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 Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning 照片 of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning photo of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Previously on DNTM: Pocahontas is emotionally affected from the death of John Smith and the 模特 pose as zombies. 茉莉, 茉莉花 and Elsa produce bad pictures but it was 茉莉, 茉莉花 was sent home. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessional after elimination
Pocahontas: I am really sad that 茉莉, 茉莉花 left. She helped me get through this death and I don't know what I can do now.
Ariel: I had drama originally with 茉莉, 茉莉花 but we became great 老友记 I really wanted her to be in the competition longer.
Elsa: For the 秒 week in a row I had a bad picture and was almost sent home. I really need to improve or...
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你 guys already know that I started a 民意调查 and added a 问题 in the respective columns of the 迪士尼 Princess pot,asking for your 最喜爱的 3D 迪士尼 Princess,that are,Rapunzel,Merida,Anna and Elsa.And now,the results are out!

4.Merida (12% in poll,3 得票数 in answers)

Merida is the 11th official 迪士尼 Princess,who was added in the DP line up officially on 11 May,2013.She is the main female protagonist of the Disney's 2012 Animated Feature 'Brave' directed 由 Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

Reviews 由 Merida Fans

kittykittykat13 说 : Merida is not afraid of being herself.

RoseOfRapunzel said...
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posted by dclairmont
Third 文章 in three days? I have a life..heh...heh..ANYWAYS, I've heard multiple times people calling Elsa complex, but they usually don't give an argument to back that up, so I decided to write this! I've also heard a lot of complaints from 《冰雪奇缘》 haters asking how Elsa is so complex, so I'm 写作 this for that as well. Anyway let's get started! I hope 你 enjoy! :)

Characteristics of a Complex Character (gotten online):

1. He 或者 she undergoes an important change as the plot unfolds.

2. The changes he 或者 she experiences occur because of his 或者 her actions 或者 experiences in the story.

3. Changes...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Merida VS Ariel: The Ultimate 辩论
Well this will be my last 文章 before I leave fanpop
Ok so this all happened when Hatelarxene messages me on a 评论 about Anna. This will be a long debate. I know some of 你 are annoyed with this but I'm going to make in anyway so this can be over with...for me at least. I need closure on this before I leave.

re: Anna
10 分钟 ago

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 *credit to PetiteTiaras*
*credit to PetiteTiaras*
Lately I've been thinking a lot about how the princesses make their decisions, using their 心 或者 their head (don't ask why I've been thinking about this so much..) and I really wanted to make an 文章 about it! I decided to 分裂, 拆分 it up into three parts, the Classics, Renaissance, and Modern. So if the princess makes decisions using her heart, she's 更多 rash and emotional, and if she makes decisions using her head, she thinks things through 更多 and is 更多 patient. So, without further ado, let's start! :)

Snow White-Head

This was a pretty tough choice, because I do think she shows characteristics...
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posted by shanyuisboss
 I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
Everyone here knows me to be the Shan Yu 粉丝 (Probably the biggest on this spot) with the unpopular opinion that Shan Yu is the best 迪士尼 Princess villain and the 秒 best 迪士尼 villain. I am always asked why, so I decided to make this 文章 giving a lot of the reasons why I have this opinion. I know a lot of 你 will probably not read this all the way through, but if 你 do, I was not holding a dictionary as I was 写作 this, I just got very serious on this topic.

So I hope 你 like it

When the term 迪士尼 villain comes to mind, people usually think of Scar, Ursula, Maleficent,...
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I haven't written anything in a while, so I thought I'd whip out this 列表 I wrote some weeks 以前 and unleash my opinions out to the wild.

13. Cinderella

Ah, I have never liked Cinderella's hair. Even when I was five. It's bland, it's boring, I can't tell if it's wavy 或者 poofy 或者 what, and the color reminds me of mustard (which I quite strongly dislike.) Even in an updo, it looks like a butt.

12. Tiana

Her hair seemed like it would have been really curly and pretty. . . had she let it down. Before I chopped all my hair off in a whirlwind rage, I could relate to wanting to keep my...
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Well, as promised, here my thoughts. Careful, though, I intend to go into great detail about the movie. If 你 haven’t watched it yet, I suggest to leave, 或者 this will ruin the experience for you. I also warn 你 if 你 爱情 the movie. For me, it was very much a mixed bag, and I will mostly try to figure out why I wasn’t as 着魔 as I was and still am of my favourite 迪士尼 Princess Movies.

1. The Animation

Let’s start with the positive: The 动画片 is gorgeous! When I saw the scene with the ship sinking in the storm, I kept thinking “wow”. And the snow scenes…let’s put it...
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A little while ago, I wrote a collaboration with my five 年 old sister of our 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess eyes. My other sister, Amelia, who is eleven wanted to do one. We decided each of our 最喜爱的 hairstyles of each princess. I included sequels on my list, Amelia did not. Then, we ranked them. Hope 你 enjoy!

Amelia's #11
Jasmine's Ponytail

I really don't enjoy any of Jasmine's hairstyles, but since I have to choose, I picked the the ponytail because it isn't as bad as the others and it looks good with the red outfit.

Annika's #11
Tiana's Bun with Bangs

*sigh* I desperately want her hair down,...
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posted by AudreyFreak
At long last, the long-awaited 收藏夹 列表 I always mentioned but was too meticulous about 写作 and incredibly distracted from to actually finish! So sorry it took so long. I talk about things I dislike about some of the princesses, but keep in mind that I still 爱情 them all.

13. Belle:
Previous Position: 12

I respect Belle 更多 now and even like her personality 更多 after coming here. I just don’t care for her much 或者 really relate to her, aside from being a daydreamer and wanting adventure when I was younger. I don't think her personality is that inspiring 或者 original, which would be...
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posted by Silverrose1991

No, this is not another 文章 in defense of the Classic Princesses (though the subject may be brought to atention and 你 may be annoyed). This a follow-up to my review of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I decided that besides reviewing each 迪士尼 Princess movie, I'll also review the protagonist (a.k.a the princess herself). So, before I 移动 into reviewing (and watching, not in that order) Cinderella, I'm doing this 文章 reviewing Snow White, the character herself.

Diferent from what happens with my reviews of the movies, I won't give her a score for each section. I'll just, well,...
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I've been a part of this fanclub for a while, and it's my 最喜爱的 club on Fanpop, so I want to share with anyone willing to read, my 迪士尼 Princess list. A lot of factors take place during their 列表 including, personality, style and enjoyment of their feature films. This is my opinion so please don't be offended 由 anything. Also note, that I don't HATE any 迪士尼 Princess. I do hold all of them dear to me, even if I complain about them.

11) Merida- Before 你 all roll your eyes, I have to admit that when I saw the first commercial for 《勇敢传说》 I was so excited and forced my boyfriend to take...
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posted by Queenofpink
 Boring and Too Short
Boring and Too Short
The 迪士尼 Princesses have the most amazing hair, like ever in my opinion anyways, though some 更多 so than others. So here's my 列表 starting at the bottom.
13. Snow White
Sorry Snow White but your hair is just boring. It's super short and I've just never been a 粉丝 of short hair. I like that it's curly but that's pretty much it.

12. Tiana
Her hair is really only slightly 更多 interesting than Snow White's.I hate that she only wears it in a bun through out the entire movie, I wish she would wear it down. I like her curls though, they are cute.

11. Cinderella
I find her hair pretty bland as...
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This was Dreamygal's idea of an article, enjoy!

Snow White
I used to have Snow White low on my 列表 because I had a hard time connecting with her. I thought she was too cheerful, old-fashioned, unrealistic and not a very well developed character. Her character definitely isn't all that layered, but I started liking her simplicity. I 爱情 how she is like a bossy mother to the Dwarfs and how she always makes the best out of a bad situation. I also think she's funnier than 给 credit for.

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with a cape- It looks complete with the cape.
Favorite Physical Feature...
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Here are the results! I didn't include Naveen for obvious reasons. Also, people have to keep in mind that I meant who was a player BEFORE he met his Princess. Thank 你 to everyone who participated!

Definition of a player in the Urban Dictionary: A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women 由 pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.

9. Flynn Rider
It might have been because of the mask Flynn wore all along. But regardless, it's obvious that he used to try to get what he wanted from women 由 using his famous...
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 I need 6 eggs!
I need 6 eggs!
Welcome! Really this 文章 should have been up months ago, but I've been a little busy so I'm sorry for that. Better late than never I suppose! In April-May 2013 I did a reverse countdown where people voted for their favourite characters from 'Beauty and the Beast' and here are the results! I'll also include some 评论 from users since this countdown wouldn't have been possible if people didn't vote. Thank 你 to all who participated!

(I didn't include the Baker so I hope he doesn't try to kill me in my sleep with a baguette 或者 something)

18. Monsieur D'Arque
 "Oh that is despicable... I 爱情 it!"
"Oh that is despicable......
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 Couldn't have put it better myself
Couldn't have put it better myself
Hello, DP Fanpoppers, in this 文章 I'm going to share my thoughts on they way I see 'The Little Mermaid', and try to prove certain negative opinions surrounding this movie wrong with they way I and certain other people see the situation. Feel free to at least read what I, and many other people's thoughts I've included, have to say about this.

You know, I've always found it off when people mention that Ariel didn't really change her ways 由 the end of the movie. I thinklink, but here's my take on the situation. She does change in the end, it just wasn't as clear 或者 obvious as it should've...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
I'm so excited to finally get to write this article! I thought this was an incredibly interesting countdown, and I want to give a huge "Thank you!" to everyone who participated. This was my first countdown and it was so much fun! I have a bunch of ideas for other ones I can conduct in the future. So anyway, I'm gonna stop blabbing now and get to what you're all actually here for: the results! Enjoy...

10. The Princess and the Frog

It was no surprise that this movie came in dead last. It was practically a unanimous vote! Every single person who 评论 voted that this should be the first to...
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posted by snowsowhite
Times change and 迪士尼 couples too. From couples of 1937 and 1959 we go to couples of 2010 (in Tagled). The couples change, and the perceptions too. From couples, who are most like traditional and perfect-for-families couples to teen and modern couples. Lets analyze the couples to see.

First Snow White and prince Florian: a couple that met for the first time at the begining of the film, they both fell in love, but Snow was shy as all girls in those ages, the prince goes away with the promest of going back one 日 ( he doesn't says it, but we feel it). They both continue their lifes. As in those...
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All righty, so about a week 以前 I 发布 a 民意调查 asking which countdown people wanted me to do. The winning pick was "Which DP movie is the most accurate compared to its original fairytale?" Now as much as I 爱情 this idea, I'm incredibly wary to do it as a countdown because I'm worried the results won't be accurate. Many people think they know the original fairytales, but there are countless versions of each of them out there, meaning that if we wanted the countdown to work, everyone would have to read the same versions. This means that everyone who participated would have to read 10 fairytales,...
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