Prince Phillip is one of the most progressive 迪士尼 male characters that were initially born into royalty even judging 由 the modern standards.

As the audience is introduced to his adult self it’s established distinctly and beforehand that he is not invested in leading a snobbish, pompous and obnoxious life style when it comes to his daily activities and would rather take a walk 由 himself and with his favourite horse than hang out and surround himself solely and strictly with people of his class/royal background for the sake of upholding his status. He is capable of maintaining a princely grace while remaining true to his interests and without complaining about how burdening, unspectacular and boring his luxurious life is - rather than complaining Phillip takes it upon himself to put effort and energy into making his existence entertaining, adventurous and thrilling without crossing the line into mindless partying 或者 intense process of throwing money away 由 acquiring unnecessary but immensely expensive material items. When Phillip first sees Aurora and hears her 唱歌 it’s worth highlighting a crucial point of him being an exceptionally good listener - he doesn’t interrupt her in order to flirt 或者 engage her with his irresistible good looks but carefully, attentively, closely listens to WHAT she sings about and conveys through her song which gives him a raw sketch of the type of a relationship she prefers. Aurora doesn’t merely look 前锋, 期待 to any type of a romantic involvement, she needs someone to - paraphrasing slightly - “sing with her” which essentially symbolizes her desire to find a person that would complete her, interact with her on both emotional and physical level, perceive her wishes and outlooks on what she expects from romance. Yes, she wants it to be a 爱情 at first sight which she is well within her right to aspire to achieve, not settling for any less than what she longs for. Aurora needs someone who is going to instantly appreciate her with no additional complications entailed 或者 having/being obligated to prove her worth. Phillip mindfully gets the grasp of the concept and respects that hence initiating the conversation and being the one to prove to her that he is deserving of being 给 a honor of a 秒 glance. Making her dream come true - quite literally - as awkwardly and hesitantly as possible he tries to the best of his ability for their first meeting to be a special, memorable and pleasant experience for Aurora - once again, because rather than being smitten with her gorgeousness and outlining plans for impending marriage he listened with care and consideration to the way her idea of romance works.

After spending the evening together Aurora is being enormously confused about her feelings and further actions thus attempting to run away and at one point straight up stating they should “never” see each other again. Being that close to facing an irreversible and irrevocable rejection Phillip, remarkably, doesn’t switch to offended “friendzoned/nice guy” stereotype whose efforts weren’t payed off (along the lines of “I bought her 晚餐 and she 说 she doesn’t want to 日期 me!”) and insists that maybe they could meet tomorrow letting HER decide and have the final word on the subject and the final word ends up being “today”. Seeing as Aurora is considerably 更多 smart and thoughtful than people tend to give her a credit for she reasonably picks her Aunties’ cottage for their 下一个 日期 rather than choosing to run away with a stranger 或者 agreeing to go to his place without informing her guardians (my precious underrated Aurora is the most appropriate and fitting 皇后乐队 material seeing as not only does she have an exemplary sense of responsibility and dignity but in the light of the upcoming events she graciously marks herself as one and only 迪士尼 princess who always and with no petty arguing induced 由 teenage angst chose to place her princess duties and obligations above personal goals and needs, not for once compromising 或者 neglecting them even when her 心 was breaking into million tiny pieces after being bluntly informed her entire life was a lie and she now has to carry an additional weight of being in charge of the Kingdom - for now as a princess and one 日 as a Ruler - but most importantly can never reunite with the first person she ever developed genuine and overwhelming feelings for. But fine, back to the center of the post which is Phillip and his poignantly refreshing characterization).

Once back palace the lovesick prince is confronted 由 his father and talked 由 the latter into arranged marriage which is supposed to occur for political reasons and Phillip, rather than deviating from a natural attraction he felt towards the peasant girl in the woods who - as he thought at the moment - wasn’t from his league regarding social standing and reducing their shared moments of emotional connection to simple but frustratingly short term communication, directly addresses the outdated nature of his father’s values, accuses him in not being progressive enough and intends to marry a girl with no royal privileges (again, based on what Phillip knew at that point) because after listening, processing and UNDERSTANDING what kind of a relationship/romance she strove for he respected and accepted her outlook, being willing to give her a fairy tale and ask for her hand since he already fell in 爱情 with her “at once”, just like in her song. Out of all the princes Phillip has the most regard for his significant other’s desires and wishes. And obviously, he goes to the cottage where they were to meet instead of conforming to his father’s - the King, mind 你 - and society’s problematic notions of marriage. He isn’t in the same disadvantageous situation as Aurora who was ripped from her parents at infant age due to a vengeful sorcerer attempting to murder her and was provided with no choice other than to reunite with her loving but estranged mom and dad that had to make a grand sacrifice of never seeing their daughter growing up on behalf of her safety. Phillip, on the other hand, had an extensive amount of freedom and used it wisely and for the sake of standing for the right thing and defy unreasonable societal norms.

Obligatory mention of the fact that Phillip was not a skilled and professional warrior 或者 a knight in shining armor, but a prince who indeed received some basic sword fighting lessons along with a dozen of other disciplines he was likely forced to study such as economy, finances, management and diplomatic approach towards the relationship with other Kingdoms. Yet once his beloved ends up in danger he instantly and fearlessly throws himself into the battle against seemingly insuperable forces such as fire, ivy with giant thorns and a dragon. Note that the narrative doesn’t resort to traditional “male savior” storyline making Phillip work in a team with the 精灵 who performed most of the physically challenging and dangerous work whereas Phillip obediently and readily followed their orders because he is not a misogynist with a firm belief he knows better and would never risk Aurora’s life for the sake of stealing a spotlight and getting a shining moment for himself. Having fiercely defeated and overcome major obstacles he finds out the only way for Aurora to recover from a deathly eternal sleep is a 吻乐队(Kiss) of true love. The 吻乐队(Kiss) itself is a necessary and quite literally ONLY measure that can save Aurora’s life and if a person is informed they can bring someone back from dead - even if 说 person is a total stranger and not an individual 你 have formed an emotional bond and interacted romantically with previously as in case with Phillip and Aurora - 由 merely planting a 吻乐队(Kiss) on their lips anyone with a modicum of human decency would do it (especially considering it were the 精灵 who determined this way for Aurora’s awakening and not Phillip and they were clearly 更多 knowledgeable on dark magic and how it can be dissolved). Similarly to Ariel and Eric, Aurora and Phillip get their “it was 你 all the time” moment, facing a grand realization about being destined all along but what’s fundamentally important is the fact that - contrary to the concept of arranged marriage - their 爱情 story played out in accordance with the decisions and choices they made together, building up their fate and happiness and completing each other.