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posted by MissCassecou

So there are lots of beautiful women in 迪士尼 - however only the Princesses seem to be recognised for it. Today I've decided to acknowledge some of the other 迪士尼 Heroines who are stunning, but who rarely get the recognition. They deserve it!
(No particular order, btw).

Slew Foot Sue
Melody Time

I'm not sure if many of 你 have seen Melody Time - it's a little bit like Fantasia 由 putting 音乐 to stories. But there's a girl in the story of "Pecos Bill" (who happens to be Bill's 爱情 interest) who is actually quite pretty. Red hair; a colour that represents that of Ariel contrasts...
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灰姑娘 is my 秒 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess, behind Snow White, here I'll be explaining why. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.

I 爱情 灰姑娘 for multiple reasons. For one, I 爱情 how kind and patient she is. She's had a lot of bad experiences in her life, and yet she can still remain kind and patient despite that. I really admire that quality in her. I admire a lot of qualities in her, a lot of which I don't have myself. It makes me respect her 更多 as a character, and it helps me strive to be 更多 like her....
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Recently, I saw a 民意调查 on this club about which House Rapunzel would be in at Hogwarts, which got me thinking about that 问题 in relation to all the princesses. I’m an avid Harry Potter fan, so I figured I would lend my unique insights on the matter to all of 你 lovely people.

But before I begin my analyses, it’s time for some disclaimers!

1. About the Houses. Here’s how I tend to think of the Houses of Hogwarts. (Note: I will be saying the most about Slytherin, since Slytherin is most often distorted.)

Gryffindor: values bravery, daring, bold decision-making, rule-breaking, following...
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I decided to write an 文章 on why my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess.. Is my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion, and I will respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

Snow White is an amazing character, in my opinion. She is my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess, and is my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Character. She is also one of my 最喜爱的 animated characters, and fictional characters in general. Now, let's talk about why.

She has a mix of what I like in a character, she's sweet and kind, but she isn't a pushover. She can be a bit...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I 爱情 Snow White
Today I'll focus on why I love Snow White
Today it's 1 日 until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 最喜爱的 DP Snow White and why I 爱情 her
Previous 文章 in the series:

I 爱情 how optimistic she is despite almost being killed, I also 爱情 how kind and gentle she is

I 爱情 that she can be both a mother and a child, other princesses are one of those things 或者 they develop from one to the other

I 爱情 that she's an unjudgemental person, for a long time I thought Belle was the only princess that was unjudgemental, but like a 年 以前 或者 so I realised that Belle wasn't the only unjudgemental...
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I'm not doing it with the CGI Princesses because I don't particularly like any of their smiles. I mean... they look like real teeth Dx Anyway, here's my list...

9. Pocahontas
As some may know, I think Pocahontas is a really beautiful human being, in and out. But what I don't find beautiful about her is her ways of expression. When she speaks, it sounds like she's faking every type of emotion she's trying to express and the same goes to when she smiles.

8. Mulan
Mulan's smile feels held back so that's why she is in this placement. But I do think it's warm and natural, maybe not as ''impressive''...
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 Magic Mirror on the 墙 who is FanPop's 最喜爱的 villain out of them all?
Magic Mirror on the wall who is FanPop's favorite villain out of them all?
Here are the results of the Best DP Villains count-down. Remember is not my personal opinion it, has all been voted FanPop users. I hope 你 enjoy it.
 I think 《勇敢传说》 should've had a better antagonist._ avatar_tla_fan - - at least mord'u is scary._BKG201
I think 《勇敢传说》 should've had a better antagonist._ avatar_tla_fan - - at least mord'u is scary._BKG201

12. Mor'du (Brave): Not surprising that Mor'du was the first villain to go, since he has basically no personally. Some 粉丝 问题 if he is even truly a 'villain'. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that 《勇敢传说》 needed a better antagonist.
 ...at least Ratcliff makes me laugh._324anna -- Really boring_Flutey_Girl96
...at least Ratcliff makes me laugh._324anna -- Really boring_Flutey_Girl96

11. Governor...
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 Snow White used her chemistry with the male model to her advantage as she gained best 照片 for the first time.
Snow White used her chemistry with the male model to her advantage as she gained best photo for the first time.
Previously on DNTM: The girls travel overseas to Italy where a go see challenge was a struggle for Rapunzel who came back late. Elsa impressed the most and won. For the 照片 shoot the model posed with males and Belle was relying on her prettiness. Rapunzel and Belle were in the bottom two but Belle was ultimately sent home. Now only 4 模特 remain - Ariel, Elsa, Rapunzel and Snow White. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Rapunzel: Elimination was tough. I was told off for my performance at the go sees and I was in the bottom two. However luckily my 照片 was good...
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It's been over a 年 since I last wrote this 文章 so here's an updated 列表 with Anna and Elsa included

12. Jasmine

Like I did in my 前一个 文章 I decided to seperate 茉莉, 茉莉花 and 花木兰 because even though Lea Salonga did both their 唱歌 voices they're different enough to seperate. Anyway I've never been a 粉丝 of Jasmine's 唱歌 voice, it's too 罂粟 for my taste

11. Belle

Another voice I've never been a big 粉丝 of although I'm starting to like her voice a little more, but it's still not a very pretty 唱歌 voice to me and the voice is too old for Belle

10. Ariel
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posted by mhs1025
Mulan, Pocahontas, and Merida have been best 老友记 since the 日 they met. They loved everything about each other. Their worlds, their homelands, their cultures, their personalities, every single thing in the book. These 3 girls were crazy about each other. Whenever they didn't get together, they'd write to each other just to see how they were doing. There was only one thing wrong. Shang HATED Merida.

Merida and 花木兰 didn't know why he hated her. Only Shang himself knew why he hated her-it was because of her rebellious actions. He didn't let 花木兰 know that, though. That was the last thing...
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First, let’s look at the living environment of these girls. This will give context and incentive for their specific wants and needs.


Snow, Cindy, and Aurora grow up isolated and have no (human) friend - they only have 动物 for company.

In addition to growing up isolated, both Snow and Cindy grew up orphaned young girls and directly suffer due to a jealous older woman: the 皇后乐队 dresses Snow in rags and forces her to be a scullery maid; Lady Tremaine abuses, humiliates, and forces Cindy to become a servant.

Summary: wants someone to...
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posted by MissCassecou
Bonjour! This 列表 couldn't be 更多 simple!

(It's not what I believe so to speak, I did do some research, but if 你 believe something else and have a justification, 你 can tell me in the comments.)

Snow White - Fourteen - the youngest 迪士尼 princess

灰姑娘 - One of the eldest 迪士尼 Princesses at nineteen

Aurora - Sixteen, as it says so in her movie

Ariel - Sixteen, as it says in her movie "Daddy, I'm sixteen. I'm not a child anymore."

Belle - Seventeen.

茉莉, 茉莉花 - Fifteen. There's been some 辩论 about this; but most websites believe she's fifteen

Pocahontas - Eighteen. Although...
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I haven't done an 文章 on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 at all yet.
Since this place is the most active, I decided to do one here first.

13.Aurora- I CANNOT stand her. She is so boring, and I don't even know if she has a personality! Maybe she is just a clone of the real Aurora. Sleeping Beauty was good though, although it would have been better if Maleficent hurt Aurora more. Hopefully the Aurora in Maleficent will be 更多 entertaining.

12. Snow White- I know she is getting a lot of love. I dont know why. She is so bossy and manipulative. I hate how in the movie, she bosses the dwarves around and tells them what...
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It's been ages since I wrote this 文章 last time, I've only written this 文章 once so this is my 2nd article, hope you'll like this 文章 :)

Snow White - link

If 你 change some of the lyrics this one totally 《金装律师》 Snow White, she knew that her stepmother was dangerous, but despite that she took a bite of the poisned 苹果 that her stepmother (who at that point was in a disguise) had offered her

Cinderella - link

This song 《金装律师》 most of the princesses, but I think it 《金装律师》 灰姑娘 best, after she danced with Charming she didn't have time to tell him how much she loved him,...
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Bonjour! I'm kinda new to fanpop, and I am a massive 粉丝 of Disney, but 阅读 some of these 文章 that downgrade the amazing 迪士尼 Princesses is just sad. Sad.
While some of the points may be correct, I think they need someone to stand up for them sometimes. And that person will be me.

Snow White -

She's the one who started it all. For those of 你 who don't know, her movie came out in 1937. So sure, it's a little outdated. But that's because it was made like seventy-seven years ago. So it's not advanced stuff. Get over it.
On Snow White herself, most people seem to complain that she's either...
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 Team Aurora's 图标 made 由 BraBrief
Team Aurora's icon made by BraBrief
Heyoo! Team Aurora is back to give 你 all our 最喜爱的 princesses! Credits go to BraBrief for all the amazing pictures <3 Members of Team Aurora include: dclairmont, AudreyFreak, BraBrief, and rhythmicmagic. I hope 你 enjoy 阅读 this! (btw, a member 或者 two seemed to overlook the one to two sentences part of this *cough* rhythmicmagic *cough* AudreyFreak, heck, me too, so excuse us if this is rather long XD)

13. Belle

rhythmicmagic: I think Belle is a really round character and don't think she's a Mary Sue like most people. She's open-minded about the Beast. She's kind to the Beast...
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I just finished watching Pocahontas 2 and I really wanted to write an 文章 about what I feel for this sequel. If 你 haven't seen the movie, don't read this article, it contains spoilers. Also, I'm very sorry for not putting images, but I don't have the time.

To begin with, I find that movie really good. Of course 你 can't compare it with Pocahontas 1, but how many sequels are actually better than the original movie? It's not only the animation/ plot/ characters that are much better, but also the feeling of nostalgia 你 get. When I really like one movie, I will definitely feel weird when...
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One of the 文章 on my to do 列表 and I went with this one because I knew it wouldn't take me too long to make it. Anyway this is my personal opinion on the best 迪士尼 Princess 唱歌 voice and I have a feeling most will disagree with me but that's kind of something I'm used to.

 Peigi Barke
Peigi Barke
It turns out that Merida actually does sing in her movie, well sort of. Young Merida sings Noble Maiden Fair with her mother, which is a beautiful song. Now her voice is nice for a little kid but it can't compare to the other voices obviously. Also sorry to break it to 你 guys but we don't...
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posted by AudreyFreak
Anna's was difficult, so let me know if 你 think any were wrong. Overall, I think Anna would value a sense of romance/adventure but also fun and loyalty. I think she'd prefer princesses who are 更多 like her, but in the movie she seemed to want to be 更多 graceful (if 你 remember that funny part in FTFTIF) and of course, family is a huge priority to Anna.

Thanks a lot to all of 你 who gave me 列表 ideas for this (especially Silverrose for the descriptions). Also, huge thank 你 to the then-fanpoppers princesslullaby and co. for originally doing this idea and inspiring me. I don't agree with...
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posted by 324anna
Well, it seems like everyone has done such an 文章 after dimitri_'s excellent idea so here's mine:

1. What name would 你 change yours to?

Aurora. I 爱情 how it sounds and its meaning and also I'd 爱情 it if people were calling me Rory.

2. Which skills would 你 like to develop?

I would definitely want to have Pocahontas' ability of climbing on the trees, jumping off the rocks and doing everything she does during Just Around The Riverbend.

3. Who would 你 want for a parent?

I really 爱情 my parents, but if I had to choose, I'd like to have Mulan's parents, they adore her and...
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