chesire suggested that i should post the whole story here so it would be easier to read instead of having to locate all of the different pictures with the story.

This is a very short story..

About 爱情 at first sight!

Its also about 小叮当 who,
The whole time is trying to make Stitch jealous but he isn't seen until after 小叮当 has all of her fun.

She use's Timon and Mushu which ruins their friendship...

so here it is :) ENJOY

(All pictures were made 由 Me)
(Story also created 由 me)
This is a very short story about the two best 老友记 Mushu and Timon, they had a friendship so strong. But that all changed one day.
They met Tinkerbell, the most beautiful fairy of them all. Little did they know, she was ugly on the inside.
爱情 at first sight! Mushu greeted Tink with a friendly handshake. While Timon tried to hide his 爱情 with a fake, I Don’t Care Smile.
With a WICKED smile Tink decided to trial the boys.
On the first date, Mushu shows Tink how to have fun.
The first 日期 with Timon, he took her to a cliff and pushed her into the lake, He jumped after her.
Mushu makes 小叮当 try new and exotic foods.
Timon holds onto Tinks foot as the two happily 摇摆, 秋千 back and forth.
Tink doesn’t want her feet to get wet, so being such a gentleman, Mushu goes all out of his way to keep them dry.
小叮当 smiles and tells Timon that she absolutely LOOOOOOVES dancers.
Tink playing games tells Mushu that she LIIIIIIKES 《勇敢传说》 men.
Tink’s 老友记 and family disapprove of what she’s doing and they Tell her to stop. But being a ***** she gets mad.
Smiles and Kisses are shared after Tink tells Timon he’s the one she wants to be with forever.
Mushu is FURIOUS that 小叮当 chose Timon, he is out for vengeance.Tinkerbell looks out to her yard to see Mushu chasing Timon around, She is not impressed… She Leaves.
After all of the Hub ub Mushu leave Timon alone. The two spot 小叮当 walking off with Stitch. They cry as they watch her walk off with Stitch. She was off to ruin another life.
Timon and Mushu vowel to never let a girl come between them again.
Yeah Right!!!!!
The End