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Pocahontas was lying on the floor wishing the pain would stop. She held tight to her stomach as it stabbed her with increasing pain. She tried to get up, but the pain dragged her back down. As she fell back down, she felt her stomach cringe up so hard, it made her pain excruciating. She screamed as she struggled. The others heard her all the way from the 厨房 and rushed to her. They were in the room in seconds.

"POCAHONTAS! What's wrong?" John asked frightened. "I DON'T KNOW!" Pocahontas screamed. She cried out once more. "Just calm down." John reassured. "Shang, ride into town and get the others!" 花木兰 ordered. Shang ran out to his horse and went to get Ling, Chien-Po, and Yao. In urgent request, he'd also need their wives, Mei, Su, and Ting-Ting.

"WHAT DO WE DO?!?" Merida asked. "We have to get her to the hospital!" 花木兰 answered. "OK, what do we do until yer other 老友记 get here?" Merida asked. "Get me some hot water and a towel." 花木兰 ordered. Merida dashed to the bathroom and back. 花木兰 dipped the towel in the water and and patted Pocahontas' sweaty forehead and abdomen. "It's going to be OK." she soothed.
At the hospital, Ting-Ting came in the waiting room with some news. "The baby's fine." she said. Everyone took a sigh of relief. "Thank heaven!" 花木兰 and Merida 说 in usion. "From what the doctors said, it could've been from stress. They're running some tests just in case." Ting-Ting continued. "When can we see her?" John asked. "John, I know you're worried about her, but 你 need to breathe." Ting-Ting said. John stormed out in anger. Merida went after him.

"Why are 你 表演 this way?" Merida asked. "I have a reason! My wife may have a life-threatening condition!" John snarled. "Didn't 你 hear Ting-Ting? They're RUNNING TESTS." Merida replied. "I don't care if they're running tests 或者 not! Pocahontas' life was at steak! She could've 迷失 the baby!" John argued. That last sentence shook up Merida like crazy. "I-I-I didn't mean it like that." John stated, realizing he got ahead of himself. "I know, but 你 got to keep your head." Merida replied sternly but calmly. Thankfully, she quickly got over what John said!

"I cannot lose her!" John croaked. Merida saw what looked like a tear coming down from his eye. NO ONE saw John Smith cry before. Not even Pocahontas! "John..." Merida stopped short, not knowing what else to say. Merida wasn't good at comforting people when they were distressed. She saw the curtain fly open.

"What's going on?" Shang asked. John tried to stay tough, but couldn't as he broke down. "Shang, I don't know what to do!" Merida confessed. Shang sighed sadly. He knew what kind of horrible anxiety John was going through, but had to put his thoughts in perspective. "John, Pocahontas WILL be OK. She's just kind of sick right now. I guarantee 你 she's being treated 由 the best doctors in this village." he consoled. John looked up with his teary blue eyes. (A/N I don't really know what color they are because I sometimes forget those features after watching a movie.)

"Pocahontas is going to be fine." Merida chimed in. John took a deep breath. "You're all right. I guess it was a crazy thought process." he 说 trying to be funny. Shang and Merida knew he wasn't being funny as they looked at each other. "Well, let's go in." he 说 breaking the silence. He walked toward the entrance as Shang and Merida followed. "I wonder why the princesses are here." Merida stated. "They've agreed to watch Ping." Shang replied.
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Bonjour! This 列表 couldn't be 更多 simple!

(It's not what I believe so to speak, I did do some research, but if 你 believe something else and have a justification, 你 can tell me in the comments.)

Snow White - Fourteen - the youngest 迪士尼 princess

灰姑娘 - One of the eldest 迪士尼 Princesses at nineteen

Aurora - Sixteen, as it says so in her movie

Ariel - Sixteen, as it says in her movie "Daddy, I'm sixteen. I'm not a child anymore."

Belle - Seventeen.

茉莉, 茉莉花 - Fifteen. There's been some 辩论 about this; but most websites believe she's fifteen

Pocahontas - Eighteen. Although...
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It's been ages since I wrote this 文章 last time, I've only written this 文章 once so this is my 2nd article, hope you'll like this 文章 :)

Snow White - link

If 你 change some of the lyrics this one totally 《金装律师》 Snow White, she knew that her stepmother was dangerous, but despite that she took a bite of the poisned 苹果 that her stepmother (who at that point was in a disguise) had offered her

Cinderella - link

This song 《金装律师》 most of the princesses, but I think it 《金装律师》 灰姑娘 best, after she danced with Charming she didn't have time to tell him how much she loved him,...
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Well, it seems like everyone has done such an 文章 after dimitri_'s excellent idea so here's mine:

1. What name would 你 change yours to?

Aurora. I 爱情 how it sounds and its meaning and also I'd 爱情 it if people were calling me Rory.

2. Which skills would 你 like to develop?

I would definitely want to have Pocahontas' ability of climbing on the trees, jumping off the rocks and doing everything she does during Just Around The Riverbend.

3. Who would 你 want for a parent?

I really 爱情 my parents, but if I had to choose, I'd like to have Mulan's parents, they adore her and...
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 由 Silverrose1991
by Silverrose1991
Erm..not sure if we're supposed to be posting these yet, 或者 what, but this is why our team loves our princess, Snow White. I hope 你 enjoy :)

Members of Team Snow White Include:
-Me (dclairmont)


I 爱情 Snow White because she doesn't let the hardships get to her and keep a positive outlook. She believes that 你 are the one who can "fill the word with sunshine", you're the one with the power to make yourself happy. She is sweet and gentle, but can be energetic and firm when needed to be. She feels the need to be loved. That shows the abuse took...
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It's been about two months since I wrote one of these articles, but seeing as only two spots have remained the same, I thought it would be a good time to update it! Well, I hope 你 guys enjoy 阅读 :)

13. Ariel
Previously: 12

Ariel is a great princess, no doubt, but when I think about it, nothing about her entices me. I can't really 列表 a single thing I 爱情 about her. She's cute, yes, she's passionate, yes, she's adventurous and driven, yes, but I don't really care about those qualities. I suppose her naivety to the human world is endearing, but her irresponsible, rash, forgetful, reckless...
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嘿 guys :) I've been active on this spot for a while so I thought I should write an article. I decided to start with this since everyone wrote these kind of articles.

Basic Info:
My name is Dania Murad and I was born on November 23, 1999. I am 14 years old. Currently, I live in Canada with my parents and my 8 year-old sister.

My 最喜爱的 迪士尼 things:
If 你 didn't know, I really 爱情 Frozen. It's my 最喜爱的 movie and it has my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princess (Elsa) and it's high on most of my lists, but it's not always first. I also really 爱情 Tangled, 《勇敢传说》 and PatF. So basically all the modern...
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Not sure if 你 all have seen my ramblings on the wall, but I've converted! I am now officially a Merida 粉丝 (not that I wasn't before, but just recently I've fallen in 爱情 with her 更多 than ever before). She's now sixth on my 列表 including Anna and Elsa, and fourth not including them. This kind of came out of nowhere, but lately I'm over the moon about her and I think it's a good time to write one of these 文章 for her. I've already written one for Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Tiana, Elsa, and Anna, and plan on making one for all of the princesses at some point....
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It's real! Check the 描述 of the video for the source.
And this is why I'm looking 前锋, 期待 to Idina Menzel doing the voice of Elsa. 你 know, it would be awesome if she sang a badass villain song. Almost all the best songs in 迪士尼 are the villain songs.
I know this late, but to commerate the 100th anniversary of Titanic.
Sorry for the quality, she has a lovely voice!
I found this very funny.
This is the Romanian version, enjoy!
This is not my video! Credit: Disney.
This is not my video! Credit: Disney.
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