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 Wedding 日
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Belle has a chat with Vanessa on the 日 of her wedding
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This 迪士尼跨界(crossover) 照片 might contain 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通.

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 "There is no place I'd rather be than here with you"
"There is no place I'd rather be than here with you"
Chapter 14: Found

John was becoming very fond of Ariel he'd never met anyone like her before she is kind,understanding, and has such a tender 心 qualities that reminded him of Pocahontas but as he missed her when he was with Ariel it was as if all those feelings and the pain that he felt disappeared instantly he looked 前锋, 期待 to meeting her 由 the river near the place where he first laid eyes on her.
"Good morning Ariel", "Good morning John I hoped 你 slept well", "I did thank you" he 说 as he helped her onto the 草 "So what would 你 like to do today?", "Hmm well I was thinking that...
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Chapter 11: Learning

Ariel was so fascinated there were so many human objects that she'd never seen before there was this one that was round like a sand dollar and had this sharp pointy thing it was called a compass but this other object was so peculiar 你 could see your reflection and 你 wear it on 最佳, 返回页首 of your head it was one of the most fascinating things she had ever seen. "It's called a helmet" 说 John, "A 头盔 what's it used for?" Ariel asked, "Well its used to protect your head when your in battle", "Oh well how do I look?", "Like a soldier 你 have the most beautiful name Ariel",...
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Chapter 10: Encounter

It was late at night Ariel traveled for miles she was getting so exhausted she didn't think she could go on anymore when she suddenly saw his ship she was so relieved but she had to rest. She 鸽子 back into the ocean looking at its floor she couldn't find anything that she could possibly rest her head on so she just settled on laying down on the sandy ground and oh how she dreamed of the captain and what he must be like someone who loved adventure and loved to explore new places but was also very kind, caring, and gentle he seemed so amazing.
The 下一个 morning both of them...
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posted by kristenfan10109
 Ariel saves John
Ariel saves John
Chapter 7: Shore

Ariel had carried John Smith all night long thinking in the back of her mind how everyone back 首页 would most likely think of her as a fool for saving another human from drowning knowing the events it had led to last time but she didn't care she knew it was the right thing to do after all anyone deserved to live but especially him because he sacrificed his own life to save another.
When she had finally reached land using every last ounce of she strength she had left she pulled them both up on 支撑, 海岸 but placed herself close enough to the waters edge in case she had to make a...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
Prince Proteus sat in his room, staring out of the window. Once again he found himself confined to this place, like a naughty child, guarded and forbidden to leave 由 his father, King Dymas. The thing was, however, he hadn’t actually done anything wrong; other than refuse one again to marry a woman that his father had picked out for him. There was nothing wrong with Penelope; she was pretty enough and kind and rather funny, although her laugh was somewhat nasal and she found stories to be rather dull and she lacked a sense of adventure and she was somewhat ditzy, but sweet. But Proteus didn’t...
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True to her word, Ariel prepared herself for the festival. She combed her hair and put a 花 in her hair for her ornament. She looked 更多 beautiful than ever, and the other 《美人鱼》 envied her when she entered into the Mistress' royal hall. Citrine, Vermillion, and Noire, the three 《美人鱼》 who jeered at her when they bathed at Misty Falls, wanted to approach her and gave her 更多 annoying digs, but Ariel wouldn't let them. She was quickly surrounded 由 the mermen, who thought her the prettiest mermaid in the festival and did not want to lose a chance of talking to her.

But when the Mistress...
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 个人资料 Pic of CaterdayGirl.
Profile Pic of CaterdayGirl.
Here's the interiew of CaterdayGirl (Voted 由 public.)


-When 你 started to do crossovers?
-About a 年 ago. I found 潮流粉丝俱乐部 由 chance and soon after that I discovered 迪士尼 crossovers.

-At first look what did 你 thought about 迪士尼 crossovers?
-I loved the idea right away. I had never even heard of it when I until I came to this site. I just 爱情 the idea of crossing two different characters together. I just gave a new meaning to my 爱情 of disney.

-Which pairing of friends/relationship do 你 fell in 爱情 at first?
I think it was actually Hercules and Aladdin. When I first found disney...
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 Megara and Kayley The Sisters
Megara and Kayley The Sisters
I know that I haven't finished the other two 粉丝 fictions I started, but I'm still conjuring up endings for them in my insanely blocked mind. But, so I can keep my creative juices flowing, I'm starting another 粉丝 Fiction story :) Megara and Kayley are sisters BTW ;)

"Run! Kayley! Megara! Go!" Julianna screamed to her daughters. Megara grabbed her little sisters arm and they ran for the stables, dodging green flames and flying metal pieces.

"Which way do we go?" Kayley said, looking around for a 安全 haven.

"The only place they won't follow us.... The Forbidden Forest." Meg 说 and dodged horrid...
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Ariel stared at the scene before her. First it had been fire, raining down from the sky like lightening and burning houses here, fields there, and people and 动物 all over Egypt. Then it had been locusts, which wouldn’t have been too bad, except that they were suddenly everywhere, even crawling into bathtubs and into people’s food, spreading disease everywhere. Then the Nile waters had turned into blood and no one had any clean water to drink. Plague and pestilence was everywhere, and each 秒 she had to watch the people of Egypt staggering under festering boils and oozing sores and...
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