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It's a new 日 they were practiceing fighting but Pocahontas looked sad and look at her 项链 and a compace. "What's wronge Pocahontas" asked Belle. "It's something I must decide" 说 Pocahontas. "What is it sweety" 说 Snow White. "Well there are two men that I'm in 爱情 with but I don't know who I will go with" Pocahontas. "They're John Smith and John Rolf right" 说 Ariel. "Yes I'm not sure who what if I leave one broken hearted so much he'll die what if I choose wronge what if....." 说 Pocahontas. "What if 你 make the right one 你 should listen to your 心 like I did" 说 Mulan. "But there voices around me....." 说 Pocahontas. "Can help just listen to the one that works the best" 说 Ariel. "I had to decide out of many fake peococks but I chosed for 爱情 and someone nobody would expect but I 爱情 him" 说 Jasmine. "I know who mine is he even slayed a dragon from me" 说 Aurora. "I got the one who made me feel so wonderful for once my life was perfect" 说 Cinderella. "Oh I knew my prince would come" 说 Snow White. "I fell for a beast who was mean and was cruel but turned out to be sweet and kind and a handsome prince" 说 Belle. "I found mine 由 unexpectedly if just sorta happened" 说 Mulan. "Mine was unexpected too cause for one a talking frog and I TURNED INTO A FROG and we fell in 爱情 unexpectedly" 说 Tiana. "Mine was someone who made me fell wonderful and I haven't felt that way since my..... my mother" 说 Ariel. "I miss my mother too this is my mothers necklace" 说 Pocahontas. "I'm here Pocahontas" 说 a mysterious voice. "Mother is that you" asked Pocahontas. "Yes it's me my daughter" 说 her mother. She runs to hug the ghostly form of her mother. "I miss 你 so much" 说 Pocahontas. "There, there it's going to be alright I'm dead but I'll always be with 你 now 你 need to listen to your heart" 说 her mother. "Please don't leave I 爱情 你 and miss you" 说 Pocahontas. "I'll be with 你 even if 你 can't see me I'll be in your 心 I 爱情 你 now close your eyes and listen to your heart" 说 her mother. She tried but it was too hard and she opened her eyes but her mother was gone. "Mother, MOTHER PLEASE COME BACK" 说 Pocahontas. So she cried and the princesses comforted her and they talked about their mothers to help make her fell better. Find out what happened 下一个 time who will she choose.
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This is a new game I invented. My mom and I did this last night. It was fun so I decided to turn our discussion into a fun game for everyone to express their opinion.

1. 你 must name only one reason why 你 like/dislike the 迪士尼 Princess.
2. It can be anyone one want (meaning your fav 迪士尼 heroine can be included also)
3. And please don't be rude to my opinions 或者 others.
4. Include pictures also (if 你 can)

I like Ariel because I 爱情 her voice
I dislike her because she does dumb things at the age of 16.

Okay so have fun!
When I reached the parking lot, a shiny black 可兑换, 可转换, 敞篷车 waited for me at the curb.
"Hello, beautiful," it greeted in a British accent.
I staggered back. "A talking car?!"
"Oh, don't fuss, love. Anything's possible." The driver door opened automatically.
I climbed inside and put my hands on the wheel. "This is sooo much better than my pickup truck."
The car made a disgusted sound. "Pickup trucks. Disgusting things. It should've been a crime to invent them."
"By the way, what's your name?" I asked as I started the car.
"You may call me Car. Simple." He sounded smug.
Let's see what else this...
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Keep in mind that it is HIGHLY inappropriate! There's no nudity, but it has really bad language so viewer discretion!! Princess Jasmine's the third main character. She sings this song loosely inspired 由 Part of Your World.
茉莉, 茉莉花
So, this is the song I wrote about 《冰雪奇缘》 when I was supposed to do my math homework. It's about when Anna decides to go off and 搜索 for Elsa, but idk where it could fit into the movie. I'll get around to posting a video - probably a lyric video with me 唱歌 in the background, 或者 maybe just me singing, idek, because I'm too lazy for editing most days.

So, here we go

Until You're Home

Snow falls,
I breathe in,
The cold air,
and I'm trying

I won't stop
'till I find (you)
they say you'll hurt me,
I say they're out of their minds

Frozen fear,
It falls on me
Everyone thinks I'll repeat history
and there...
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Hello everyone! This is the first of many 文章 soon to come and I hope 你 enjoy 阅读 this just as much as I did 写作 it :)

For each 文章 I will write about;

1. How much I enjoyed/disliked the movie as a child

2. How much I have forgotten

3. Princess (will she be higher on my 列表 或者 lower?)

4. Movie (will the movie be higher on my 列表 或者 lower?)

5. Rating

6. How much has my opinion changed?

7. Would I watch it again?

Tonight's rewatch: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Last time watched: 2001 (seriously, how can I consider myself a 迪士尼 Princess 粉丝 if I waited THIS LONG to watch this...
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This is my 列表 of 最喜爱的 DP 电影院 in order :)

11. Brave
When the commercials for this movie came out I was so incredibly excited. I've always been excited for 电影院 that feature women who can uses swords 或者 bow and arrows (It's why I 爱情 Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean and why I 爱情 Yona from the 日本动漫 Yona of the Dawn). The way the movie was advertised it looked like it was going to be about a mother and daughter who fight about what she should do for her future, there's an adventure in an 着魔 forest that'd almost be like Terabithia and a lot of other badass stuff.

I go...
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 The 图标 I'm currently using
The icon I'm currently using
It’s been 8 months since I wrote my first “Getting to know me” article, so I thought about making a new one. Ok, let’s get started.

My life

As 你 may already know, my name is Eunice. I’m 16 years old and I live in Madrid (Spain). Currently, I’m studying 1st of Bachillerato (11th grade, I think). My favourite subjects are classical languages (Latin and Greek) and French. My least favourite ones are P. E. and English.

 Madrid's skyline
Madrid's skyline

My hobbies (my obsessions)

Obviously, one of my big obsessions is Disney, especially DPs. 迪士尼 电影院 are so magical… My favourite ones are Treasure...
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How is everyone today?
Anyway some of 你 might know/remember that I am currently conducting a series of 民意调查 in order to eliminate every DP First Encounter to find out which one is the best. We're currently up to the 最佳, 返回页首 four, but I shall do the bottom half today and let 你 know the 最佳, 返回页首 five when it's all ready.
I define first encounter as when the couple first communicate with each other and are face to face, therefore when Ariel sees Eric on the 船, 小船 dancing with Max, I did not count that one and instead counted the encounter she had with him in Part of your World Reprise.
So when...
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I'm going to make this short. And I'm not going to include Merida and Tiana because I haven't seen 《勇敢传说》 或者 Princess and the Frog in over a year. My opinions change a lot (although Ariel will always be my number one). I just put these in a rough order. And actually I'm not going to include Anna and Elsa either. I'll make this mercifully short though.

9. Pocahontas
I hate to put Pocahontas last. She deserves 更多 爱情 for sure. It's just that I like cute people. She's not very cute. I think she's great because she's wise, strong, brave, and adventurous. I just don't like her as much as the rest....
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