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I was born on a green filled planet called Yavin 4.
At a young age my father was teaching me to be like him. A Jedi hunter.
At the age of twelve my father angered me so I retalliated.
I used the force to choke him. Too death.
With my father dead I fled Yavin 4 and ended up in the middle of a 太空 battle between the Republic and the Seperatists.
I tried to avoid it but a Republican Starfighter saw me.
They chased me down to the planet called Tatoooine where I landed and was confronted my the Clone.
But it wasn't a Clone. It was a Jedi a very young looking Jedi.
She smiled at me and held out her hand....
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Four Years Later
It has been five years since I was assigned to Master Plo Koon. Now I am a Jedi Knight.
I stroll to the Bridge of my Starship Vigilance. "General Vox sir!" My commander Boss said.
"At ease Boss." I joked. "What do we have here?" I ask him pointing to the Seperatist Blockade.
"The Seps think they can stop us from getting to Ryloth sir." Boss replies.
"And will they succeed?" I ask.
"No sir!" All of the men on the bridge reply.
"That's the enthusiasm I want. Prepare for battle!" I stroll over to Admiral Terrance.
"The fleet will be ready as soon...
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Eight Months Later....
The sound of explosions filled my ears. "Vox over here!" My Master Plo Koon bellowed from the door of the fort. I ordered my men to follow me. We waded our way through the droids to the door.
"It's great to see 你 finally realized your Padawan was missing Master." I grinned.
"Yes. I wondered why it was so quiet." He joked.
"Sinker, Boost get the door." I ordered. They nodded and put charges on the door.
"I do hope Obi Wan is getting his part of the job done." Plo Koon pondered.
"We're all set general." Sinker confirmed coming...
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星, 星级