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From 迪士尼 rereleasing films and making them in 3-D such as Beauty and the Beast & The Lion King comming September 16th, I have a few opositions. (IF 你 HAVE ANYTHING HORRIBLE TO SAY ABOUT MY SPELLING, DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT).

Summer of 2012: I don't know if this is really going to happen but I am very much hoping that 阿拉丁 will be comming back to DVD and for the first time in Blu-Ray. I know that this film is not a part of the 迪士尼 拱顶, 保险库, 跳马 but I don't want this wonderful feature to never come back again. Like I 说 about the 3-D releases, I am hoping this will be a 3-D relase...
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Even though nobody is 阅读 this I still feel like continuing it.

Adella's POV
I ran down the steps. "I'm gonna be late!" I exclaimed. The ball had already started and I was fully in my dress, tiara and glass shoes.
I bumped into Sir Peter on the way down. "Sorry, sir" I mumbled.
"Quite alright... where are 你 going?" he asked.
I glanced up at his face "The ball... I'm uh late"
He smiled warmly "I thought a princess is never late everyone else is early".
"Thats not the case today" I answered trying to fix my hair,it had toppled down out of its bun.
"Sir, do I look presentable?" I asked him.
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Sir Peter's POV
I watched Adella, studying beside me. She was biting her lips, in concentration as she studied the book I had 给 her. Those rose red, kissable lips. I would have no chance to lay my lips on hers, she would soon be married to some prince.
I had loved her ever since I first began teaching her, when she was 14. She was just a young girl but her mind, beauty and attitude made me 爱情 her.
The light in her eyes when she handed me a essay 或者 a poem she had written herself. Her beautiful face I would never get to touch.
I was madly in love, it seemed odd because of the age difference...
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
I was the 迪士尼 Princess nobody knew. They all knew Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, yet nobody knew me.

I am Princess Adella and this is my story

"The ball is coming up and 你 must look fantastic" my aunt 说 as I was standing up on a tall 粪便, 凳子 watching the maids get my measurements. "Why is this different from any other ball I've attended?" I asked. "Because, Prince Risstan will be there" she answered.

Prince Risstan, the one my aunt and uncle wanted me to marry. I would have to obey them, they are my guardians. Prince Risstan was a vain, proud...
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Ok, so I am waaaay too lazy to make a bunch of different articles, so I'm just going to put all my Princess lists into one.

Disney Princess List
1. Rapunzel
2. Ariel
3. Belle
4. Mulan
5. Jasmine
6. Cinderella
7. Pocahontas
8. Aurora
9. Snow White
10. Tiana

Prettiest Princess List
1. Ariel
2. Aurora
3. Jasmine
4. Belle
5. Cinderella
6. Rapunzel
7. Pocahontas
8. Mulan
9. Snow White
10. Tiana

Princess 唱歌 Voice List
1. Ariel
2. Pocahontas
3. Cinderella
4. Jasmine/Mulan
5. Rapunzel
6. Tiana
7. Aurora
8. Belle
9. Snow White

Disney Princess Couple List
1. Rapunzel and Flynn
2. Belle and the Beast
3. Ariel and Eric
4. 茉莉, 茉莉花 and...
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Congratulations KataraLover! 你 definitely deserve to be 粉丝 of the 月 for May, because 你 have contributed so much on this spot!

So here is the interview with KataraLover, the 粉丝 of the 月 for May! ☺

1. How long have 你 been active on this site?

Almost two years starting november.

2. What was one of the nicest compliments 或者 评论 you’ve gotten for your contributions to this spot?

I'd have to say when pulgaenana complimented me and 评论 on my 文章 telling how the Scamp's Adventure is better than Lady and The Tramp. I just 爱情 it when people leave 评论 on my articles...
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posted by QueenAnnelise
Ahhh the good old days! When 你 could just lay on your 粉, 粉色 床, 床上 and dream about a royal lifestyle, about a handsome prince, about that perfect dress that would make 你 look stunning, and, in my case, about leading a kingdom made up of chocolate. I remember wanting to be like Mulan, strong yet graceful;or like Jasmine, owning a tiger without it eating her. Yet, my 最喜爱的 will always be Belle. Other than the clever name(every time someone mentioned it they would be obligated to call 你 beautiful) she saw who Prince Adam (the Beast) truly was. A hurt man desperate for a friend.

Now I'm...
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posted by MCRTS
OK, hi everyone! *waves* I'm sort of a lurker here. This is my first 文章 in this spot. I haven't watched 魔发奇缘 或者 the Princess and the Frog (because both 电影院 came out when I was studying for my exams. Damn!), so I won't include Tiana 或者 Rapunzel in this list. I probably will incorporate them in a later list, once I've watched both movies.

Anyway, so here are my favourite princesses (starting from the least favourite one.) I'll also write what I think is their main characteristic.


Snow White
"The Sweet Princess"

I first watched Snow White when I was six. I thought she was just too...sweet....
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Top 10

#10 Sleeping Beauty: First up is Sleeping Beauty don’t get me wrong the 动画片 is beautiful but the story is so crap I just hate it so much No chemistry at ALL between Auroua and Philip it was just plain stupid.

#9 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs: I must say this film is so overrated it’s a kind of movie to watch if 你 want to watch an old fashioned flick. The charcthers are ok not lovable like in The Little Mermaid 或者 魔发奇缘 they were just plain janes in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.

#8 Cinderella: Ok I admit I never saw this as a child only on YouTube a few years ago...
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最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess rankings blah blah blah.
Big thank you, again, to CuteDiana

Tiana and Aurora were originally tied, but I did a tiebreaker pick and Tiana won.

I'm a little bit surprised Aurora came in last place, because she has a number of people who have her as number 1, but then a whole bucketload of people have her in their bottom three. Once upon a time, Aurora was my 最喜爱的 princess, so I understand why people like her. She's dreamy, and sweet, and I think captivating in the few 分钟 she's in the movie. But some others find her boring and lacking in personality....
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Charming choked out dirty water as he struggled to stay afloat. He could hear his wife screaming his name somewhere, but the pain in his stomach wouldn't leave his mind alone.
Le Fou was slapping the water with his arms and shouting out nonsense. Among them, Charming heard, "I can't swim!"
Great, Char. Now you're gonna have to do the right thing. He started paddling toward Le Fou but drew back after the pain stung him again. He looked into the black water and saw red coming.
"Le Fou, hold onto Princey!" Gaston yelled.
Le Fou scrambled toward the prince and climbed onto him.
Charming groaned....
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Don’t get me wrong but I don’t like every 迪士尼 Princess. On the 10, there is one I actually dislike. I 爱情 all the others. So, hope 你 will enjoy my list.

10. Aurora
I used to like her when I was 4 but I've realized she’s the only DP I really dislike. She’s just…boring. I've nothing else to say about her.

It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just I like others better.

7.Snow White
She’s so adorable, so cute, so delicate, so naïve (too naïve). She looks like a 瓷, 瓷器 doll but I hate her 唱歌 voice. I also 爱情 her dress, but, like for Jasmine, I prefer...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I've been wanting to write this one for a while now. I wrote down all of the dancing scenes from the Princess films, and formed this list. It wasn't easy, because I like them all!

link" alt=" link" width="300" height="168" /

My 爱情 and appreciation for this movie has diminished over time. The characters are so-so, the plot could use some work, and I'm not that crazy over the 音乐 either. But the DANCING...wow. To put it lightly, it BLOWS. I realize the style of dancing they do in the movie is from that time and era, but come...
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Merry Christmas, firegirl1515! I hope 你 enjoy this friendship fic with Ariel and Rapunzel. I know 你 have asked for Rapunzel/Flynn, but I hope this is all right. XD I am only really good at writing, unfortunately.

Anyway, I hope 你 enjoy. Here is your friendship fic with Ariel and Rapunzel!

“Oh, de king is going to make 螃蟹 claws outta me when he hears dis!” the tiny red 螃蟹 lamented. Sebastian trembled with fear as he imagined the sea king, Triton, with his classic disapproving look.

Flounder frowned at Sebastian's words. “He’s gone, Ariel. We should go back.”

Ariel sat on...
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嘿 everybody! I just saw the 魔发奇缘 midnight premiere last night so I've rewrote my 迪士尼 Princess 列表 and I tried really hard to make it the most accurate out of all my 前一个 lists (my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess 列表 changes like the weather). One 更多 thing, sometimes I think that my ratings don't truly capture how I feel about a certain princess so I've included a simple rating to tell 你 how I feel about each princess. This is my first 文章 so please be nice! :)

10. Cinderella
Yeah, i've never been much of a fan. I mean it's great that she works so hard and still retains her pleasant...
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10) Tiana

Tiana is cute, goal-oriented, and has a great 唱歌 voice! So why is she so low? It's simply because she doesn't have a fairytale aura about her. I like that she believes in her dreams, and goes and makes them happen. I don't like that she has no time for family and 老友记 because she works so hard. My 最喜爱的 scene is when she is swaying to the 音乐 as 夏洛特 dances with "Naveen". 你 just knew she wanted to dance with that prince!

9) Mulan

My 最喜爱的 thing about 花木兰 is that she proves that being a princess comes from within(not from a royal title). She also proves...
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Okay, I bet 你 guys are like WTF at this topic. XD I personally find it to be interesting to think about. Anyway, Pocahontas and John are not included because they have never ended up together. I hope 你 guys like it.

8. 花木兰 and Shang

I have no doubts about this placement whatsoever. I can see these two growing old together and sticking together for many years. Sure, the two of them may fight every once in a while, but the two of them would be able to work it out. I see this couple as a realistic couple that can survive with a strong 爱情 even in the real world and not just in Disney's World....
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I think this is Scene 25, back inside the ruins/temple...

Hella: Ugh, we have been sliding for hours, how long until we reach our destanation?

Kid 1: No need to worry any 更多 my princess, we should be arriving in about a couple of seconds.

Kid 2: Be sure to watch where 你 land 斯莱什 fall 或者 else you'll get hurt reaaally badly.

Fairy and Rodney: Okay *Prepare themselves*

Hella: Wait, I'm sorry, but what did he just say?
Did he just call me his 'princess'?

Fairy G: 你 need to watch where 你 would fall dearie...

Rodney: Yea, cause if 你 get yourself injured, don't even expect a princely hero to come...
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Scene 24- Through the treacherous slides/paths(Keep 阅读 to see if it IS just a bunch of treacherous slides/paths)...

Narrator: Hold on, their still sliding on that weird slide and going down...through treacherous paths... *Hears them screaming while sliding on the slides/paths* ...On slides. *Still hears them scream, then shrugs* Okay I guess I'll say that their doomed.

Fairy G: How the hell are we gonna get out of this one smart ass?

Hella: Hey, I can't be thinking of ALL OF the plans here, 你 guys gotta think of something as well!

Rodney: Um, 你 didnt think of ALL OF the plans here-

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First of all, I want to say THANK 你 to all 迪士尼 Princess 粉丝 who have participated in this countdown. Enjoy!

I included every romantic time of the princesses. 花木兰 was not included because she never spent romantic time with Shang in the movie.

30. Fixing together

Tiana and Naveen spent time together fixing the old sugar mill for the place of their restaurant. Making their dream come true...

- "Bleh, that's the man's job. :P" - nevermind606
- "Sounds 更多 like hard freaking work than romantic fun." - DreamyGal

But SG1-090 had a different opinion:
"Aw I'd like to fix a place up together!...
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