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've always loved the friendships and family relationships shown in 迪士尼 电影院 and I really wish we could see 更多 of them. While romantic relationships are nice, I've always loved the raw emotions shown through these relationships and wanted to devote an 文章 to them. This 列表 isn't really in any order 由 the way. I really hope 你 enjoy!! :)

10. Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

Hmm..I'm not even sure if this classifies as a relationship, but I just find the dynamic between these two characters to be fascinating. I 爱情 seeing how Gothel seemingly brainwashes Rapunzel and how their relationship...
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The 得票数 are In
4 days ago, I promised 潮流粉丝俱乐部 I would make an 文章 which is this one
and I made a 问题 asking which users remind 你 of heroines and the results are going to be put into this article

Coolsinger198 As Princess Jasmine

Coolsinger198 represents Princess 茉莉, 茉莉花 in every way, Jasmines Smart, Helpful and stands up for her 老友记 and family just like coolsinger198.
Everybody voted for coolsinger198 as 茉莉, 茉莉花 and she really deserves it + her 老友记 tell her she's like Jasmine.

Coolsinger198 song

Manu962 As Elsa

Manu962 is like Elsa because they both stand up for what they believe...
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posted by KatrinkaBelle56

This 文章 is about someone in Canada who has done an amazing job at changing the DPs from girls to boys.

Not all the princesses are not drawn as guys. (His way) but others are.

I know a lot of 你 may not be a 粉丝 of this and I for one am not a particular 粉丝 but I thought he really had done a good job. Go take a look!

He did an amazing job with Ariel. I also like that he changed 比目鱼 into a girl as well, that's a nice touch.

He also changed Elsa. This picture I really think is 更多 modern. It doesn't do her the right justice but it's still a very good artistic work.

He really did an...
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posted by BelleRose829
 She stands out, doesn't she?
She stands out, doesn't she?
Belle is my 最喜爱的 princess! Well, her and 灰姑娘 are battling to the death for my #1 spot; Anyway I hope to do this with all of the princesses, Belle is the 秒 princess I've wrote an 文章 on, I just recently did one about 花木兰 :D *dwarf voice* Yes, recently. With out further introduction here are the reasons I 爱情 Belle.

The first couple of scenes of the movie, we could see her talking enthusiastically to the baker about a story she just read. Then, she proceeded to go to the bookstore and got a book that she read all the way to her home. Now, this gave positive remark to all...
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 It's only for today guys!!!
It's only for today guys!!!
WELCOME!!! TO THE FINAL FANPOP’S FAVORITES!!! I know 你 have been waiting about twenty seven years for this article. Please have to tissues ready because some will cry with joy and others will cry in anger. I cried in anger for this one, because well it wasn’t the way I wanted it to go. But it was the 潮流粉丝俱乐部 way.
I did ask for people to 评论 about why they loved each princess, but sadly I 迷失 those comments. So this is all a personally opinion on what I see on this club, if 你 find that I hurt your feels, please 评论 或者 message better if 你 message me a short little thingy and...
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Snow White-She's a Hufflepuff because she is hard-working and loyal. Both to her step-mom at first (Why else didn't she run away earlier?) and then to the dwarfs.

Cinderella first choice for her is Hufflepuff because she's loyal to everyone. My 2nd choice for her is Gryfindor because she's stands up to her step-mom once in the movie.

Aurora-I can't decided wether to put her in hufflepuff 或者 ravenclaw

For me basically almost all the 迪士尼 rensiance princesses are Gryfindors.

Ariel-Gryfindor-she acts brash and only cares about what her 心 wants and not want her head wants. Besides she doesn't...
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 disneygirl7's 图标 :)
disneygirl7's icon :)
1.Congratulations! How does it feel to be 粉丝 of the Month?

It was really unexpected! I was like, "Wow!" when I found out I'd won. But it's really great, it makes me feel appreciated :) Thank 你 to everyone who voted for me! <3

2. Your 最喜爱的 Princess and why?

Rapunzel. I know she gets a lot of hate these days, but I still admire her for her very charming personality. She 圣女魔咒 me within the first few 秒 of her movie. I also 爱情 how bubbly and curious she is, also her determination to see the lanterns. Also, I really enjoy watching her onscreen. She never fails to entertain me....
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After getting 22 fan's lists, I added the results and this is what I got. The results are somewhat surprising, but not too crazy. This is Fanpop's opinion, not mine. Well anyway let's get started. (btw, I'm planning to make this an every 3 months sort of list, to see how it compares. I also plan on explaining more, but I'm kind of busy so this was all I could pull off for now.)

The points were;

11th. 184
10th. 180
9th. 157
8th. 145
7th. 143
6th. 139
5th. 136
4th. 128
3rd. 95
2nd. 90
1st. 55
 11. Snow White
11. Snow White
 10. Merida
10. Merida
 9. Pocahontas
9. Pocahontas
 8. 茉莉, 茉莉花
8. Jasmine
 7. Tiana
7. Tiana
 6. 灰姑娘
6. Cinderella
 5. Aurora
5. Aurora
 4. Ariel
4. Ariel
 3. 花木兰
3. Mulan
 2. Rapunzel
2. Rapunzel
 1. Belle
1. Belle
Okay first of all can we all agree before I start this 文章 that none of them would make Great Parents they all be okay parents? Good now here we go.

10: Pocahontas and John Smith

Like a lot of people 说 about this couple, they aren't ready to settle down and if they did they may fight over who's turn it is to take care of the baby. Don't worry those they had baby backpacks back then so they can go cliff diving.

"I don't see either of them as ready to settle down." AudreyFreak

"Since this is about the couple, thy have to CO-Parent, and on that aspect, these two lack. They have completely...
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posted by GreatLance_30
As 你 know, I'm not contributing much as I formerly do, but now, I am trying to contribute 更多 to Fanpop!

I can't leave 潮流粉丝俱乐部 because 1/4 of my happiness goes here! I am not as happy as I am now without this site, I know that my dream 由 becoming 粉丝 of the 月 won't come true since there are so many great users here, but I am still thriving for it! I 爱情 潮流粉丝俱乐部 更多 than 脸谱 and Twitter! Actually, 潮流粉丝俱乐部 is my 最喜爱的 site ever! I also 爱情 users here, they are so nice and articulate! I hope I am not too late to contribute to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 as much as the other users do, but even if I'm not the 粉丝 of the month, I'll still contribute here, even though I don't have medal, I will visit this site!

I 爱情 Fanpop! I really LOVE!

*I know I'm very emotional in here, but please don't discriminate me...
Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The 月 更多 popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each 月 I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

I was recently informed that the problem with the pictures in the 文章 is gone, and now the pictures can be put inside the text. However, I'm going to continue using mainly pictures for my articles, because first of all, that's what I've been doing for the rest of the 文章 from these series, and second, I like this way of doing articles! So maybe at some point I will switch back to the explanatory and sophisticated words articles, but for the time being I will stick to my picture articles!

Here are the results of the POTM Hairstyles Countdown: ~*Snow White*~ (April 2013)! Enjoy and share your opinion!
 "I like the blue one more." - tiffany88
"I like the blue one more." - tiffany88
 "The red bow completes her perfectly." - CodyVenusTrent
"The red bow completes her perfectly." - CodyVenusTrent
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Here's the interview for Jayden-G..our FOTM for March 2013!

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be 粉丝 of the Month?

It feels great. I joined in mid February, and Ina 月 an a half, I am 粉丝 of the Month. I feel like I am a part of this wonderful community with these wonderful people, and me being 粉丝 of the 月 means 你 all appreciate my contributions and opinions. Thanks

2. Your 最喜爱的 Princess and why?

Jasmine is my favourite princess. She is my favourite because there is so much to her. Sure she is bitchy at times and does need help in the movie (we all need help), she is proactive...
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posted by nerdyrose
Have 你 ever felt that 你 were watching yourself up on screen when 你 watch a 迪士尼 Princess movie? I read this book called 迪士尼 Girls It is about a group of 老友记 who recognize themselves as special people that are like 迪士尼 Princesses (they are one and the same). The 迪士尼 Princesses here are Paula (Pocahontas), Yukiko (Snow White), Ella (Cinderella), Isabelle (Belle), 茉莉, 茉莉花 (Jasmine), and Ariel (Ariel).

First of all, I don't own the book series. It was written 由 Gabrielle Charbonnet.

What I loved about this book is that it shows there is a Princess in every girl. It shows...
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Snow White-Ellen Page

Cinderella-Scarlett Johannson

Aurora-Dianna Agron

Ariel-Emma Stone

Belle-Emmy Russom

Jasmine-Freida Pinto

Pocahontas-Naya Rivera

Mulan-Brenda Song

Tiana-Rihanna (I only put her here because everyone else thinks so for some reason)

Rapunzel-Amanda Seyfried
 Ariel and Rapunzel appeared in Balitanghali Parts 1 and 3
Ariel and Rapunzel appeared in Balitanghali Parts 1 and 3
 迪士尼 Princess Diaries: Balitanghali
Disney Princess Diaries: Balitanghali

 迪士尼 Princess Diaries: Balitanghali Parts 1 and 2
Disney Princess Diaries: Balitanghali Parts 1 and 2

Part 1 of 5: Ariel Found A Bottle From The Sea
One day, Princess Ariel saw a bottle of letter. She read it and then Rapunzel arrived. She talked Ariel about the unknown news. "This is so blur and old. Who wrote this?" Rapunzel questioned. "I don't know. I picked up the bottle and I opened it. I really who think it was?" Ariel answered. Balitanghali arrived. "HEY! That's my bottle of letter! Thank 你 for finding this, little mermaid." Balitanghali answered happily. "Oh! Is this yours woman?" Ariel...
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Earlier parts:

Part 1: link

Part 2: link

Part 3: link

Part 4: link

Part 5: link

Part 6: link

Part 7: link

Part 8: link

Part 9: link

Part 10 (my personal 最喜爱的 part so far): link

Later that same night a boy called for Jasmine.
"Who's there", she asked?
"It's me Prince All, uh, uh Prince Ali Ababwa", he answered while trying to look handsome and of course Alexandra couldn't hide her feelings for him.
"I don't want to see you", she 说 angrily.
"But please princess, give me a chance", he pleeded her.
"Leave me alone", she said.

Suddenly Alexandra heard a small voice saying "How is it going for our proposer"...
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Since we don't speak much about the 迪士尼 Princes, the summaries will be a lot less detailed for this 文章 :)

A big thank 你 to hisblueeyes for her help making the lists!

10. Prince Charming

He's a barely-secondary character with a weak personality and can be condemned for his lazy attitude.

High Ranking(1-3):

Medium Ranking(4-7):

Low Ranking(8-10):
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Dear John,


I miss you. I miss 你 so much it hurts. I am forever grateful that 你 took a bullet for my father but it broke my 心 when 你 left- but I knew it was for the best- 你 needed to get healed, the only chance 你 had of surviving was if 你 went back to England.

I remember I showed 你 so many things: a 狼 crying to the blue 玉米 moon, the grinning bobcat, mountains, I taught 你 to paint with all the 颜色 of the wind.

There's a full moon tonight, it reminds me of you, half a world away.

A few days together, that's all it took, a few days for me to fall in 爱情 with you....
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Later that day, the daughters of Triton sang in the Silver Jubilee of their beloved father. After the banquet, Aquata (being the one who decided to go visit Ariel) asked her father
"Father,me and the other girls really miss Ariel and we were wondering if, we were really hoping if"
"If what?" King Triton asked.
"We were wondering if 你 could turn us human-just for one week- because we really miss Ariel!"
"Turn 你 human?" Triton questioned.
Then Andrina 说 "Since 你 let your YOUNGEST and most RECKLESSS daughter to 加入 the world above, I'm sure there's no harm in letting your OLDER 更多 MATURE...
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posted by GreatLance_30
This is my new 迪士尼 Princess list. Hope you'll like it. This 文章 is not an opinion, but this is my 迪士尼 Princess rank list.

10.Snow White
The character of Snow White first originated in a Brothers Grimm fairytale "Little Snow White" about a beautiful German princess with a jealous step-mother. In 1937, Walt 迪士尼 turned this classic fairytale into his very first animated feature film. Her true 爱情 is a nameless handsome prince, who breaks her sleeping death 'slumber' with love's first kiss. She befriends the seven dwarfs during her stay at their cottage.

Speaking Voice and 唱歌 Voice:...
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