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 Anna, how's the Middle East?
Anna, how's the Middle East?
Hi guys, now let's go to the Middle East to see our Anna there.

Hebrew (Einat Azulay)

Okay, She sounds relatively fresh and young. However, she sounds a bit heavy and stiff at certain parts, especially the first part of the chorus. (Ratings: 8.5/10

Arabic (Shorouq Salah)

I absolutely 爱情 Arabic 音乐 and their voices, unlike her Hebrew counterpart. She sounds smooth and it makes the audience relax and get along with Anna easily, especially in For the First Time in Forever! (Ratings:10/10)

For the First Time in Forever!

So, only 2 were feature because I'm not really sure who is the Persian actress for Anna sadly to say. Our final destination is the Americas!
 I'm happy for it!
I'm happy for it!
posted by deedragongirl
 Hello guys, we meet again.
Hello guys, we meet again.
Hi guys, since the release of Moana, the song has been staying in head and I could not let it go of it! So, I'll be 写作 2 of my favourite songs and which is better.

Let It Go

So, this song has been overplayed since the film's release 3 years ago. I would considered this my theme song too because I tend to get nervous whenever I'm driving! I'm also fortunate to have the International Version of this wonderful song on my iTunes and it was like Elsa has competed in World Idol!

How Far I'll Go

Another wonderful song that has a meaning to our lives, it tells on what our 日 and adventures will...
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Hello everyone! Okay maybe this "favorite princess 列表 article" sounds too mainstream on this club. But as I find I rarely create any 最喜爱的 列表 文章 unlike most of users here, I decide to write one.

Happy reading ^.^

Bottom 3

11. Jasmine

Aladdin is one of the interesting 迪士尼 prince, but the same thing not happen with Jasmine. Nothing special with her. During the movie I just saw her as a princess who was forced to marriage under the law. Nothing 更多 than that. What I like from her is only how generous and outspoken she is. Unless for me, she is lack of development, probably because...
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posted by disnerdtobe
I basically got this idea from anukriti and maidoforleans but never got around to 写作 this until now.

Not at All Relatable
These are the princesses that I don’t relate to and don’t identify 或者 find myself in them at all. They are also the ones whom I consider the best role 模特 (except for Tiana), because they have traits that I don’t.


She’s an amazing role model. Yeah, she likes 阅读 and adventures, but that doesn’t make her relatable to me. She’s too much of a perfection to be relatable. Speaking of which, I’m not convinced Belle’s actually that adventurous....
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posted by MaidofOrleans
Thank 你 to everyone who participated in this countdown! I had lots of fun organizing this, and I hope 你 had fun voting and commenting. :)

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt's first full length animated film was a technological masterpiece during its time, but unfortunately it doesn't hold up so well 80 years later. 粉丝 didn't like how stiff the characters look 或者 how inconsistent the 动画片 is.

The 动画片 looks odd and stiff, the 颜色 are dull, and not much attractive as others have. ~Sparklefairy375
I agree with MaidofOrleans & Sparklefairy375. For the time it was made in,...
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 We wish 你 a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
So, imagine if all of the princesses gather together on 圣诞节 Eve and here are the lists of famous carols 或者 any songs that are 圣诞节 related from famous 圣诞节 films.

1. Believe (The Polar Express)

I absolutely adore this song from the film, it was originally sung 由 Josh Groban but was later covered 由 Jackie Evancho. The lyrics has a message about believing during 圣诞节 especially.

2. As Long as There's 圣诞节 (Beauty and the Beast: The 着魔 Christmas)

Since this is Belle's song, the other princesses can 加入 in as the chorus 或者 they could 'echo' her words when she sings...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
Author's note: Just a quick 灰姑娘 one-shot I did because I wanted to explore why the prince yawned at Leanora. It turned into something a little different than I expected, but I hope 你 enjoy it nonetheless!

To 加入 the Stars

“Mademoiselle Leanora Mercedes de la Tour, daughter of Colonel and Madame de la Tour.” The announcer’s haughty voice resonated throughout the spacious ballroom, swelling above the excited murmurs of young maidens hoping to catch the prince’s eye.

Leanora took a deep breath, her yellow and green skirts rustling almost inaudibly underneath the echoes of conversation....
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I 爱情 imagining DP and their fashion, the kind of jewelry they may wear, the kind of parties they'd have. I have done a couple of these before for wedding themes and jewelry. This 文章 mainly talks about their signature fashion style.

Snow White:
I think midi-length, flared skirts will suit her chirpy and joyful personality. She's the kind who'd want to keep her dresses simple yet playful and have a bit of color palette to explore in her wardrobe. Short gloves will also look lovely on her. Layering in 短裙, 裙子 will match her upbeat and vibrant persona.
Best Color: all shades of red. Black...
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Welcome to the results of the countdown for Which 迪士尼 Princess Has the Best Speaking Voice. This 民意调查 was so much fun to work on! Thanks to all the people who participated in it. I'm so sorry, but I decided to only chose three 评论 from every 民意调查 and try to fit any further opinions into my paragraphs. Also, I've shortened a few comments, because for some reason my mind really isn't comfortable with the longer comments. Now, without any further ado, let's look at the outcomes.

11. Snow White

Snow White went out very quickly, with users claiming that her voice is much too high to be likable....
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posted by lililc
Maybe i some 日 , time 以前 was guilty of calling some of the princesses "bad role models" , i was wrong, i realized that the fact that i don't like a character 或者 don't agree with, them doesn't mean they are bad role models.

To be fair,i find some people saying "Princess are a bad role model for girls because "insert princess name and reasons here" . But i don't see anyone saying a freaking thing about the 迪士尼 male characters . I did an 文章 in the 迪士尼 club

It was supossed to be a parody of how people critize female characters but never say a thing about males. Nobody actually...
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 This is a real life image of you, yes 你 dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is a real life image of you, yes YOU dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is inspired 由 this hilarious twitter I found, @celebsinhs.

Examples of their tweets:

This is my collab with my friend Olivia, 你 might know her as _CatWoman_. She helped me a lot with this and gave some hilarious ideas.

Alright, let's get on with my take of them! Try to guess which DP it is as I give hints of their qualities. Don't scroll too far too fast!

-nice enough to eat the gross sloppy joe in the cafeteria
-casually catches bugs and take them outside when they scare everyone else in class
-looks like the grudge in the winter
-dated a sophomore when she was like 10, is still...
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posted by thesnowqueen
i want to be elsa when i grow up. i am grown but not much so still way to go before i am big. i think very big. i want to write poem of freeze. remember elsa is snow 皇后乐队 so she freeze. english not best but friend check my word so it be good i think. please tell if 你 like. 或者 if 你 mind.

freeze, freeze, go away
come again another day
icicles, icicles
they all fall down
sister, sister
where are 你 dearest
freeze will come
and breeze 你 away
i can freeze
你 can freeze
we all freeze for ice cream
posted by deedragongirl
 Moana and Maui
Moana and Maui
Hi guys, I finally watched Moana with 2 of my classmates before one of them is going back to the UK to complete her houseman-ship. So, here is my review on the Polynesian movie.

The Story Plot

When I watched the film, I absolutely 爱情 how the film opens. I felt that it was trying to be a bit like 《冰雪奇缘》 where we hear Scandinavian 音乐 at the beginning of the film, so to keep that same tradition. 迪士尼 used Polynesian 音乐 at the beginning of the film, I 爱情 how the prologue is very Polynesian-oriented and I adored the artwork!
The film reminds me of a few films, Treasure Planet, Ferngully...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Brothers Grimm
The Brothers Grimm
Since I had written Hans Christian Andersen, now it is his German counterparts. The Brothers Grimm, I know that many of their stories are dark and sinister. But, I'm sure that 迪士尼 will know how to handle it!

1) The Twelve Brothers

Okay, this story is quite similar to the Wild Swans. It also has a happy ending and I kind of feel bad for the girl during the majority of the story.

2) Rumpelstiltskin

I bet 你 all know the story, and it was my favourite story of all times since I was young. The ending has several different versions, so it's up to 迪士尼 to decide!

3) The 《勇敢传说》 Little Tailor

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 The Wonderful Danish Author.
The Wonderful Danish Author.
Hi guys, since the popularity of Disney's 《冰雪奇缘》 and The Little Mermaid. Here are some ideas on what 迪士尼 should do next, may it be Princess 或者 non-Princess films.

1. The Wild Swans

It's about a princess name Elisa who has 11 brothers, unfortunately their wicked stepmother turns them into swans and she banished Elisa. Her brothers help her 由 taking her far away! It has a happy ending and I hope that 迪士尼 will make it soon.

2. Thumbelina

We all know that Don Bluth had made this starring Jodi Benson as the voice of Thumbelina in 1994. I think 迪士尼 should give it a hand in making this story,...
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The countdown is over and the results are in! DP club 粉丝 have voted for their 最喜爱的 landscapes in DP movies. Surprisingly 粉丝 were 更多 divided for choosing the lower ranks and had almost a united say about the 最佳, 返回页首 ones. Here are the results. Hope you'll enjoy.

11. Princess and The Frog
I was a little surprised to see it leave first. I know its not much liked around here but I thought having 灰姑娘 and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs around, this might just skip being eliminated first. Well, I was wrong. 粉丝 didn't really find the bayou magical and swamps looked garish and dull to them....
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posted by deedragongirl
 I hope that 你 have a great time in Europe, Anna!
I hope that you have a great time in Europe, Anna!
Hi guys, since the Asian batch made it through the front page of Fanpop. Here are the European batch of Anna!

Italian (Serena Rossi)

My first impression on Serena (no, not her namesake 《冰雪奇缘》 costar, Serena Autieri) is that she sounds a bit like Kristen Bell. But, one thing is that her voice is slightly deeper than Kristen and 总体, 整体 good job! (Ratings: 9.5/10)

French (Emmylou Homs)

When I first heard her 唱歌 爱情 is an Open Door, she sounds very bubbly and gentle at the same time. She does not sound heavy at all! (Ratings: 10/10)

Dutch (Nootje Herlaar)

Okay, I found out that Nootje is actually...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hi guys, I had recently watch a video about the enchantress. I actually notice that these 2 characters have a number of similarities with each other.


In the 2015 live-action reboot, Cinderella's kindness actually prove to the fairy godmother 由 rewarding. Ella is considered an outcast with her stepmother and stepsister, and she also share some similarities with Belle considering that the latter originally was going to have 2 sisters who are bullies too in the movie! Secondly, the magic spell will only work till midnight, thus setting a time for Cinderella.

The Beast

Since he...
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posted by dclairmont
Hello guys!! To those who recognize me, I hope you're all doing well! I've been busy with college apps and life in general, but I've been well! To those who don't, nice to meet you! I used to frequent this site a couple years ago. :) Anyway I'm just going to go straight into the review! There won't be any large plot type spoilers, but if 你 want to go in knowing absolutely nothing, I would recommend not reading!


I just got 首页 from seeing this beautiful film and I need to let out all my feelings somewhere, but hopefully this will be somewhat coherent and not come across as a giant rant...
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11 users has voted in the poll: 'Will 你 add some songs for the Eurovision Songcontest 迪士尼 Princesses Theme?' Almost the half of the users has 说 'no' the others has voted 'maybe'. want to change the part of adding songs in the contest and want to. do it with polls. The best three songs from each movie joins the contest. This is just an idea, maybe I'm just impatient. If there is enthousiasm and users add songs. I won't change it. But it's likely that, that won't happen. So I'm preparing now to the other way of selecting songs for the contest. I hope 你 will vote in the contest! It's my first contest on Fanpop!