Alright, just to say that some people {not naming names} on the 迪士尼 Princesses spot inspired me to do this! :D YAY! So, I wanted to this because a lot of people probably don't know WHY I like the crossover couples I am interested in. Well I'm going to tell 你 in order of 7-1. From least to greatest.

7.) {Tulio and Megara}
My number seven 最喜爱的 crossover couple would have to be...Tulio and Megara! Why 你 ask? My opinion on this couple is very typical to me. It's not my 最喜爱的 couple in the world but it would be my last one on the list. I think this couple could relate to the couple, Tulio and Chel. Megara is very feisty {my opinion} and Tulio is the same character. Meg would be with a guy like Tulio because he loves a challenge and enjoys to travel.
"Do 你 爱情 me?" ~Tulio

6.) {Peter Pan and Alice}
Number six on my 列表 would be Peter Pan and Alice. Alice is a very sweet-ish girl and Peter just wants to stay a boy forever. If only Peter could grow up then Alice and Peter could get married! XD Anyways, I see them as a good-ish couple because they both have a little rebel in themselves and are children. {For now}
Cute! :3

5.) {Milo and Jane}
Why I would put these two together? THAT'S EASY! :) They're both adventurous humans. Jane is just an artist who wants to paint many things in nature. Nature is a beautiful thing. Milo loves to travel. And for any of 你 that have seen the movie, Atlantis: The 迷失 Empire, you'd understand. I haven't seen the 电影院 Tarzan 或者 Atlantis. Jane is so beautiful when she isn't. {It doesn't make sense but whenever people aren't make-up-ed they look pretty. Milo just wants to discover the undiscovered. Basically they both 爱情 the same in nature.
"Nice to meet you." ~Jane

4.) {Kuzco and Chel}
These two would be together in my mind because I keep thinking that they come from the same country. Kuzco is an emperor and Chel is...I'm not sure...let's just say peasant. 或者 'god-server'. XD Anyway, I 爱情 them together because Chel is very feisty and Kuzco is as well as selfish. I wouldn't say Chel is selfish though. Who knows? Maybe I'll write a fanfic about them. {Don't get your hopes up. XD}
Hugz! :D

3.) {Jim and Ariel}
I know a lot of people put these two together just...for fun 或者 a 随意 put-together. But, who WOULDN'T PUT THEM TOGETHER? XD What I think is they're perfect for each other because Ariel is much different than Jim. The exception is, she wants to know about the human world. She's interested in how human's walk, feel and react to most things. Since she's a mermaid. Jim, however, is a...criminal I think {I've NEVER seen Treasure Planet} and he want's to find out about new things. They're practically the same thing.
"I fell in 爱情 with the mop boy." ~Ariel

2.) {Proteus and Kida}
And here it comes! :D Proteus and Kida time! Ahhh...I've been waiting this whole 文章 to get to them. As I 说 in Milo and Jane, I have never seen Atlantis: The 迷失 Empire. Therefore, {I sound like a nerd saying that...XD} I know nothing about Kida. Only that she's a princess. Same goes with Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. I do know who Proteus is though! :) He's a very sweet gentleman prince of Syracuse. He is also engaged to Marina. I 爱情 these two together because they come from different worlds. Kida is such a nice young woman and Proteus is a fine gentleman. They make the perfect couple! I'm currently 写作 a fanfiction about them! :D
"Kiss me Kida..." ~Prince Proteus

1.) {Sinbad and Jasmine}
Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the one and only...Sinbad and Jasmine! YAY! I'm so happy! The reason why I 爱情 these two together is because opposites attract. {Stupid reason right?} Sinbad is a thief and 茉莉, 茉莉花 is the Princess of Agrabah. Obviously some people would never put them together {some, not many} but if you're someone like me, you'd agree! Besides, Sinbad is very good with the ladies. XD

"You're a great dancer Sinbad." ~Princess 茉莉, 茉莉花