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posted by misskind100
so let me see where r we up to right fiona ran downstairs her 心 was crushed 由 prodigy (she ran outside)
prince;wat did u 说 to my little sis
prod;i just 说 that we should break up
ray;u r a jerk
roc;y would u say that

the 下一个 day
we all see each other again the mb came to the mall we saw each other
prod; wheres fiona?
anok; she was still upset about u broke up with her
me and diggy was upset to because our 日期 was horrible bec prod and fi broke up
we were going around the mall then prod saw fi
prod; 嘿 fiona wait up baby
fi;can u plz dont call me that i am not ur gf anymore
anok; 嘿 where have...
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posted by jayjaysimmons13
diggy: 嘿 baby
me: 嘿 hunny how was the 日 at the studio with fat 屁股 spin?
diigy: the usual but I was sad cuz my baby wasn't there to make me feel alright!!!
me: awww... grow up! u suppose to be a man 4 me!!(laughs)
diggy:aye!!! a man needs *sings* 爱情 and affection!!
me: hahah give me a kiss..
diggy: pecks mw lips twice then starts making out with me*

we just woke up three in the afternoon ...they just
finished getting it on!!!
me: *walking downstairs in doggy's big tee 衬衫 and shorts. u was walking to the 厨房 when some one roughly tackled me and started to throw punches
...* wtf~!!!!!...
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posted by misskind100
this time we r talking about PRINCETON AND ANOK
one summer 日 the mb and us went to HIGHPOINT
prince; hi baby
anok; hi honey bunny
fi; euh can u plz dont say that
diggy and sandy; y cant they say that? they r bf and gf
fi; yeh but prince is my bro and anok is my bff
EB;ohhh ok we get it
then we went to the mb house
we play TRUTH 或者 DARE anok spin the bottlethe bottle turns to fiona
anok; truth 或者 dare fi; um dare
me; ok i dare u to 吻乐队(Kiss) roc
fi; ok
prod was jelious of roc royal
the fiona spin the bottle the bottle turns to anok
fi; truth 或者 dare
anok; dare
diggy; i dare u to 吻乐队(Kiss) princeton
anok; sure ok
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