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posted by AnotherHepburn
Alright this is 更多 of a rant than anything because "Enchanted" is one of my 最喜爱的 电影院 and I cannot believe she isn't in the line up 或者 is thought of as a 迪士尼 Princess. And I know the movie is making fun of the stereotypical princess when she meets the real world but there are so many allusions to the movie, especially The Little Mermaid in a lot of them. BUT ANYWHO let's get started.
The usual reason 迪士尼 deems a character a 迪士尼 Princess is usually because they are the heroine of the movie and have a few musical numbers where 说 heroine sings in. They also are very beautiful...
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 Eleven beautiful princesses...
Eleven beautiful princesses...
I've done hair and face lists for the princesses so far, but that's only physical qualities from the neck up. So this time I'll tackle the princesses bodies, everything from the neck down. After all, isn't that where all the good stuff is? 由 'good stuff' I mean the heart, of course.

11. Snow White
Sorry, Snow, I know you're at the bottom of all my lists, but Walt himself 说 they were still learning when they made Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, anyway. One good thing about Snow White's body is that she looks her age. Snow is supposed to be fourteen, and she looks fourteen. That's a good...
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posted by dimitri_
 I 爱情 them <3
I love them <3
I saw KataraLover and sweetie-94 doing these kinds of 文章 so I decided to do this too but with 花木兰 and Pocahontas.

They are both confused and 搜索 for spiritual guidance. Neither are very... optimistic. They have 更多 in common than that but I will explain it all reviewing the aspects.

Since Pocahontas follows her intuition and wanted to choose her own path, 花木兰 is much 更多 obedient than Pocahontas. Pocahontas isn't into serious guys and Mulan, well... just look at Shang. 花木兰 is literally a fighter and Pocahontas is against. 花木兰 助力车, 摩托车, 轻便摩托车 around a lot in the...
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 The receiver
The receiver
I know this is kinda a weird countdown, but here ya go.

10. The Prince
I don't see him giving any wedgies at all. If anything, I think he'd be the one receiving them from everyone else.

9. Prince Charming
Just like with the Prince, I don't see Charming giving any wedgies. He might give the occasional wedgie, but only to the Prince.

8. Prince Phillip
This guy would give so many wedgies to the other two classic princes that it's not funny.

7. Shang
He doesn't always give wedgies, but when he does, 你 better believe that it'll being excruciatingly painful.

6. Adam/Beast
Beginning-of-the-movie Beast...
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I've seen many of these 文章 on here, not many of them are that 最近的 though. Hardly any include the CGI princesses 或者 Tiana in extreme cases. Not offence intended
So I decided to do a slightly 更多 up to 日期 countdown. Hope 你 enjoy it! :)
IMPORTANT NOTE - This is an opinion article. if 你 do not agree with any of my choices that's fine but there's no need to make harsh comments.

Due to the 最近的 'Merida Princess Makeover Scandal' I am only judging the girls on how they look in the movie, not in the merchandise.

20. Merida

 Super brave, not super beautiful...
Super brave, not super beautiful...

She may be brave,...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The Hero
The Hero
Alright it's Mulan's turn. She's my 最喜爱的 princess so this should be fun.

Let's start off 由 addressing Mulan's inclusion into the lineup. She's the only princess who's not royalty in anyway, she does not marry prince nor is she born into royalty. Some people are glad to see 花木兰 included. Others have a real problem with it. Now to all 你 nitpicky bastards out there, here are the reasons why 花木兰 was added. 1.She fits criteria (singing, animal friends). 2.Her movie was moderately successful. 3.She's closest thing Disney's got to an Asian princess. 4.She's a great role model for young...
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posted by JNTA1234
 Who is the girliest of them all?
Who is the girliest of them all?
Some people 辩论 over this but here's my opinion. 由 the way I think all the princesses are feminine, if they weren't they wouldn't be added to the lineup.

1.Tomboy/10.Girly Girl-Pocahontas
In my opinion, she's the most tomboyish. She's the only princess I'd describe as masculine. She climbs trees, she jumps off cliffs and she's very athletic. Pocahontas' playful and mischievious in a boyish way. She prefers to go off playing in the woods rather doing her people's equivalent of housework. The thing is, when Pocahontas does these tomboyish things, she's doing them 由 choice. All the rough stuff...
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Last but not least, Rapunzel. Finally, I'm done. A honourable mention for Taylor Swift. People say she should play 灰姑娘 but I say Rapunzel.

5.Kaley Cuoco
She looks like an older version of Rapunzel, at least in terms of facial features. Kaley can obviously do well with male co-stars and has that comedic edge to play the role.

4.Kristen Bell
A perfect example of an actress who did a great tv series but now does awful movies. Kristen is a very talent actress who can certainly bring life to Rapunzel.

3.Hayden Panettiere
An actress who seems to be eternally young. Hayden could...
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Okay, so here are the 女演员 for Belle, it was pretty easy. Let's get started. This is the first 列表 that doesn't have any "Teen Stars".

5.Leighton Meester
She probably looks the most like Belle out of all the actresses. The facial structure, the hair, everything is exact. So why is Leighton only #5? Well the 下一个 4 女演员 have to proven to be much 更多 talented and can do twice as good of a job.

4.Christy Carlson Romano
Some of 你 may not know her 或者 just don't remember her. She played Ren on Even Stevens, voiced Kim on Kim Possible. And she actually played Belle on broadway,...
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 Note that I had help with this 文章 (wikipedia and such), so I didn't do it alone!
Note that I had help with this article (wikipedia and such), so I didn't do it alone!
Author's note; I haven't done this for a while, but I'm gonna keep going with them. I am very excited to be 写作 this, because It's been SO fun researching! Oh, and BTW, if 你 want to read my 文章 BEFORE this one, the link is link The one before this one isn't as good as the others, but it's alright, I guess.
I think you'll enjoy this article, I hope 你 do. :)


She's the man: This movie was directed Andy Fickman and Stars Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, and Robert Hoffman. It starts off with a high school student named Viola who plays on...
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I haven't written an 文章 for a long time and since it's DP songs theme now I decided to write about my 最喜爱的 DP songs from each movie because I don't really have a 列表 of my favorites, but I hope that's okay. Anyways, enjoy and don't forget to comment!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

I 爱情 all of the songs in the movie and I've been having including the one I have now 3 favorites, before joining 潮流粉丝俱乐部 my 最喜爱的 was Someday My Prince Will Come, when I joined it was With a Smile and a Song and now it's Whistle While 你 Work. I 爱情 it because it makes me want to dance and it's...
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All right, here's the results of the Favourite Pocahontas Character Countdown! And also my first article, so take a look at the results and (hopefully) enjoy!

15. Ratcliffe
The bad guy of the movie proves to be the least favourite character of most fanpoppers too. Not surprising, considering he isn't one of the most powerful villains in 迪士尼 history. He's just greedy and doesn't understand the Indians. Nothing that makes 你 hide behind the 长椅, 沙发 with your hands over your eyes.

"I HATE people like him." - fhghu

"He gets on my nerves. Not the best villain either. He's too much of a sissy...
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Hi! I´m on 火, 消防 today! Hehe I´ve just finished writting my 最喜爱的 outfits 文章 and now I decided to write my 最喜爱的 hair article. Well maybe I call it being on 火, 消防 and some other 粉丝 call it a Wendsay afternoon but whatever. So as I am a little tired and I´m going out to celebrate (oh yeah, today it´s Mexico´s independence day, ¡Viva México!) I will make this 文章 a little shorter. Here it is, enjoy!

First of all I must say I´m not one of those Tiana´s hair haters but since I am judging hair I have to admit Tiana´s hair is very simple compared to the other princesses....
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 In my wildest dreams, 你 always play the hero. In my darkest 小时 of night, 你 rescue me, 你 save my life
In my wildest dreams, 你 always play the hero. In my darkest 小时 of night, 你 rescue me, 你 save my life

I originally wrote this 文章 a 年 ago, which was obviously before 魔发奇缘 was released. This countdown was much longer; I included 26 moments in this one, and only 9 in the last. I wanted to make sure ALL of the "romantic" moments were included!

26. Mulan: Would 你 Like To Stay For Dinner?
 爱情 at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a 秒 look. ~Author Unknown
Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a 秒 look. ~Author Unknown

As great as a movie as 花木兰 is, the only thing missing from it is romance...which is sort of a no-brainer...
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posted by is67
I don't understand why a lot of users on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 don't seem to like Cinderella. I think she is overlooked. People think she just sits around and does nothing but I think there is 更多 to her than that. I think she is a strong character tho not as strong as the newer heroines such as Belle & Jasmine. I 爱情 Cinderella's optimistic attitude & she works hard to get what she wants. I think she is smart. She is mature. She is kind. It amazes me that she still has a positive attitude after all those yrs of being abused 由 her step family. I wish I can be as positive as she was. I think 灰姑娘 is a stronger character than Snow White & Aurora. I think she is the strongest out of the classic heroines.
There are several rules to stealing another girl's man and Princess 豌豆 knew them all 由 heart. For example, 你 must remember that the end justifies the means...some people will need to get hurt for 你 to succeed. Another rule is that 你 have to be incredibly sneaky and manipulative 或者 你 could get caught in your own web of lies. And of course, Pea's favourite of the rules: never give up. On the other hand they were all her favourite rules...considering she'd invented them herself.
"Honestly Jasmine, you're a saint," 说 豌豆 casually the 下一个 morning, while she and 茉莉, 茉莉花 were sitting...
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posted by disney_prince
I haven’t made an 文章 in a long time, so when I was bored on a Sunday afternoon, raining bucket loads outside I thought I might as well do something. Basically this is an 文章 about my opinions about each princess’ dress sense in ranked order. Oh and I would like to mention Phantomrose89 whose last 文章 inspired me to make this.

So lets get started...

10. Rapunzel

I like the detail on Rapunzel's dress a lot. The 设计 on the 短裙, 裙子 and the trims are really pretty. I like that her modern girl persona contrasts against her old time fairy tale outfit, with the lattice front,...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
I'm sorry, I was really lazy so I photoshopped quickly and some not at all. Even I disagree on some of them. Well, let me know which celebrity 你 think could play a 迪士尼 princess!!!

Liv Tyler as Ariel
I think that Liv's face is fresh and she can rock the red lipstick and the hair.

Rachel Mcadams as Aurora
Rachel's lips and blonde hair reminded me of Aurora. They also both have the same body type.

Natalie Portman as Belle
I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's the feminine traits.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella
Scarlett's lips and eyes make me think of Cinderella.

Nicole Scherzinger...
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 迪士尼 Princesses
Disney Princesses
嘿 潮流粉丝俱乐部 fans!
It's me again with another 文章 about what we like most when we see couples, kisses. A 吻乐队(Kiss) is the most, lovely thing that 你 can share with the person that 你 love. And the 迪士尼 Princess can left behind. This 文章 is about the kisses that the 迪士尼 Princess share with their 爱情 ones. I know that there is 更多 kisses in their 电影院 that this 10, but this 文章 is about the main kisses- their only one kisses, 或者 their first kisses. I hope that 你 like it and I am sorry if I made mistakes in spelling and grammar. Enjoy it!

10. 花木兰 and Shang
 花木兰 and Shang
Mulan and Shang
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posted by sweetie-94
 Just a lovely 图标 of mine to start this 文章 with
Just a lovely icon of mine to start this article with
I've been explaining a lot of times why she's my 最喜爱的 princess, but I decided to write an 文章 where I try to explain as good as I can why I 爱情 her. Also I saw that other people wrote 文章 about why they 爱情 their 最喜爱的 princess/other DP Characters so I decided to do it too

 I'm not annoyed 由 her optimism, that's what I 爱情 about her
I'm not annoyed 由 her optimism, that's what I 爱情 about her

Okay first of all I of course 爱情 how optimistic she is, some people finds her too optimistic, but I don't. Sometimes I wish that I could look on the bright side of life like Snow White

 It's maybe a little hard to guess that I can relate to her as much as I do
It's maybe a little hard to guess that I can relate...
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