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posted by misskind100
one day, my gurls and me (sandy) we went to the 海滩 we saw the mb with a cute boy. prodigy went up to fiona
prod; 嘿 baby watya doing
fi;hey prod hanging out with my gurls. 嘿 who's that cute boy
prince; oh yeah his name is diggy simon our friend and who's that girl.
anok; she's our friend
then the mb and my 2 老友记 anok and fiona was groupe hug. fiona; since they r alone we can make diggy and sandy as bf and gf u know wat i mean right
prince and anok; who's hungry
diggy and sanhdy; jinx u guys own me a soda
prince and anok; now u guys own us a soda
then we all went to hungry jack...
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Let "The Brady Bunch" tell it, the middle kid gets no love. But on the six-season series "Run's House," Diggy Simmons was easy to zoom in on. Deeming himself a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer), the son of hip-hop legend Joseph Lloyd "Reverend Run" Simmons made his talents known early.

Ironically it wasn't until after the reality 显示 went off that girls stopped swooning over his looks and everyone started listening to his lyrics. In a world surrounded 由 new hip-hop artists whose rhymes are about as challenging to memorize as a Dr. Seuss book, Diggy Simmons chose to utilize catchy hooks...
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posted by MisFit2001
Me and diggy r dating because I just broke up with Princeton

Me-Diggy can M.B come visit i miss my bros
Me-thanks boo 爱情 u *calling Ray*

Me & 射线, 雷 convo
Me- ay 射线, 雷 u and the boys come here
Ray-lol k bye
Me-bye * hangs up*

Knocking on the door and I go answer it and it's my bros

Me-wut up
Me-come in
They walk in and sit on the sofa
Me-yall thirsty
Eb but Prince-yes

I walk in 厨房 and Prince follows me
Me-Hi Princeton
Prince-I........ I 爱情 you*leans into 吻乐队(Kiss) me and I 吻乐队(Kiss) back*
Diggy-Prince & Yannia wut the fuck yall doing
Me-Diggy no........
Diggy-*yelling to wherer every one herd him* yall need to get the HELL OUT MY HOUSE
Prince-*walks out * ayy we have to go
*eb leaves*
Diggy-Yannia wut the fuck was y'all doing
Me- he just... (gco)
Diggy-hits me hard and I fall on the ground* 婊子, 子 shut the Fuck up now get up and take yo 屁股 to 床, 床上
Me-I ran up stairs and coverd my eye up with make up and go to sleep*
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