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Today was the happiest 日 of my life, not only did my handsome prince wake me up and I'm heading to my 城堡 but for the first time in my life I am safe. Even the dwarfs house I still was scared from my own step mother could be there. I had heard that she had died from killing me and that I was to take over.

As we walked 由 prince Ferdinand 说 " 你 are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I 爱情 你 so much I would fight and die for you, 你 complete my heart. That wicked 皇后乐队 stopped us from being together longer. So it would be an honour Snow White if 你 would marry me." The prince...
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Woooow guys it's been like a 年 since I 发布 an 文章 on here 或者 was even active at all. But we really wanted to do this again because we had so much fun link

I'm doing this with four different users (one of which isn't even here anymore but she’s amazing so {< she added that}): _CatWoman_, Hajirah4, Sk8er__grl, and misscindyspice. This is the average of our 电影院 rankings (including Moana, I know it hasn't been officially added yet, but still).

Enjoy! Keep in mind that we're a little bit crazy. It was the middle of the night and I had a ton of ice cream, come on.

Also this can be...
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Early, early, early the 下一个 morning, Pocahontas got up and went to Grandmother Willow for the pondering thought about having 更多 children. On the way, she tried to remember Mulan's words, but it was hard for her. Not that she didn't trust Mulan, she needed to see someone who REALLY related to her. As she got out of her little boat, she couldn't help but feel nervous. She climbed the 树 while trying to calm herself down. She sat on the stump and closed her eyes. After afew minutes, Grandmother Willow's face appeared.

"What brings 你 here, child?" the oak 树 asked. "John wants to have more...
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posted by disnerdtobe
I basically got this idea from anukriti and maidoforleans but never got around to 写作 this until now.

Not at All Relatable
These are the princesses that I don’t relate to and don’t identify 或者 find myself in them at all. They are also the ones whom I consider the best role 模特 (except for Tiana), because they have traits that I don’t.


She’s an amazing role model. Yeah, she likes 阅读 and adventures, but that doesn’t make her relatable to me. She’s too much of a perfection to be relatable. Speaking of which, I’m not convinced Belle’s actually that adventurous....
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posted by deedragongirl
Hi guys, I had recently watch a video about the enchantress. I actually notice that these 2 characters have a number of similarities with each other.


In the 2015 live-action reboot, Cinderella's kindness actually prove to the fairy godmother 由 rewarding. Ella is considered an outcast with her stepmother and stepsister, and she also share some similarities with Belle considering that the latter originally was going to have 2 sisters who are bullies too in the movie! Secondly, the magic spell will only work till midnight, thus setting a time for Cinderella.

The Beast

Since he...
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 1. Normal Outfit
1. Normal Outfit
Yes I know she is not a 迪士尼 princess, but because of 评论 from 前一个 文章 I have created, I have decided to do some 迪士尼 heroines as well. These women will come in no particular order so 你 won't know who it will be till its actually published. Today my first Herorine will be Esmerellda the gypsy from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

1. Normal outfit

This is what she wears for most of the film. She wears a white top, a 水鸭, 蓝绿色, 深青色 and 金牌 bodice, a purple 短裙, 裙子 and purple head band with large circular golden earrings. It makes her the pretty woman that she is. I like the jewellery just as...
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~PART ONE~The girls I respect
~PART TWO~The girls I love

The final two on my 列表 consist of the girls I adore because they represent qualities of what I want to have. They are my 最喜爱的 but they have flaws that I can't stand of them. What's funny about these two is that while one, has always been my favorite, the other was once my least favorite. For a while, I couldn't decide how to rank them. Who to put first. Who to put second. Then I realized I didn't have to rank these two. They are tied because I 爱情 them both that much.
I did something a little different with this part. I love...
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 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
1 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'

Sometimes it's the little details, like lady Lumiere in the background and dude!Belle's glasses in his pocket.

2 Cruella de Vil - '101 Dalmatians'

And sometimes it's just being uncomfortably attracted to one of the most evil people in the 迪士尼 lexicon.

3 Elsa - 'Frozen'

There would be no eternal winter with this smoking hot King on the Thorne.

4 Esmeralda - 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Did God help the outcasts get ripped? Because dayum.

5. Hades - 'Hercules'

This makeover makes her derisive 'He's a man!' line even better.

6 Sophie and Howl - 'Howl's Moving...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
嘿 everybody! This is the third 文章 in my series of countdowns, and I really enjoyed this one. I like every single outfit in this countdown, so it was a lot of fun for me.

Previous Articles

5. Mulan's green, black, and brown armor

I was so sad that this was the first outfit to be eliminated. I think 花木兰 looks so badass in it! However, I can see why users didn't like it since it is an outfit that was made to be functional, not fashionable.

this is not supposed to flatter Mulan, but still a very boring dress if were to wear separately. ~anukriti2409
Well it's a man's armor so...it...
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 Winner: “Breaking Free” made 由 snsdlover4ever
Winner: “Breaking Free” made by snsdlover4ever
Before I begin I would like to make a public apology to all my fellow DP fans. It has been a difficult 年 for me, and I haven’t been doing very well with keeping up with my 图标 contests, especially this one. Thus, only about half of the months were finished. I am very sorry, and I have made some adjustments that should help me do a better job of staying accountable. Thank 你 for understanding.
Now, with that aside, I am pleased and honored to announce the 图标 that 你 fellow DP 粉丝 voted, out of countless entries, the best 图标 of 2014!

* Drum Roll *

“Breaking Free” made 由 snsdlover4ever!!...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
This is part two of my 文章 series, and we're moving onto Belle, who is ranked twelve in my 收藏夹 list.

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

The first time I watched "Beauty and the Beast" was a loooong time ago. My mother loved, and still loves, that movie, along with my sister. Naturally, they made me watch it over.. and over.. and over. No matter what though, I never got a real opinion of Belle. She was just kind of there. At all my costume parties, and such, my mom and older sister always tried me to dress up in Belle attire for Halloween, but I left that for all the other girls....
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posted by Annabethandco
Authors note: As some of 你 may know, I have recently rejoined 潮流粉丝俱乐部 after a long absence. Before I left, I wrote the first two parts of this story. 你 do not have to read them to understand the rest of the story but it might help :). I was a bit unsure whether to continue 写作 so if 你 could all tell me what 你 think I would be very grateful.
Part 1 - link
Part 2 - link

Merida - Chapter 6

With nothing 更多 than a simple glance, Merida could tell the pale blond girl was from somewhere else. While most people were wearing simple black cloths with no torcs 或者 necklaces, the stranger wore...
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Hello peasants, I just came back from Hiatuslandia... I'll have 你 know they took forever to contact me... they owed me a penny! I feel pissed. So Hopper thought about and I was all like good idea Hopper! I'm making my first list... yay! I'm rushing it because I can.

13. Belle

I hate her a lot... well honestly I just don't like her. She seems too plain. She likes 幻想 books. Belle does win with looks, I like her hair... that's it.


She is so ungrateful! At least Merida didn't live with cannibals! She pisses me off and I think of as a giant idiot... points for looks, hair, and voice,...
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posted by HaileyBlack
To start off, my name is Hailey Black. I just joined the 论坛 and hope to become 老友记 with some of the other DP 粉丝 out there. I'm not a very good writer (awful actually). I just really wanted to talk about how I got back into 迪士尼 movies. Hopefully 你 can 熊 with me!

Okay, so I stopped watching 迪士尼 电影院 somewhere around the time I turned twelve. I had been very much into the princesses and all the 电影院 up until then. Around this time, I sort of sank into a depression. I stopped making friends, started wearing black, and I got into horror movies. Lots of horror movies. I really...
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posted by Shiki_Otherside
I decided to make this kind of brief because I know there is going to be a lot going on with the Oscars tonight, with 《冰雪奇缘》 being nominated so I thought I would just do this quick. Here is a 列表 of 10 facts about me, in which after reading, I hope 你 will know me better :) .

1) My name is Laura. I didn't have this on my account when I first started it because I didn't think I would make so many connections in this club, and only joined for the polls.

2) I go to a small 女贞, privet, 普里怀特街 school and I have two best friends. Both girls can be kind of snobby, but they understand me really well.

3) My two...
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 Oh it's been so long
Oh it's been so long
Sup! Some of y'all may not even know who I am and some of Y'all may remember me (I was a jerk and I want to say I'm sorry and I want to fix any relationships and try to become friends). But I'm princecatcher93 或者 Linnea. It's been about a few years since I was last here and last time I was here, Moana wasn't out yet (God it has been so long) so I have an updated ranking 列表 (do people still do these?!?). I don't remember my old order but who cares! This is all personal so my reasons may seem strange to 你 but I'm a strange person.

14) Anna
 I'm Giving 你 One Last Movie to Impress Me Again
I'm Giving 你 One Last Movie to Impress Me Again...
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 My issues with these two aside, they do have pretty cool designs
My issues with these two aside, they do have pretty cool designs
I already shared some of these grievances in a 墙 post so the adrenaline is down but at least now I can somewhat organize my thoughts. In some ways this kind of a part two to my first rant.

Now, if 你 ask me the golden age of the 迪士尼 Princess lineup was that sweet spot when it was 10 princesses, I mean it was the first eight characters and films that most of us knew and loved, and grew up with, plus the two who kinda pretty much revived (no pun intended) the franchise and they fitted in quite nicely.

We even had a really cool website where the princesses talked to you, 你 could dress each...
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 I Know Why the Princess Sings
I Know Why the Princess Sings
Just as 灰姑娘 graciously bids good morning with such romantic fervor, Snow White sends well wishes that are not unlike the dreams of 爱情 and hope Aurora has sung of before. While Belle muses of the great wide beyond her poor provincial place and 茉莉, 茉莉花 bemoans her gilded palace cage, the restless twain are armed with the familiar faith Tiana holds to as she prays her labors and pains will 熊 水果 someday. Facing profound confliction, 花木兰 ponders upon her contrasting reflection just as Pocahontas meditates on which path is true to imitate. Sure as light, Elena's valor takes flight...
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 迪士尼 has 着魔 us for decades with its beautiful, 唱歌 heroines.
Disney has enchanted us for decades with its beautiful, singing heroines.
As many of us know, Disney Princesses are not always viewed in a positive light. Some people believe them to be passive, codependent damsels in distress. But is this really true? 或者 does each Princess offer a kind of strength in her own way? Here, I have carefully ranked the princesses in terms of being good role 模特 for young girls. We'll start at the bottom of the 列表 so we can work our way towards, in my opinion, 迪士尼 Princess' best role model. I have spoken to plenty of parents to make sure that I have diverse research and opinions.

9. Aurora

The third 迪士尼 princess to ever...
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Okay I'm trying to make a complete 列表 of all 迪士尼 Princesses. To make this 列表 the 迪士尼 girl must be either born royalty 或者 she marries royalty. (So while 花木兰 is awesome, she doesn't make the cut) This is to include all princesses not just leading ladies.
If 你 see one is not on the 列表 please comment.

Born Royalty
-Adella (King Triton's Daughter)
-Alana (King Triton's Daughter)
-Andrina (King Triton's Daughter)
-Aquata (King Triton's Daughter)
-Arista (King Triton's Daughter)
-Atta (A Bug's Life)
-Attina (King Triton's Daughter)
-Dot (A Bug's Life)
-Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron...
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