Chapter 5: Festival of Fools

Belle and Phebous made there way into the dungeon hearing the sound of a whip to her it was horrifying what kind of business could Frollo possibly have in such a dreadful place. "Stop" cried Frollo "Sir" the guard saluted who was doing the whipping " Wait between lashes otherwise the old sting will dull him to the new", "Yes sir", "Ahh so this the gallant Captain Phebous 首页 from the wars", "Reporting for duty as ordered sir", "Ahh and I see 你 have met Belle such a lovely creature is she not? She is staying with me for the time being until I can find her a place 更多 suitable", "Yes I ran into her on my way here and made sure she arrived safely", "Well your service record precedes 你 Phebous I expect nothing but the best from a war hero of your caliber", "And 你 shall have it sir I guarantee it", "Yes" Frollo 说 with an evil smile upon his face. "You know my last Captain of the Guard was um a little bit of a disappointment to me" he smiled again a man cried in pain as the sound of the whip lashed again it frightened Belle but she didn't let it 显示 all she could about was how much pain his former captain was in the poor man Phebous was also a little tensed up as well he certainly didn't want that to happen to him "Well no matter I'm sure you'll whip my men into shape", "Well, that's a great... tremendous honor, sir".
Frollo led them outside he had the most spectacular view of Notre Dame "You've come to Paris at the darkest 小时 Captain it will take a firm hand to save the weak minded from being so easily mislead", "Mislead?" Belle and Phebous 说 at the same time "Yes look Gypsies" they gazed down at the city streets Belle noticed the girl she had been danced with earlier was back on the streets dancing "The Gypsies
live outside the normal ordered their heathen ways inflame the people's lowest instincts and they must be stopped", "I was summoned from the wars to capture fortune-tellers and palm readers?", "Don't 你 你 think that's a little cruel Judge Frollo they aren't doing any harm" 说 Belle "Ah, the real war is what 你 both see before 你 for twenty years I have been "taking care" of the Gypsies one 由 one" he 说 as he squashed two ants with his thumb then lifted a piece of block from the sill and exposed a swarm "And yet for all my success they have thrived I believe they have a 安全 haven within the walls of this very city a nest if 你 will they call it the Court of Miracles", "What are we going to do about it sir?" asked Phebous Frollo smashed the ants with the block and put it back into place "You make your point quite vividly, sir", "You know I like 你 Captain shall we" suddenly there was screaming coming from the city streets "Oh duty calls have either one attended a peasant festival?", "Not recently sir", "No sir" replied Belle " Then this should be quite an education for the both of 你 come along" they made way of to the front where Frollo's carriage and Achilles were waiting "Come Belle ride with me follow behind us Captain", "Yes sir".

Quasimodo made his way down the the cathedral into the listening to the people sing as he swung onto the 街, 街道 Clopin took over "Fools! Haha ha Once a 年 we throw a party here in town once a 年 we turn all Paris upside down every man's a king and every king's a clown once again it's Topsy Turvy Day. It's the 日 the devil in us gets releasedIt's the 日 we mock the prig and shock the priest everything is topsy turvy at the Feast of Fools!", "Topsy Turvy!' shouted the crowd " "Everything is upsy daysey!", "Topsy Turvy!", "Everyone is 表演 crazy dross is 金牌 and weeds are a bouquet that's the way on Topsy Turvy Day". As Quasimodo was trying to get away he tripped and fell into a dark skinned, black haired, green eyed girls tent and pulled down the curtain as she was changing "HEY! Are 你 alright", "I I didn't mean to I'm sorry", "Your not hurt are you? Here let's see", "NO NO N NO!" Quasimodo screamed trying to hide his face "There see no harm done just try to be a little 更多 careful", "I Will", "By the way great mask" he smiled it was a nice change instead of being judged.
"Topsy Turvy!", "Beat the drums and blow the trumpets", "Topsy Turvy!", "Join the bums and thieves and strumpets streaming in from Chartres to Calais Scurvy knaves are extra scurvy on the sixth of January all because its Topsy Turvy day!"
Suddenly Quasimodo saw his masters carriage pull up he had to hide quick he couldn't let Frollo see him so he went deeper into the crowd he couldn't help but smile when he saw Belle sitting 下一个 to him he was so happy she had come just like she 说 she would Clopin had come up to them 唱歌 and dancing around "Come one, come all! Hurry, hurry, here's your chance see the mystery and romance.Come one, come all see the finest girl in France make an entrance to entrance dance la Esmeralda Dance!!" He threw powder onto the stage and she appeared in a puff of 粉, 粉色 smoke wearing a red dress with fuchsia 粉, 粉色 sleeves and a 金牌 tiara. Belle was mesmerized she had never seen anything like this the dancer Esmeralda moved with such grace and beauty like she had in the streets she came up to her and Frollo teasing him with a tool purple scarf that had 金牌 moons and stars then pulled his hat down Belle couldn't help put laugh. Esmeralda gave her a coin then went back onto the stage the way she could 移动 her body was incredible she flipped and did the splits right in front of Quasimodo she winked at him then grabbed a staff from a guard and drive its sharp blade into the stage and twirled her body around it she lifted her head and that concluded her performance the crowd throwing her coins as she bowed.

Coplin began to sing again "Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for here it is, 你 know exactly what's in store now's the time we laugh until our sides get sore now's the time we crown the King of Fools! 你 all remember last years king?" he asked the crowd cheered " So make a face that's horrible and frightening make a face as gruesome as a gargoyle's wing for the face that's ugliest will be the King of Fools! Why?", "Topsy Turvy!" The crowd shouted "Ugly folk forget 你 shyness" Esmeralda smiled and grabbed Quasimodo's hand and helped him onto the stage "You could soon be called Your Highness!" Coplin continued to sing "Put your foulest features on display be the king of Topsy Turvy Day!" Esmeralda placed Quasimodo at the end of the line then made her way to the front of the line and took off people's mask and made a face the crowd booed at everyone's faces and Esmeralda's goat knocked them onto the 街, 街道 but when they reached Quasi they were all shocked scared and frightened 由 his face "That's no mask", "Its his face!", "He's hideous!", "Its the 钟, 贝尔 ringer from Notre dame" the 评论 made him feel upset they knew who he was even Frollo recognized him "Ladies and gentlemen don't panic " 说 Coplin "We asked for the ugliest face in Paris and here he is Quasimodo the hunchback of Notre Dame" he placed the crown upon his head and the crowd began to cheer "EVERYBODY!" Coplin shouted as the crowd and they placed him in the special 王座, 宝座 where he was carried to a stand that had a wheel across from the cathedral as they sang "Once a 年 we throw a party here in town", "Hail to the king!", "Once a 年 we turn all Paris upside down", "Oh what a king!", "Once a year, the ugliest will wear a crown", "Girls give a kiss!", "Once a 年 on Topsy Turvy Day", "We've never had a king like this" Coplin sang placing a purple 长袍 around Quasimodo and handing him a miniature staff "And it's the 日 we do the things that we deplore on the other three hundred and sixty-four. Once a 年 we 爱情 to drop in where the 啤酒 is never stoppin for the chance to pop some popinjay and pick a king who'll put the "top" in Topsy Turvy Day!Mad and crazy, upsy-daisy, Topsy Turvy Day!"
As the crowd cheered and threw confetti Belle was so happy for him "They think he's ugly now huah well watch this" the chubby guard that had helped Phebous and Belle earlier threw a 番茄 at Quasimodo's face" Now that's ugly", Hail to the king!" shouted his partner with the brown mustache as he threw another 番茄 at him Quasimodo tried to get away put he tripped over a 番茄 and the crowd laughed "Hey where 你 going hunchback?" a man cried "The funs just being" as he looped his rope over his neck and pulled him town onto the stand other joined in looping their ropes around his hands when he tried to stand up to get away again a few members from the crowd came up tied him to the wheel and spun it around. People began throwing 食物 left and right laughing as Quasimodo spun around around "Master!" he cried "Master please help" but Frollo just sat there with disappointment he did even look at him while Belle stood up horrified how could these people be so cruel Phebous could tell it was upsetting her "Sir I request permission to stop this cruelty", "In a moment Captain a lesson needs to be learned here", "No", "Excuse me?", "No!" Belle cried "THE ONLY LESSON THAT NEEDS TO BE LEARNED IS YOURS! 你 say your a father to this boy and yet 你 aren't doing anything to help him and if 你 won't I will and 由 the way I was the one who told him to come he deserves a life outside that cathedral a far happier one than he's been living"'.

Belle ran as fast as she could to the stand people tried to push her back grabbing her 由 the arm, 或者 tugging at her hair causing her to loose her bow put she pulled through walking up the steps and knelt down beside Quasimodo "Belle" " Shh its alright I'm here" she 说 stroking his face with her hand she reached into her dress pocket pulling out a handkerchief and started wiping away all 番茄 果汁 from his face "Why are 你 even helping him?" someone shouted "Yeah he's nothing", "He's not one of us!", "ENOUGH!" she shouted "You people should be ashamed of yourselves abusing this poor boy because he's different he may not look normal but if 你 got to know him 你 would find that he's very kind and gentle but 你 let your judgment get in the way and 你 have the nerve to accuse me it disgust me that I'm part of such a society" she turned back to Quasimodo she didn't even notice that Esmeralda there "Excuse me" Belle looked behind her "Can I help" she smiled "Of course" Esmeralda went to other side and started wiping his face with her sash "Don't be afraid I'm sorry this wasn't suppose to happen".
"You two come down from there at once" cried Frollo "Yes your honor just as soon as I free this poor creature", "I forbid it" Esmeralda quickly grabbed the 刀 from her ankle and cut the ropes "How dare 你 defy me!" he 说 angrily "You mistreat this poor boy the same way 你 mistreat my people 你 speak of justice yet 你 cruel to those most in need of your help", "SILENCE!", "JUSTICE!" she shouted back Belle helped her take off the ropes off of Quasimodo and helped him to his feet he leaned into her for a moment until he found his balance "Mark my words gypsy 你 will pay for this", "Then it appears we have crowned the wrong fool the only fool I see is YOU!" Throwing the crown in front of Frollo "Captain Phebous arrest her!"

With a snap of his fingers guards surrounded the stand Belle and Quasimodo knew there was no way she could escape "Hmm let me see" she counted the guards "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine so there's ten of 你 and one of me what's a poor girl to do" she pulled a handkerchief from his 衬衫 fake crying when she blew into it 粉, 粉色 smoke appeared and she was gone. "Witchcraft" 说 Frollo everyone was wondering where she had gone "Oh boys over here" she cried she and her goat were pretending to be mask 你 could only see their faces in a basket on the platform where 你 were hanged they quickly jumped into the crowd catching them they moved them with their hands safely across the other side when the guards tried everyone moved any they hit the street. Guards were coming after her she quickly left up and broke the cage an elderly man rolling down the streets not only trying to keep her balance but moving she rolled on 最佳, 返回页首 of the guards and started catching up to her goat who was riding on a wooden board with wheels with a black beard man using cups and pure arm power to out run them.
Suddenly they went flying into the air they hadn't seen the large wheel barrel in there way causing the wheels to break when they crashed and the elderly man's cage opened up when he rolled up on 最佳, 返回页首 of the guards "I'm free I'm free" he cried happily as he got out but his foot got caught in the cage and he fell into a wooden board with three holes one for his head and the other two for his hands " Dang it!" he 说 in disappointment as the 最佳, 返回页首 board came down and locked him in.

Esmeralda continued running guards were now following her on horse back she quickly jumped up and grabbed the stilt mans trousers as they rode 前锋, 期待 it was like a catapult the pants pulled back and sent the guard flying into the air his 头盔 on her head she took a bow for the crowd. She threw at the three guards coming toward her it hit off of there helmets like a pinball as they fell to the and flew over to a post 下一个 to Pheobus cutting the flag in half he quickly ducked his head "What a women!" he 说 as he lifted his head back up.
Now there were only two guards left with her goat 由 her side they ran toward Follo's tent she whistled to another man on stirs and dropped his stick it landed in between the two guards not watching where they were going they rammed right into the tent and it collapsed on 最佳, 返回页首 of Frollo but he wasn't injured. Two men on stilts lifted Esmeralda and her goat on the roof of the stage she took one last bow and for her final trick she twirled around inside a red 紫色, 紫罗兰色 cloth it went flat and when the stilt man to the left lifted it up she had disappeared. Frollo placed his hat back on his head and looked back upon Quasimodo and Belle angry he mounted his horse "Find her Captain I want her alive", "Yes sir, 密封 off the area find the gypsy girl" Frollo rode over to the wheel platform he looked angrily into Quasimodo's eyes his stare was like looking into a 火, 消防 it burned 你 to your very core "I'm sorry master I will never disobey 你 again" he jumped down and was heading toward the cathedral door when Belle stopped him "Wait Quasimodo" she cried now it was her turn Frollo gave her that same stare "And 你 if 你 ever do something like this again 你 and your horse will be out on the streets begging for scraps do I make myself clear", "Yes sir", "Good now take Quasimodo inside and make sure he gets cleaned up", "Yes sir".

Belle walked down the platform stairs and up to Quasimodo she placed her arms around him for comfort he was still shaken from everything that had happened he couldn't bare anyone else to look at him but her as they walked together up the stairs of Notre Dame and into the safety of the cathedral as he closed the door the outside world he started to cry he knew he would never be apart of them all they would see was a monster.

"Once a 年 we a party here in town"
"Dance la Esmeralda Dance!"
"And pick a king who'll put the "top" in Topsy Turvy Day!"
" Master please help me!'
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"Oh boys over here"
"Dang it!"
"What a women"
Her final trick
"I'm sorry master I will never disobey 你 again"
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