士尼 villains! Genius! Because that subject isn't trite and overdone at all! (/sarcasm)

Jokes aside, I've been these last days thinking and analyzing the 迪士尼 villains 更多 than usual (that is; I almost never think about them, so this was really unusual for me). Villains are essential for many of these movies, because if it weren't for them...
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posted by laylastepford
 Astrological Zodiac Signs
Astrological Zodiac Signs
Okay so I have seen some 文章 (outside of this site) with "Disney Princess 占星术 Signs" but I always feel like they are inaccurate, most likely made 由 people who are not as big DP 粉丝 as the people here. I also think they assign the DPs to specific 占星术 signs based on their image rather than the substance of the character (i.e. Making Ariel a Pisces just because she's a mermaid 或者 Merida a Sagittarius just because she loves archery.) That being said, I used to 爱情 占星术 when I was a teenager, as I thought it was very neat and I have always loved the stars. I had a phase...
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posted by anukriti2409
After being here on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 since few months, my opinions and way of seeing each princess have changed a lot, though not for all princesses. Some have gone from 最喜爱的 to least 最喜爱的 while some have been on an opposite ride, altogether. A lot has changed as I have grown up and inclusion of other princesses as well in 最近的 times (Frozen and Brave).

So here's my new ranking 列表 of 迪士尼 Princess along with the mention of their original ranking prior joining to Fanpop

1. Belle:
When I think of Belle, one word strikes me "whole-hearted" person. She inspires me so much to find balance between...
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posted by laylastepford
link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="300" height="168" />
Credit to: http://matthoworth.deviantart.com
The content in this 文章 is rated PG-13 for mentioning horror-thematic elements though no explicit details are given.

So I was inspired 由 anukriti2409's link and was inspired to do my own, especially since I knew 万圣节前夕 was coming up! 支持 to link for her 文章 as it was actually what inspired me to want to do "themed" articles.

Some Factors in the Countdown: Before I begin the countdown, I want to let everyone know that I think crimes done to children/innocent are the absolute worst and my countdown will no doubt reflect that entirely. Additionally, I tend to believe that it is worse...
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Keeping along with my Halloween/Autumn-themed articles, I wanted to make a "DP 最喜爱的 Scary Movie" post! I 爱情 to binge watch scary 电影院 in the 月 of October; I suppose it's my way of celebrating the 万圣节前夕 holiday since I don't do trick-or-treating 或者 anything like that. I have heard plenty of complaints about children being on this site so for that reason I will only be providing films with a rating of "PG" 或者 "PG-13" so that it is all content-friendly. (I even provided the rankings for each film along with the 年 since there was no "PG-13" rating pre 1984 [coincidentally!].)...
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posted by laylastepford
It is the 月 of October which, in reference to DPs, definitely makes me think of the villains! Since I enjoy themes, October will have a "Halloween, Autumn, 或者 Villain" theme in most of my posts. This one is going with 万圣节前夕 & Villains! I still cannot add any 照片 to these 文章 but I will be doing so as soon as possible. I only included the villains that I actually remember doing an "evil laugh" in their original film:

9. Governor Ratcliffe- Pocahontas: Not really an evil laugh, 更多 of a "bad person" laugh. Not too scary.

8. Lady Tremaine- Cinderella: Although it's evil,...
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added by dee389
The saddest moments from DP 电影院 that made me cry and most often they still do. Some are close to 心 while some are so well enacted and animated that i'm moved 由 the simplicity of emotions.

13. 3 good 精灵 put the entire kingdom to sleep:
Despite their best of efforts, they lose Aurora to the spell and the only way to make things work is to put the entire kingdom to sleep, waking only when she awakens. It makes me sad to see them blame themselves for this loss. It doesn't make me cry though, but yes, it puts me in a sad mood.

12. 灰姑娘 crying in the forest:
More than her dress...
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I got inspired 由 anukriti2409's 文章 so I decided to write my own list, it was hard to do, but I narrowed it down to these 10 things, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. The Lantern Scene

This scene is imo the most beautiful 3d animated scene, especially the part where the King and 皇后乐队 releases their lantern and then the rest of the kingdom follows, that part gives me 鸡皮疙瘩 everytime. It also inspired me to release a lantern on New Year's Eve 2013

9. The Bayou Wedding Scene

This scene is the most beautiful thing from a DP Movie released after 2000, what especially makes this...
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Okay so I have read multiple places on here that "Ariel just left her family for some guy she barely knew" and variations thereof. I coincidentally enough just watched this film within the last 月 and remember it very freshly so I would like to contribute my opinion on this matter. First though, I would like to remind people: These 迪士尼 Princess films do not take place in a modern time and setting. Most of them take place over a 100 years 以前 and are during a time when most people were dead 由 40 and half weren't even making it that long. To put it in perspective, the equivalent of a woman...
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So yesterday I wrote about my 最喜爱的 songs, today I'll write about the 10 best scenes, originally I was planning on only doing a 最佳, 返回页首 5, but I felt that it was too little so I decided to do a 最佳, 返回页首 10 list, like with the songs I 爱情 all the scenes in the movie so placing them wasn't so easy, but I hope you'll like this 文章 anyway

10. The Funeral Scene

This scene is so sad yet so beautifully animated and I couldn't resist putting this one on here since I 迷失 my grandmother just a few days ago, but even before that this has been one of the most beautiful scenes in the movie aswell as...
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Hello everyone! Since I made a 问题 about "Who are the princesses would 你 sort into the royal 或者 rebel?" based on Mattel's Ever After High, some peoples 评论 there with their own idea of princesses in royal and rebel group.
Well in this 文章 I want to classifying the princesses in the groups with my version.
This is the first time I wrote an 文章 on Fanpop, so please understandable if many mistakes I might be doing in this article.

1. The Royals (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora)

The true royals are kind, obedient, loyal, graceful, helpful, patient, and sweet.All of them have a...
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Saw an old 问题 发布 from a 年 以前 that inspired me to write this. The 问题 was about which 迪士尼 Princesses might make best friends, in pairs, based on commonalities. As I started to think about it, I found all of the commonalities to be quite interesting. So I decided to post my findings of commonalities (not go for the BFF route) just because I found it interesting what the princesses had so much in common. Hope 你 guys do too:

Snow & Aurora:
Both were royal but fled to the forest to escape their villains. Both were put under a sleeping spell. Both like to dance and initiate...
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If the 迪士尼 Princesses were Housewives on Wisteria Lane, which house would be theirs? [If 你 are a Desperate Housewives fan, I included who lived there from the 显示 if anyone did.]

1. Snow White: 4350

This house is a nice beige color, between white (her skin) and yellow (her skirt). It has a gazebo style balcony that fits perfectly for her and her prince to dance around and sing to each other in. [Martha Huber/Felicia Tillman/Andrew VandeKamp]

2. Cinderella: 4354

This house is a beautiful big blue house, just like her beautiful big blue(ish) dress. It's like a palace but still with...
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