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 灰姑娘 bids 你 to save
Cinderella bids you to save
There are several requirements one must fulfill in order to consider themselves 粉丝 of Disney. These may range from simply picking a 最喜爱的 movie 或者 song to creating a lake of tears whenever a commercial for Disneyworld comes on TV. But lately, in the past ten years, one 更多 requirement has popped up: One must memorize and pick a 最喜爱的 among the official line of princesses.
Ever since it began in the early 1990’s, the 迪士尼 Princess Lineup has been the most successful series of merchandise the 迪士尼 Company has produced. Walk into any Kroger 或者 Wal-Mart and before 你 know it, you...
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I held this same countdown not too long 以前 and I really wanted to chime in with my own opinion on the matter. I think all of the princesses 显示 at least some strength emotionally, so I decided I couldn't rank them! Anyways I hope 你 enjoy 阅读 this! Also, my definition of emotional strength might be different from your own. After 阅读 some of the descriptions in people's 列表 for the countdown I realized that not everyone has a similar definition. ((the princesses are in a totally 随意 order, sorry that this 文章 is such a mess...))

茉莉, 茉莉花

Jasmine's emotional strength is underrated....
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I will start 由 saying 《冰雪奇缘》 is a good quality film. The story is tight as a drum, the 动画片 is crisp as the snow and ice it centers around, the characters serve their purpose well, and the 音乐 is perfect for the characters and story it's meant to showcase. I can see where it would draw such a large audience, and I can see why so many people would say words to the effect of "This is the best 迪士尼 movie" 或者 "Best 迪士尼 movie since The Lion King."

Unfortunately, like the Lion King before it, I think this film is... a tad over-rated. It's not bad, 或者 undeserving of praise, but I don't...
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posted by Queenofpink
I don't think any of the Princesses are ugly 或者 unattractive at all first of all. I think they are all beautiful in their own special way and I decided to write an 文章 with my placements of them. I will start with last and 移动 up to first. This is not based on my 收藏夹 but merely on who I believe is prettiest. I also plan to include Anna and Elsa because I've seen enough pictures of them to place them as well. So here goes.
13. Merida- I 爱情 her curly, long, thick red hair. It reminds me somewhat of my own, with mine being not quite so wild, but the color and curl is very similar....
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嘿 guys it's me again and I have to say that this girl can be a handful. She ran off to the cottage to meet her "Dream prince" so I had to run off after her to make sure she doesn't get hurt, let's face it this girl can't handle herself she's a fragial as a flower. I can't wait to get her out of my hair, but until than I can't let anything harm one golden hair on her pretty little head. So anyway when I finally found her I she was the the cottage so I had to grab her and have us fide behind a tree.

"What are 你 crazy" I asked

"What are 你 doing here" asked Aurora

"To make sure 你 don't get...
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So, I don't know how many people will actually be interested in 阅读 my 列表 of favourite princesses, but I decided to make one anyway so too bad. :P One of the main reasons I made this is so I can have a structured 列表 as to who my favourites are, as the only thing I seem to know in my 列表 is who is first. So, let the countdown begin!

9. Aurora

I don't know what it is about her, I've just never really liked her. Sure, she's beautiful, but that's about all I can say in favour of her. She's hardly even in her own movie and her voice just really bothers me. Never been a big 粉丝 of Aurora...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    The loud sound of a tooting horn awakened Aurora from her sleep. She was wondering where she was…she just remembered, she was with the other princesses. However, she was taken away 由 Gaston, and now she had no idea where she was. She rubbed her eyes and realized though, that she was in a dim area in a small enclosed space.
    She stood up and stated, “Oh no, where am I?”
    “So, you’ve woken up,” a voice stated weakly.
    Aurora twisted a bit and stated, “Gaston, stop it! Let me go!”
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I made this same 文章 a couple of months ago, but my opinions have changed a lot since then, so I thought I'd update it! So yeah, hope 你 enjoy!!! :) WARNING: THIS 文章 WILL BE HUGE.

Snow White

9 Months Ago: 5th

9 Months ago, I loved Snow, but thought that there wasn't much to her besides being happy go lucky all the time. This is literally a quote from my article, "Andddd......that's about it, she's happy..."

7 Months Ago: 8th

THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH ME. This was before Anna/Elsa were princesses, so she was in the bottom four. That is just so crazy to me. Again, I thought she was a...
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posted by hajirah4
 She's so pretty in this picture,no?
She's so pretty in this picture,no?
Yes...the usual. Our beloved Snow White. Let's get this on with everyone!!! I mean...please?

Ah, Snow White's hair and lips are totally cute but the skin?...well....her skin is as white as Michael Jackson's

Yes his, teeth. I mean if Michael Jackson ever smiled 你 know what I would do?
"Oh Michael 显示 us your smile!!"
"Okay... -smiles-"
me- *keeps morphing his mouth so it can close*
back to Snow White. Her skin is way too white. I don't know if the animators didn't have the...
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When I was faced with the decision of what to play during my wedding, it was easy- 迪士尼 爱情 songs. I wanted to incorporate 迪士尼 into my wedding (which is in December), but not have it be in-your-face 或者 cheesy, so that was my decision. (I'm also having a glass slipper as a cake topper.) :) So while planning my list, I realized that I have very specific 收藏夹 when it comes to DP 爱情 songs, so I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!

10) A Whole New World

Man, does this song get on my nerves. I’m sure it was groundbreaking when 阿拉丁 was released, but this song is so cliché...
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    The 筏 that Princess 豌豆 and Conrad built seemed sturdy, secure, and safe. But as many people often need to learn on 更多 than one occasion, looks can be very deceiving. As they sailed through the bayou and reached the open sea, Conrad and 豌豆 got to talking.
    "Conrad, there's something I have to tell you," 豌豆 summoned all of her courage.
    "What is it?" asked Conrad, his voice tender and sweet. 豌豆 melted everytime she heard it. Although she would never tell him this.
    "That bitchy princess your father...
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A knock sounded. "Princess Elsa? It will be time for your coronation in an hour. Please get ready and come down to the chapel."

Elsa acknowledged the servant with a sharp "Yes." And walked up to her mirror. She gazed into it and saw her reflection. Eleven years had passed since she had been visited from the stranger and gotten her powers. Eleven years since she had first found her sister annoying. Eleven years since she had first gone into isolation.

 She gazed into it and saw her reflection.
She gazed into it and saw her reflection.

Their parents having died just three years ago, Elsa found Anna at her door 更多 often than before....
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Since it isn't so much left until 圣诞节 I decided to write a few 文章 here on that theme, not sure how many I'll do, but here's the first one. 你 may not remember this song, but link in case 你 haven't heard the song. Anyway originally the song had the 6 first 迪士尼 Princesses 唱歌 the song, but I decided to redo the song a bit 由 adding 6 new princesses and their parts has new lyrics. I decided to exclude Merida, so the new parts will be dedicated to Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. I'll write on each part which princess that has that part, anyway hope you'll...
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Welcome to me ranking Fanpop's most heroic 迪士尼 Princesses in my opinion!

I also want to say, this is the first time in a while that I have written a DP 文章 since I have taken a break from 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and I have been so busy. I have been on this site for two years and I am so happy to be back on here 写作 a new DP article!

When ranking them 由 how heroic they are, it was hard, because not all of them saved their country 或者 prevented a war, but there are different forms of heroism. Even helping other people with their emotions 或者 problems can be heroism. Working hard to achieve your goals...
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Before 你 read the lyrics, 你 should know that I'm doing this from the male perspective because I myself am a guy. Also, originally I had lyrics from Demi Lovato's version but I decided to 编辑 those out and some parts that are a little wordy. Help with the wordy lyrics was done 由 kristenfan10109. I hope 你 enjoy it!

The moon glows bright on the ocean tonight
Not a footprint in the sand
A whole world of isolation,
And it looks like I'm the king.

The waves are calm unlike this emotional storm inside
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried!

Don't let them in, don't let them see
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嘿 guys just leave the matter ur drawing 或者 my drawing tih is all just my fault i just pick only two of them pics from internet but i wanna say that i usally make drawings not anna she is a little girl to make her happy i uploaded them and write her name but all are made 由 me the wrong ones i will 删除 from my club please come to my club name my art my creation and u will see the real ones and bella and anna 414 and others leve this matter come to my club be a part of it and 上传 ur drawings make the club beautiful i am just doing it becuz ariel rapunzal my friend say to me that amnakhan44,...
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 Winner! Can 你 Paint With all The 颜色 of the wind?"
Winner! Can you Paint With all The Colors of the wind?"
Yes I know its July and I'm doing the april winner, but anyway: WELCOME TO IOTM April!!!!

The Winner iiiissss....
fanlovver! With her 图标 "Can 你 Paint With All The 颜色 of The Wind?"
2nd Place: euny "Jasmine"
3rd Place: popcorfan "Distance"

And Here is the interview with the winner, fanlovver!

~ About 你 ~

When did 你 join?

December 2013. But it feels like longer! I wasn't so active in the start :3

Why did 你 join?

This is the club I'm most active in, and that is because I am a crazy 迪士尼 fan. When my whole 迪士尼 mania started I became obsessed with pictures. And many of them came from...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
kk, so almost all the redesigns are blehhh, but I felt like talking about them, so yeh. btw, I didn't include Merida bc she wasn't redesigned when everyone else was originally redesigned, and no Anna 或者 Elsa for obvi reasons.

10. Rapunzel

Okay, so I 爱情 Rapunzel's beauty in her film, and that's one of the main reasons I am so harsh on her redesign.. It's freaking terrible like.. x__x Her eyes are all trippy, not to mention her face shape. NO ONE'S MOUTH IS THAT LONG, LET ALONE RAPUNZEL. As for the outfit, it definitely is waaay too sparklified, like most of the redesigns.

. Pocahontas

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I 说 I was going to make an 文章 on my most elegant princes, and it's finally here! I think elegance is a very attractive and desirable trait in a man, so this is something I was looking 前锋, 期待 to. This was pretty difficult to make considering that we don't see much of them. Keep in mind that I rank the princes based on their appearance, how they carry themselves, and my first impression on them, not just their personality
Well I'm finally done with all this elegant talk and thanks to everyone that helped me with these elegant articles! I'm not planning on doing a villain one. Anyway...
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