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 yunho's giving his 爱情 fr jae and jae take it in full of 爱情
yunho's giving his love fr jae and jae take it in full of love
yunjae couple becomes really popular
YUN-yunho JAE-jaejoong

what can we think when we heard about yunjae??
it's all about ur mind

firsly..the reason y they became 流行的 is their act..
y???if we look at any 视频 about YUNJAE,,they really look like a real couple
honestly,,not juz me,but there'r many people 说 that yunho really look likes a boyfriend while jaejoong look likes his girlfriend.
as we know,yunho is very manly.his charisma..body shape(looks really manly)while jae is feminine,his beautiful face,his cooking....yeah like mom and dad in the group..yunjae...
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♥ Jung Yunho (정윤호) ♥
Stage Name: U-KNOW (Yunho 'Knows' You)
Is the: Leader
Age: 23
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place of birth: Gwangju
Height: 184CM
Weight: 66KG
Blood Type: A
Education: 3rd 年 of College
Favorite Color: Green; Black and white for clothes
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, sports and composing music
Special Ability: 唱歌 and dancing
Awards: 1st Annual SM Best Competition - Best Dancing 1st Place
Solo Activities:
* He composed and sang "Spokesman" with Donghae of Super Junior, which was performed in the 2nd Live Asia tour 音乐会 - 'O'.
* He sang Japanese...
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