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One of the 文章 on my to do 列表 and I went with this one because I knew it wouldn't take me too long to make it. Anyway this is my personal opinion on the best 迪士尼 Princess 唱歌 voice and I have a feeling most will disagree with me but that's kind of something I'm used to.

 Peigi Barke
Peigi Barke
It turns out that Merida actually does sing in her movie, well sort of. Young Merida sings Noble Maiden Fair with her mother, which is a beautiful song. Now her voice is nice for a little kid but it can't compare to the other voices obviously. Also sorry to break it to 你 guys but we don't...
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posted by AudreyFreak
Anna's was difficult, so let me know if 你 think any were wrong. Overall, I think Anna would value a sense of romance/adventure but also fun and loyalty. I think she'd prefer princesses who are 更多 like her, but in the movie she seemed to want to be 更多 graceful (if 你 remember that funny part in FTFTIF) and of course, family is a huge priority to Anna.

Thanks a lot to all of 你 who gave me 列表 ideas for this (especially Silverrose for the descriptions). Also, huge thank 你 to the then-fanpoppers princesslullaby and co. for originally doing this idea and inspiring me. I don't agree with...
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posted by 324anna
Well, it seems like everyone has done such an 文章 after dimitri_'s excellent idea so here's mine:

1. What name would 你 change yours to?

Aurora. I 爱情 how it sounds and its meaning and also I'd 爱情 it if people were calling me Rory.

2. Which skills would 你 like to develop?

I would definitely want to have Pocahontas' ability of climbing on the trees, jumping off the rocks and doing everything she does during Just Around The Riverbend.

3. Who would 你 want for a parent?

I really 爱情 my parents, but if I had to choose, I'd like to have Mulan's parents, they adore her and...
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posted by dclairmont
 图标 由 BraBrief
Icon by BraBrief
Team Aurora may have had a late start, not even having enough members to originally create a team, but we've risen from the ashes, and are now here to take over the world (mwahahhahah) Well, I hope 你 enjoy 阅读 this :D

Leader of Team Aurora: me (dclairmont)
Other Members:


Aurora fascinates me as a character, because while we see a lot of her personality, a lot is open to interpretation. She's pretty much everything I 爱情 in a female character: responsible, feminine, imaginative, a bit sassy, perceptive, not rebellious, proper but a bit free-spirited...
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It's been about two months since I wrote one of these articles, but seeing as only two spots have remained the same, I thought it would be a good time to update it! Well, I hope 你 guys enjoy 阅读 :)

13. Ariel
Previously: 12

Ariel is a great princess, no doubt, but when I think about it, nothing about her entices me. I can't really 列表 a single thing I 爱情 about her. She's cute, yes, she's passionate, yes, she's adventurous and driven, yes, but I don't really care about those qualities. I suppose her naivety to the human world is endearing, but her irresponsible, rash, forgetful, reckless...
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The BRAVERY of 灰姑娘 going to the BALL

1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to 灰姑娘 up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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 Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where 你 belong!
Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where you belong!
Since I'm a 粉丝 of the Harry Potter book series, I've decided to do a series of 文章 interpreting 迪士尼 characters into the Hogwarts Houses. I'll be doing all the princesses and princes, and maybe some side characters and villains. This article'll just be the Renaissance Princesses, since the descriptions are going to be pretty lengthy and I doubt 你 guys could handle 阅读 another of my super long articles. If 你 don't like Harry Potter 你 might be a bit confused, but if 你 have basic knowledge of the houses you'll be fine. Oh, and all of this is just my opinion.

Also, just for reference,...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
To start Mary-Sue is thrown around not only on the 迪士尼 Princess club, but almost everywhere whenever it comes down to the 迪士尼 Princesses. The correct definition to Mary-Sue is a perfect female character who doesn't try to be perfect, but naturally is. Like a Renaissance Man, yet doesn't fail at least while trying.
Some have been saying Classics, 或者 Walt Disney's princesses, Belle and Rapunzel are Mary-Sues, plus more. I very much disagree.

The most common areas to be considered Mary-Sues are:
Snow White
Ariel (on the occasion)

There are so many reasons they...
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posted by awkwardanna
Do 你 look in the mirror and wish for a different body, different air, a different face?

Do 你 feel hurt, 或者 angry, 或者 unloved?

Do 你 wistfully imagine being someone else?

If 你 do, and I need to remind myself this quite a lot, I need 你 to know: 你 are a princess.

No matter what you've done, what you're doing and what 你 are going to do, no matter your height, weight, ethnicity, whether your teeth are crooked 或者 straight, whether 你 have perfect vision of imperfect vision, whether 你 are the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth 或者 not: 你 are beautiful, and 你 are a princess....
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posted by Silverrose1991
Almost everyone knows that 灰姑娘 is my 最喜爱的 princess. I've 给 my reasons for loving her many times before, but in this 文章 I'll give a 更多 detailled insight in why.

Cinderella is dreamy. I believe everybody, at some point of their lives, had a dream. A life without dreams is a sad one. Dreams brighten our 日 and give us something to believe in if life is suddenly unfair and cruel.

I admire 灰姑娘 so much for believing in her dreams that words cannot describe it.

Cinderella is strong. Many "feminists" (I'm talking about the ones whose 查看 I don't agree with)...
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Originally, this 文章 was supposed to be a full countdown. However I couldn't decide any of the placings. Instead, I give 你 a 最佳, 返回页首 three smartest princesses article.

Side note: When I mean smart, I'm talking about how much knowledge they have and how logical their thinking is.

3. Elsa

I guess this might surprise people, but it seems perfectly logical to me. Elsa has a lot of knowledge (as revealed in "A Sister 更多 Like Me"). She spent hours a 日 studying while she was inside her bedroom. Also, she's 21. That means she must have at least a 大学 level understanding of pretty much all...
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Yes, I’m back with another public poll. This time: the Kindest 迪士尼 Princess. This 列表 is a combination of votes, comments, and my own opinion (as I didn’t really get enough 得票数 for a clear ranking).

13. Merida
I’m usually the person defending Merida, honestly I am. I HATE it when people call her spoiled and an unworthy 迪士尼 princess. However, while she is not a brat, she’s not exactly the kindest girl ever. She’s harsh about her suitors, she says some unforgivable things to her mum and she often does things that could be described as selfish. No matter how much I 爱情 her,...
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As 你 can probably tell from the title, this is a collab article! As 你 can also probably tell from the title, this is a collab 文章 between disneygirl7 and princecatcher93. Me and princecatcher93 have written a collab 文章 on our favourite couples. I did my pictures and princecatcher93 made her own pictures. Please remember that this is our own opinions, so it's absolutely fine to disagree, as long as 你 don't be rude. Warning: We did include Anna and Kristoff, so there could be possible spoilers. (Depends how much 你 know 或者 whether 或者 not 你 have seen the movie.) Enjoy! :)


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posted by dclairmont
 Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most relateable of them all?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most relateable of them all?
So I did a 民意调查 to see who the most relatable princesses and these are the results. Some results are pretty surprising, but for the most it's expected. Let's get started!

11. Snow White

This round was pretty close between Snow and Ariel, but in the end, Snow was out. It didn't really surprise me to see Snow here, 粉丝 说 that she was too cheery and optimistic. Other 粉丝 说 that they are not waiting for their prince to come, and can't relate to Snow at all.

She is just completely unrelatable. I feel like she is too unrealistic and 幻想 like and I just can't relate to her. I am very optimistic,...
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posted by daylightdream07
 My user 图标 (at the moment). I think this is the most beautiful princess 城堡 迪士尼 has created.
My user icon (at the moment). I think this is the most beautiful princess castle Disney has created.
嘿 guys! So I’ve been here since the beginning of summer, and I figured it was time to make one of these since I’ve seen so many of my new 老友记 make them, too! I haven’t really opened up to anyone about who I am and what I like, so I thought this would be a good place to start! :)

My name is Brooke and I’m 18 years old. I live in southern Delaware with my parents, my two older sisters, and my younger brother. However, I’m going to be moving to college in a couple days, so that’s going to change soon!

I originally came to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 when I was researching 迪士尼 history for a fun...
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posted by bluethunder25
Princess Aurora, 金牌 of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose, and a personality that shames us all.

Now Aurora is not completely bad. She's got a nice voice, she's pretty, everyone remembers her song, "Once Upon a Dream," and of course, the iconic scene of her sleeping in 床, 床上 (don't get the wrong idea). But man!!! This chick is as bland as I don't know what!!

As far as 迪士尼 Princesses go, Aurora is probably the least 流行的 of them and it's kinda plain to see why.

Let's look at it for a minute.

1. Aurora doesn't really do anything besides walk around, look pretty, sing, and...
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I wrote this 文章 based in 迪士尼 Wiki's trivia.

Snow White: Snow Whites's name means white as snow and she lives in the bavarian Germany, as Rapunzel.
Cinderella: 灰姑娘 is derived from the French word Cendrillon, which translates in English as "little ash girl".She lives in French.
Aurora: Aurora means "sunrise" 或者 "dawn" in Latin. Probably she lives in Germany .
Ariel: Ariel means "lion of God" in Roman and she lives in Denkmark.
Belle: Belle means beauty in french and she lives in France.
Jasmine: "Jasmine" is a Persian name for a beautiful 花 and she lives in middle east (a town called...
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你 know I hate when people say that classic princesses are not good role 模特 and all these, 你 have never see a person who like cooking and cleaning, cause I like that, and stop judje them, 你 judje them and compare them with things that exist only in the 21th century and with a negative point of view, a selfish point of view, 你 see the critics about them who are very negative, cause that's their work to find negative things, even when they doesn't exist, 你 say they are only cooking and cleaning and waiting for a prince to come, 你 know they don't live in the 21th century! In those...
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posted by GreatLance_30
Hi! Here is another 文章 for Belle, I wrote this because I want to be clear in my opinion for her! Belle is my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess and I really 爱情 her! 你 wanna know why? Read the following qualities that made her my favorite...

1. Looks
I always put looks for the princesses, because I believe that a person's outside look affects much on impressions. So, not being biased but she is my prettiest 迪士尼 Princess. Some people 说 she is plain, that she is only pretty in few shots, well I disagree. Belle is gorgeous! Her hazel eyes are so tantalizing, her hair is brilliant, her nose is...
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posted by Jayden-G
I held a countdown if who would Snow White liked the most, and to e honest, the results were not suprising at all. Here are the results and what people had to say. This countdown was held before Merida was official, so she is not on here.

9. 茉莉, 茉莉花

This was definitely the most obvious choice for Snow White's least favourite princess. They are opposite in almost every single way; Snow is innocent, 茉莉, 茉莉花 is not. Snow is calm and reserved, while 茉莉, 茉莉花 is loud and aggressive. Snow White would not like 或者 understand Jasmine's harsh and flirty behaviour, while 茉莉, 茉莉花 would be annoyed by...
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