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 Timon meets Mushu
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couldn't resist doing this when I saw the picture of Timon.
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 Flynn pretended to still be asleep..
Flynn pretended to still be asleep..
Dec. 4th ….. 3 weeks ‘till Christmas...

“Flynn, wake up!”

Flynn’s younger sister, Kayley’s demanding voice broke into his sleep, but Flynn pretended to still be asleep; hoping she would go away. She didn’t. Kayley shook him violently.

“Wake up!”

Flynn groaned and opened one eye to look up at her. “What?”

“You have to pick Hiccup up from school.”

Flynn rolled over and pulled his blanket over his head. “No.”

Kayley sighed in frustration and pulled his blanket off. “Come on, Flynn! I don’t have time for this. I have to get to work.”

“Dad is supposed to pick him up.”...
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 “Oh my God! A real vampire! Here in New Orleans!"
“Oh my God! A real vampire! Here in New Orleans!"
“What is it?” asked Belle, worried. She gripped Tiana’s hand.

“That “is” Lestat in the picture!” Tiana choked out. “But that’s impossible!”

“He could be a relation,” Meg said, uneasily glancing at the photograph.

“No!” Tiana dropped the cutting to the floor. “It’s Lestat! I just know it! But how? How?”

Belle and Meg glanced at one another. “I don’t know,” 说 Meg, slowly, “I mean, it’s like something out of a horror film 或者 something...”

“Horror film,” Belle mused, and then she remembered all those 哥特式 novels she had read, stories of ghosts...
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 "Have 你 ever been horse riding?"
"Have you ever been horse riding?"
Aurora and Ariel ran down the hall peeping in every classroom door trying to find Meg. They looked in their room and in Adams, but nothing. They couldn’t find her anywhere. Later that 日 Aurora and Ariel headed to Fairy Godmother’s to return their dresses when the most peculiar thing happened. They found Meg. She was talking to Belle and Milo.
“Meg! Where have 你 been?” asked Ariel. Meg turned around and Ariel noticed she was wearing the sandals Adam gave her again. “Why are 你 wearing the sandals Adam got you? 你 说 你 never wanted to see them again”
“Well, it turns out...
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 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Every tribute was standing outside the cornucopia. Anxiously waiting as the countdown began.

District 12 tribute, Kayley, ran as far out as she could. Into the forest. District 1 tributes, Hercules and Aurora, ran straight for cornucopia and got their weapons first. Followed 由 Esmeralda and Jim from District 2 and then Merida from District 8. District 4 tribute, Belle, District 9 tribute, Phoebus and District 11 tributes Tiana and Sweet all ran out to the forest followed sneakily 由 阿拉丁 from District 12.

Over near the cornucopia, District 6 tribute Charming and District 5 tribute...
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 "My name is Hercules"
"My name is Hercules"
Hercules stared at the clock, anxiously waiting for 真假公主 to come out. All he could think about was locking lips with her. He had been dreaming of dating her for weeks and today was the 日 he would ask her out. A group of girls walked passed giggling and waving at Hercules. He stopped and waved back, shocked. The girls came over and sat with him.

“Hi there.” 说 the blonde one twirling her hair as she leant in to him.
“What’s your name hot stuff?” asked a tall girl with raven hair. Hercules smiled dreamily as she pushed away the blonde and sat upon his knee.
“Uh, Hercules. My...
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Chapter 18: A Special Evening

Ariel was starting to get 蝴蝶 或者 rather knots in her stomach she never had felt something like this before was this something that only happens to humans "Are 你 ready" Nakoma asked she nodded "Ok follow me" Ariel took a deep breathe it helped a little bit but the nervousness was still there she slowly walked behind her as she opened the front door "Excuse me John she's ready" she looked to see if Ariel was behind her but she wasn't when she went back into the house she found her back up agains't the 墙 completely 《冰雪奇缘》 "Oh come on sweetie don't be it...
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Chapter 17: Something Special

When John arrived back at the camp sight the men all looked at him strangely with curiosity who was that strange red headed girl he was carrying to his 舱, 小木屋 he was 表演 strange already getting back to there so late last week and now he hadn't talked to anyone in the past few days something was definitely going on and they were all thinking the same thing could that be the mystery girl he had talked about before could she be really be real.

With Ariel secure in one arm John opened the door to his 舱, 小木屋 and set her on a chair "You should get cleaned up I'll go get...
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Meg nudged open the door with toe of her high heel. The curtains were pulled closed, only letting in a crack of light from the 街, 街道 light outside. The light shone on the bed, revealing a leg sticking out from under the blanket; a fishnet 袜, 放养 was rolled halfway down the calf. Meg shifted the clean sheets she was carrying into one hand and then reached over and gently shook the leg. There was a groan and the leg slipped back under the blanket.

"Vanessa!" Meg hissed. "Wake up!"

Another groan. Meg shook her head and walked over to the window. She quickly ripped open the curtain casting a light...
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 "After that we will blah blah blah. We know. We know. She just asked what mountains they were." Interrupted Jim who was reclining 下一个 to Milo. Milo opened his mouth to say something but decided not to.
"After that we will blah blah blah. We know. We know. She just asked what mountains they were." Interrupted Jim who was reclining next to Milo. Milo opened his mouth to say something but decided not to.
灰姑娘 looked out at the mountains that the carriage passed by. "What mountains are these?" She asked not taking her eyes off the white peaks.

Milo looked up from his book and out at the mountains. "Um, I think that is the white mountains of Duahra. The mark the end of Duahra and the beginning of the Broenbae. Soon they will turn into the black mountains of Broenbae. After that-"

"After that we will blah blah blah. We know. We know. She just asked what mountains they were." Interrupted Jim who was reclining 下一个 to Milo. Milo opened his mouth to say something but decided not to. He hung...
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Megara walked into the room. She could see that Ariel was busy on the phone most likely chatting to her new found lover, Jim. Megara didn't like Jim, not one bit. She felt he wasn't treating her best friend right and he is known to be a bit of a player. 你 should've seen the last girl he dated, Rapunzel. He broke up with her two weeks later because she was too outgoing. As for the other four, who knew why.

Megara sat down on Aurora's bed, twirling her hair nervously.
"Megsie..." started Ariel as she put down the phone.
"Yes Ari?"
"What's wrong?" Megara hesitated; she didn't want Ariel to know...
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    The Ratcliff’s woke up bright and early so they could get to their new 首页 as soon as they could. They were so excited to finally get to see America and actually be living there. The 小狗 were excited to be on a boat, Pongo and Perdita had to make sure none fell overboard. Patch was happy to be on a 船, 小船 for the first time but at the same time sad because he knew it was the closest thing he’ll have to a real adventure, 下一个 to his adventure in London. He was glad that his parents at least remembered him this time. However he still dreamed of when he’d be able...
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    This is the story of me as a wizard with magical powers. I'm also the narrator of the story. But ironically, it's not even my story. This is the story of my three 最喜爱的 迪士尼 dogs: Scamp, Angel, and Patch. They're on their greatest adventure ever; they're doing something no dog has ever done before. Our story begins in a nice, lovely little park in New England, where the famous Lady and Tramp are there with their family. Their owners; Jim Dear, Darling, and Junior, took them there for a picnic. However while there weren’t paying attention, the mischievous Scamp...
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