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 So excited to see it this Friday. :D
So excited to see it this Friday. :D
I'm doing this 文章 in honour of the fact that 《勇敢传说》 just came out, and I can't wait to see it. It's definitely not the typical princess movie. Before we begin, I want to say that I hope hope hope HOPE that Merida will be added to the line-up, because I think she'll add some valuable traits to the line-up, and I think Punz needs another computer animated character in the line-up so she wont look as harsh against the 2D animated princesses. So here goes, my favourite 迪士尼 Princess movie line-up! :D

10. Beauty and the Beast

No surprise here. If you've read any of my other articles, you'll...
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碧昂斯 Knowles is pretty much the biggest female artist in the world right now and she has ton a songs. So much I can barely keep track of them and I'm just talking about the ones that have 音乐 视频 to them. Obviously, most if not all of her songs are about women. So I figured I could find a song to fit each 迪士尼 Princess. I already made a video/slideshow for it link So let's take a look at the songs I picked.
Snow White-Crazy In Love
This song probably matches the princess the least. It doesn't really fit her personaltiy and neither does the 音乐 video. In fact, none of her songs...
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posted by blossomyumyum
This was inspired 由 starlight77. I thought it was be cool to make my own.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:
Ah, the first 迪士尼 Classic. Now, I'll be honest. I'm not a gigantic 粉丝 of this film. I do like Snow White, she's simply adorable. However, this film is probably my least 最喜爱的 DP one and probably only because it was the first of Disney's, meaning not as good 动画片 as say, Aladdin. Anyway, my 最喜爱的 scene for this movie has to be the first five 或者 so 分钟 before the Forest Scene. It's short, but we get to understand the true meaning of how evil the 皇后乐队 really is.
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Wow, did this 列表 take a long, long time. I made sure to watch every princess movie before this, so I could realize exactly how I felt about each princess. I really wanted to make a 列表 I felt needed no changes, a 列表 I could really be proud of, and I think I finally did that. Enjoy reading.

10.Tiana (#6 on my last list)
I really 爱情 Tiana's loyalty to her father. She works & works, just so she can make him proud and live his dream for him. I wish I had that kind of motivation. She's got a good sense of humor, 你 can tell 由 the way she jokes around with Lottie and doesn't take...
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My name is Jaime :) And I like it :) Oh, and before 你 start thinking I'm a dumb blonde, I promise I'm not :)

I was born in florida - hot, beautiful, sunny palm coast - but then I moved to Canada :| now I travel in between :)

A bit about me:

I 爱情 dancing! It's probably my favourite thing in the world. I hope to be a dancer at some point in my life (a legitimate dancer, not a stripper) I also 爱情 唱歌 :) And I'm an unbelievably HUGE movie buff. My favourites are Titanic, The Dark Knight and The Departed - my favourite 迪士尼 is Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,...
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The 下一个 day, Ariel was in homeroom and some guy who was sitting 下一个 to blondie asked Ariel "Hey, is that your natural hair color?"
Ariel replied "Yeah."
"It's gorgeous." the guy replied back.
"This is Flynn 或者 你 can call him Eugene. We're dating at the mo." The blondie said.
"Hey Rapunzel, nice extensions. What's it made of?" 说 a dude who walked past Rapunzel.
She quickly 说 "Your mom's chest hair!!!" (Not really)
"I'm Rapunzel."
"Hi, I'm Ariel. Do 你 guys know where Room G is?"
Flynn took and looked at Ariel's agenda and 说 "Health Tuesday/Thursday Room G"
"I think it's in the back building."...
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posted by MagicPrincess
Tiana wears a total of 9 outfits (grown up) in the movie making her the princess with the most dress changes.

9. La'Bouffs' 伪装 Dress:
I 爱情 Tiana and all, but in this dress? BLEEUUUGGHH!!! Hate the design, hate the color and whaddup with that headdress?
 Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)
Umm, not the one in the poofy dress :)

8. Cal's Dress:
Tiana's Cal's dress is quite nice I guess. Almost looks like Alice's dress but that's just me. The color is pretty!
 Not bad :)
Not bad :)

7. 橙子, 橙色 Outfit:
This looks quite cute but I don't know if 橙子, 橙色 is her color :-/
 I don't think so
I don't think so

6. Duke's Dress:
This dress cute, love...
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posted by Pink_Love
Seen this done && I am a little bored so I decided to do this. Hope 你 enjoy.

My name is Nicole. I am 20 years old...I just recently had my 20th birthday...Decemeber 4th.
I am in college to become a Nurse. College is hard but it is fun. I live at 首页 still with my parents.(everything is free). I 爱情 sports. I can watch 或者 play sports all day. I cant get enough. I am a little crazy during football season because i am so nervous my team will not win. But thankfully my 最喜爱的 team had a pretty good 年 in 2011. && I am currently on a diet. Diets suck~! I have 迷失 28 pounds...
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posted by BB2010
Hi! After seeing quite a few members doing these 文章 I decided to give it a shot. :) Hope I don't bore you

My name is Brianna. I live in Washington, I'm 18 years old, I have 7 siblings (two older half sisters, one older whole sister, a stepsister and a stepbrother, and one little halfsister), I'm a vegetarian, and I am currently taking my third 年 of my culinary arts class :)

I was born two days before 圣诞节 in Tacoma and lived there for 3 years until my mom moved me and my three older sisters to the 安全 little town Port Angeles.

When I was a baby I was diagnosed with autism....
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Well, I read other 最喜爱的 princess 文章 and thought I should make my own. This is my first article. Feel free to express your opinions, but please don't leave mean, nasty comments.

10. Aurora

I don't hate her, and I don't necessarily dislike her personality. But Aurora barely does anything. She basically sang, danced, and cried. Her personality just wasn't that strong. The three 精灵 were 更多 enjoyable. So Aurora did nothing to impress me in her whole 18 minutes.

9. Snow White

I found her to be a little 更多 interesting than Aurora. Snow White seemed to have been focused...
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Here's the fourth 文章 for the Best 迪士尼 Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 11 to 20. Enjoy!

Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess hair style countdown: places 41-51 文章 link
Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess hair style countdown: places 31-40 文章 link
Read the Best 迪士尼 Princess hair style countdown: places 21-30 文章 link

20. 灰姑娘 - low ponytail

I honestly dislike this hair style a lot. It looks so plastic. Actually none of Cinderella's hair styles is particularly nice. I can't believe this made it to the 最佳, 返回页首 20.

I like her bun better :) - callejahLUVSed

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posted by magicfairydust
I haven't seen 魔发奇缘 yet, so Rapunzel's not in this. (these are in no particular order)
Aladdin and Jasmine
Romantic Chemistry: scale of 1-10 (10)
These two are just so in 爱情 你 can just feel it. They've had this indescribable bond right from the start. Sure, they've had their fair share of arguments, but in the end, it's just two kids in love. <3
 eh ma god what is she doing......
eh ma god what is she doing......

Belle and the Beast
Romantic Chemistry: 8.5
Here's a couple that had to learn to 爱情 each other from hating each other from the beginning. It shows that they really trust each other and were able to see beyond...
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Basically what the 标题 says. This is my first 文章 and this is my 列表 of 最喜爱的 "sidekicks". Criticism on how to improve is welcome just no negative 评论 please. Anyway on to the main point of this.

10. Pascal- Rapunzel

Ok 魔发奇缘 粉丝 don't hurt me *brandishes frying pan*. It's not that I don't like him. He's cute, he changes 颜色 and he likes to stick his tongue in Flynn's ear... um ew. I mean really that's all he does. He sits on Rapunzel's shoulder and looks like some sort of demented parrot. As for Max the horse I decided not to count him in here. Yes he's considered...
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嘿 everyone, so this 文章 is about my 最喜爱的 DP wardrobes. I´m taking into acount the whole wardrobe of just the original film, so outfits from the sequels are not included. I am judging the wardrobe as a whole, so even if a single outfit of the wardrobe is my favorite, I have to take the other ones into acount as well. I might write another 文章 later with my 最喜爱的 outfits. As with other lists, I might change my mind later on, so here it is.

I do like her dress, but I don´t find it that special and it´s the only thing she wears during the entire movie.
My favorite...
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posted by QueenAnnelise
Ahhh the good old days! When 你 could just lay on your 粉, 粉色 床, 床上 and dream about a royal lifestyle, about a handsome prince, about that perfect dress that would make 你 look stunning, and, in my case, about leading a kingdom made up of chocolate. I remember wanting to be like Mulan, strong yet graceful;or like Jasmine, owning a tiger without it eating her. Yet, my 最喜爱的 will always be Belle. Other than the clever name(every time someone mentioned it they would be obligated to call 你 beautiful) she saw who Prince Adam (the Beast) truly was. A hurt man desperate for a friend.

Now I'm...
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posted by KaitouSamurai2
"Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope 你 like me."

-Deborah Kerr as Anna Leonowens in The King and I

Helloes! I'm KaitouSamurai2, 或者 KS2. My name is Aja (Ah-jah). And no, that's not a nickname either. My mom named me after that Steely Dan album, Aja (Ay-jah), but with different pronunciation as 你 can see. The only nicknames I've ever received in my life so far is A.J., A-J-A (because my friend really couldn't remember how to pronounce my name right), Obi-Wan, and Mufasa (like how the hyenas say it in that scene XD). I was the smart one out...
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posted by cuteasprincie
 Me Capturing Photographs from my Camera when I went to Prairies last Year!!I know Its a Small pic :P
Me Capturing Photographs from my Camera when I went to Prairies last Year!!I know Its a Small pic :P
First Name: Ashley

Country of Origin:United States and My Dad is American and my Mom's French...

Favorite 迪士尼 Movie:I Adore all of them but The 最喜爱的 is Beauty and the Beast.. :)

Hobbies:Sketching,Laughing(lol),Watching Movies,Playing 吉他 and the Main is PHOTOGRAPHY!

Education:Just doing Job!!I'm 24 years old!!

Music I like: Umm..mm...Disney 音乐 由 Alan Menken and Hollywood Musics!!

Movies (besides 迪士尼 movies) that I like:Walk to Remember(I adore it),It's Complicated(2009),World's Greatest Dad(2009),Juno(2007)Hairspray(2007),The Orphanage(2007) etc...

Books I read:Usually,Books by...
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posted by dee389
 Me in Budapest, Hungary in October 2007.
Me in Budapest, Hungary in October 2007.
Hi guys, 你 want to know all about me? Here we go!

My name: Dee Na Nagara

Country of Birth: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

My favourite 迪士尼 movies: Princess and the Frog, 101 Dalmatians, Tangled, Mulan, other 迪士尼 princess movies

My favourite non-Disney movies: Bride Wars, The Sound of Music, Babette's Feast, Anastasia, All 狗 go to Heaven, Letters to Juliet, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera (2004 film), Valentine's Day, The King's Speech, The Young Victoria, Evita, Amadeus, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Titanic

My favourite singers: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Lady...
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This is, as 你 know, the amazing idea from Phantomrose89. Really girl 你 had a moment of illumination with this. It's always nice to know about new people(: Ok. The first thing that 你 have to know about me is that I 爱情 to talk about me! (I'm not selfish at all, I like to share my opinions only), so BEWARE: long 文章 warning. And don't be rude if 你 don't understand some parts, I'm learning!
Imagine if I make this in Spanish it would be twice bigger *-*

First Name:
Andrea but I don't like it, there are too many, call me Andi(:

Country of Origin:
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico (above...
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
phantomrose89 came up with this idea, and I personally think it's really neat. Sure, we know bits and pieces about each other, but 由 answering these 问题 maybe we can get to know each other even better :) So here we go!

 Our first 照片 as a family
Our first 照片 as a family

Name: Lindsey Daniele
"Lindsey" is actually my Dad's middle name. "Doc Lindsey" was our towns Docter for YEARS. My Dad was the last baby he ever delivered, so my Meme decided to name him "Steven Lindsey". "Daniele" was the name my Mom always used for her babydolls. I actually go 由 "Dani", though. Mom and Dad began calling me that when I...
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