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Okay we've officially finished the countdown so as promised here's the 文章 featuring the results! This 文章 will not only 显示 the results, each scene will include my thoughts, the thoughts of the participants, and there will be comparisons to the last time I did this countdown!

Here we go!

10. Merida crying and saying sorry to her mom
Original placement: none (it wasn't in the last countdown)
I've had mixed 评论 about this scene. There were people who 说 they thought this scene was sad because Merida thought she 迷失 her mom forever but then other people 说 that Merida should have done this a long time ago. While I do agree that Merida should have apologized a long time ago, I honestly cry when Merida is hugging her 熊 mom and saying that she's sorry and how her mother had always been there for her. I feel like this scene could have been used at least in the middle of the movie instead of near the end.

9. Ariel crying after King Triton destroyed her collection
Original placement: 13
I've had people say that this scene wasn't sad because "it was just stuff" but here's the thing, to Ariel it wasn't just stuff. This was a collection she had been building for who knows how long and her father just flat out destroyed it. If this was something that happened in real life I doubt there would be anyone just shrugging it off. I'm glad this scene was able to make it to the 最佳, 返回页首 ten compared to the last time.

8. 灰姑娘 crying because her mother's dress gets ripped up
Original placement: 4
The whole scene, starting from Tremaine getting the stepsisters to tear up the dress, to 灰姑娘 crying in her garden and losing hope just felt like one big rollercoaster of emotions. There's suspicioun when Tremaine says "I never go back on my word", to nervous realization when Tremaine is pointing out Cinderella's wearing Drizella's beads, shock as the sisters tear the dress apart while 灰姑娘 is begging them to stop, and then sadness when 灰姑娘 is standing there, as she looks at her shredded dress. What makes this so much 更多 sad is-
1. Not only did her 老友记 work so hard on getting the dress ready for her while she worked 2. She was so happy when her 老友记 surprised her with it
3. the dress belonged to her deceased mother.
I feel like this scene could have been higher up on the list

7. "I see nothing!"
Original placement: 14
This one had mixed 评论 as well; there were people who 说 the scene didn't last long enough to be sad, that it was just her feeling sorry for herself, etc. It's pretty clear early on in the movie that her family members don't have too much faith in her when she had to meet the matchmaker; Fa Zhou practically begged the ancestors to help 花木兰 impress the matchmaker, Fa Li 说 she should have prayed to the ancestors for luck, and Grandma got a lucky cricket. Obviously Mulan's family 爱情 her very much but if your family was like this about 你 wouldn't 你 have self doubt? 花木兰 even sang a song about how she had to be someone she wasn't so she wouldn't break her family's heart. I'm glad this scene was ranked higher on this list

6. The King and Queen's scene before releasing the lanterns.
Original placement: 7
I've had people say the scene was too short and that we didn't know too much about these characters. What always got me about this scene was 你 didn't even need to hear the King 或者 皇后乐队 say anything to feel sad, 你 could see it on their faces how much they missed their baby and how worried they were about her. And 你 have the 皇后乐队 looking sad but almost looking like she was trying to assure her husband that there was some hope. Nothing could ever compare to the pain of losing a child, especially if that child was missing for so long and there's no sure way of knowing if that child will be found.

5. The village, the rest of the army, and Shang's father dead
Original placement: None (wasn't in the countdown last time)
Once again, mixed comments. There were people who 说 it was sad because not only a whole village died but also because Shang 迷失 his father, someone Shang had idolized and clearly loved very much, and then I had 评论 where it was 更多 shocking than sad. I'd have to say I agree with both! I remember when I was watching this for the first time I was 5 或者 6 and I was so surprised that I was seeing the remains of an army and seeing a burned out village with no survivors (in a 迪士尼 movie no less!) but then I was so sad to see that Shang's father had died as well. I didn't put this scene in last time because I wasn't so sure if anyone was going to find it sad but then after watching it again before starting this countdown I knew I just had to put it in this countdown

4. The dwarfs crying because of Snow White's death
Original placement: 3
In this countdown and the last one would have a few 得票数 throughout the countdown about how it was hard to be sad when it was obvious she was going to come back. However, this is one of those death scenes that will tug at your heartstrings even if we all knew there were going to be a happy ending. This scene was a good length, the organ 音乐 playing was sad, and the way the characters were animated when they cried was done so well. I don't know why, but when Grumpy starts crying I just lose it.

3. Ariel crying at the pier
Original placement: 5
I remember the last time I did this countdown I had this 评论 where it was Ariel's own fault and that's why it wasn't sad. This time it was the opposite, I had 评论 about how sad it was that she was losing her freedom. Those of 你 who've seen my 评论 或者 最喜爱的 princess 列表 would know that Ariel isn't exactly my 最喜爱的 princess and that I 问题 her choice in just selling her soul for a guy she barely knew. However I did feel really sad for Ariel when she was not only losing a guy she loved, she was going to lose her freedom, never see her family and 老友记 again, and live forever as an ugly plant in Ursula's cave. If that doesn't make 你 sad I don't know what to tell you

2. Beast's death
Original placement: 1
This was a really well done death scene, I can't think of any death scene that tops this one (besides number 1 on the lsit) Even though we all knew Beast was going to be okay here's why this scene was so sad:
1. The music, my goodness, the 音乐 was done so well with this scene
2. "At least I got to see 你 one last time"
3. That's really Paige O'Hara crying. She was so commited to the role that she made herself cry so intensly that the directors had to ask if she was okay
4. The way Belle was animated as she cried and pleaded him not to die was perfect enough to bring some tears to the viewers' eyes. Like the way she covered her mouth in shock and shook her head.
5. And then we see the last petal falling and the servants are sad because not only is their master dead, they're trapped as 着魔 objects forever.

1. Eugene's death
Original placement: 2
I'm going to be honest; I didn't think this scene was going to last long in either countdown. I mean the first words in the movie were literally "This is the story of how I died" so we all knew it was going to be okay. I remember 18 年 old me was watching this the first time and thinking "Wow, thanks for the spoiler..." but then when the actual death scene came up...I was still crying. I've even read some Rapunzel stories when I was a kid and I still wasn't expecting Rapunzel to be able to heal Eugene with her tears. But all of that aside, here's some reasons why people found this scene so sad.
1. Rapunzel wanting so badly to heal Eugene that she's promising to give up her freedom (she never, ever breaks a promise, remember?)
2. Eugene begging Rapunzel not to heal him because he doesn't want her to live the rest of her life locked up
3. And then there's the sacrifice Eugene made. Eugene, a man who at the beginning of the movie left behind two partners to be arrested without a 秒 thought, tried to manipulate Rapunzel's 爱情 for Gothel to go back to the tower, and was going to use the thugs at the Snuggly 小鸭 to scare Rapunzel enough to make her want to go back to her tower, cut off all of Rapunzel's hair without hesitation 或者 a 秒 thought because while knowing he was going to die without it he knew at least she'd be free.
4. Rapunzel tearfully 唱歌 the healing song even though she probably knew it wouldn't work
5. "You were my new dream" "And 你 were mine"
6. And finally, Rapunzel soflty 唱歌 the song one last time after he's gone while a tear falls from her face

I hope 你 guys had fun with this countdown and I hope 你 all like the results! :)
Results are in! Who's the 最喜爱的 team of fans? 粉丝 had voted and the winner is indisputable. So, i'll get straight to it.

Just a side note, sorry I got caught up at work and I know the 民意调查 were done sometime back already, but posting the results 文章 for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the results:

18. Tiana, Naveen, Louis and 射线, 雷
17. Aurora and Forest 老友记
16. Merdia team - Angus and Triplets
15. Snow White and forest animals
14. Rapunzel team - Pascal, Flynn and Maximus
13. 花木兰 and army friends
12. Belle and Philippe
11. Eric team - Grimsby and Max

10. Pocahontas team - Nakoma, Meeku, Flit...
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I basically got this idea from anukriti and maidoforleans but never got around to 写作 this until now.

Not at All Relatable
These are the princesses that I don’t relate to and don’t identify 或者 find myself in them at all. They are also the ones whom I consider the best role 模特 (except for Tiana), because they have traits that I don’t.


She’s an amazing role model. Yeah, she likes 阅读 and adventures, but that doesn’t make her relatable to me. She’s too much of a perfection to be relatable. Speaking of which, I’m not convinced Belle’s actually that adventurous....
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