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This Diggy Simmons 照片 might contain 球衣, t恤, t恤衫, 泽西岛, and t 恤.

Let "The Brady Bunch" tell it, the middle kid gets no love. But on the six-season series "Run's House," Diggy Simmons was easy to zoom in on. Deeming himself a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer), the son of hip-hop legend Joseph Lloyd "Reverend Run" Simmons made his talents known early.

Ironically it wasn't until after the reality 显示 went off that girls stopped swooning over his looks and everyone started listening to his lyrics. In a world surrounded 由 new hip-hop artists whose rhymes are about as challenging to memorize as a Dr. Seuss book, Diggy Simmons chose to utilize catchy hooks...
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