So this was a topic that was brought up a couple weeks 以前 that brought on a big debate. There were people who 说 a fat princess wouldn't be a good role model, that obesity kills people, that just because there's only thin princesses doesn't mean kids are going to worry about it, that the princesses have to be beautiful, etc.

I used to read a lot of 图书 and watch a lot of tv growing up, mostly Harry Potter and Disney. As much as I 爱情 the Harry Potter series and 迪士尼 movies, the way fat people are depicted is really upsetting. I mean there's Dudley who's described as being as fat as a baby orca and then there the comedy relief in 迪士尼 电影院 who are fat half the time (Mr Smee, Gus, Le Fou, etc) 或者 there's times where the ugly people are fat (Ursula).

I've been chubby all my life and I've been made fun of for the rolls on my stomach and I've had to deal with 评论 about what I'd be eating. Half of the time it'd be from sisters and the other half from school. So seeing how fat people are depicted in media made me feel even worse about myself.

I know what some of 你 are going to say:
"I was made fun of for how I look but I didn't try to change anything about myself!"

Here's the thing though; everyone is different. 你 can be made fun of for being too skinny and still not try to change anything about yourself, 你 can be made fun of for being too fat and still not try to change anything about yourself. There's people with a lot of confidence, and there's people with almost no confidence.

"But an obese princess could encourage kids to be overweight!"

Not if done right! There are people who are fat who are still healthy, it just takes forever to lose weight. If we had a princess who was overweight and wasn't shown eating in every scene she's in 或者 at least be eating healthy foods then that could help encourage kids to eat healthier. Also Idk about 你 guys but it's not like skinny people in 电影院 或者 图书 are great role 模特 when it came to eating healthier too. There's been characters who eat what they want and still not gain a pound, what does that tell kids?


"I wanna stuff some 浓情巧克力 in my face"

Almost every episode/movie these two are in they eat their weight in 食物

Fun fact: My husband is chubbier than me. He weighs a couple hundred pounds but he's not unhealthy. In fact he's healthier than I am. He goes on 更多 walks than me, works out more, eats better (sometimes I just don't eat 或者 I eat something unhealthy) and he loses only a little weight at a time. Me? I could almost pass for thin but I don't have the same routine as him. I don't eat breakfast like him (he almost always eats oatmeal), I rarely go on walks with him, and most of my diet consists of sandwiches, chips, and chocolate. I'll eat something healthy every now and then but it's not as much as my husband.

"But obesity kills people!"

True but 你 know what else kills peope? Anorexia and bulimia

"Princesses have to be beautiful!"

Please don't think this way, it's hurtful. Not everyone fits into the idea of beauty, there's going to be some fat people 你 don't think is pretty just like there's going to be skinny people 你 don't think is pretty.

Also it's also not that hard to make animated women of all shapes and sizes be beautiful. There's beautiful animated fat women, buff women, and short women

Rose Quartz from Steven Universe

Amethyst from Steven Universe

Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Fairy Mary from 小叮当

Jasper from Steven Universe

Rubies from Steven Universe

Korra from Legend of Korra

Sadie from Steven Universe

Sapphire from Steven Universe