I Know Why the Princess Sings

Just as 灰姑娘 graciously bids good morning with such romantic fervor, Snow White sends well wishes that are not unlike the dreams of 爱情 and hope Aurora has sung of before. While Belle muses of the great wide beyond her poor provincial place and 茉莉, 茉莉花 bemoans her gilded palace cage, the restless twain are armed with the familiar faith Tiana holds to as she prays her labors and pains will 熊 水果 someday. Facing profound confliction, 花木兰 ponders upon her contrasting reflection just as Pocahontas meditates on which path is true to imitate. Sure as light, Elena's valor takes flight and shines the way, creating monumental waves of positive change like Moana who triumphantly proclaims her own name with the same level of conviction Merida conveys as she opposes her would be fate. Inspired with a great exuberance to live, Rapunzel leaps into the unknown, Anna seizes her moment, Elsa discovers the strength to relinquish her fears, and dear Ariel dares to reach beyond her great barrier reef. Dare to Dream, Keep in Mind Your Strengths and Reach for the Stars for to Work is to Pray +_0