Damon and Stefan Salvatore Season 1 - 5 Favourite Stefan-Damon Scenes :)

Immortal_Kiss posted on Jun 23, 2010 at 09:54PM
Post Your 5 Favourite Stefan-Damon Scenes From Season 1. Have Fun! :)
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Damon and Stefan Salvatore 2 回复

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一年多以前 MsJeremyGilbert said…
1 : Them playing football!
2 : The impersonating scene from (1x09)
3 : Stefan saving Damon from the fire (1x22)
4 : Damon : Your right Stefan , i only have you (1x10)
5 : The 1864 Hug

and so many more , i love them off!!!
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一年多以前 Miah13Rose said…
1>Their solving the mystries
2>Their going to a date with Ellena
3>Stefan:First kissing to Ellena
4>Damon:Scaring Ellena @ the dark & along street
5>Damon's wanting to kiss to Ellena.

so many & all of the sceens!Coz i love all of them.
 1>Their solving the mystries 2>Their going to a 日期 with Ellena 3>Stefan:First 接吻 to Ellena 4>D