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posted by loveDE45
He shits on Elena after she becomes a vampire and made her feel like a broken toy because he couldn’t 爱情 her as a vampire.
He slut shames her for sleeping with Damon and used that as the reason for their breakup.
He declared that she didn’t know what he was like when he was not in 爱情 with her.
He wanted to have every memory of Elena erased.
He acted like Damon had no part in Elena’s life after Elena chose him again.
He treated her oh, so well last season and this season that it was a complete shock that she had feelings for Damon.
And now, being the wonderful and PERFECT man that he is, he might- just might- come down off of his Holy 王座, 宝座 and stoop down to take Elena back if she comes crawling back to him after everything she has done to him. How is he even thinking about the possibility of Elena going back to him, let alone deciding if he’ll take her back?

What is this guy even, for real?

Credit-tumblr user
~ Chapter 2 ~

"Damon, 嘿 look at me. Look at me, its Elena" Elena whispered, caressing his cheek. Her eyes were already swollen and had begun to sting really badly. Her entire being was fixed on him. All she cared about right now was this raven-haired, tall guy who was sitting right in front of her. All she cared about was that Damon was alive and breathing.

"Who are you?" Damon finally spoke. With the innocence of a toddler. His eyes were fixed on Elena but saw her as a stranger, looking at her as if asked to decode a zip code.

"What are 你 talking about? Its me, Elena" Elena spoke, her voice...
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posted by RoseJackDawson
I was plaining on making DE video with 101 reasons to ship them and I would like to see your opinion (because it will be dedicated to all of you). What do 你 think,are these reasons good? And if 你 have your sugestions,I'd appriciate if 你 write it.
1.    Because he knew right away she wasn't Katherine.
2.    Because he consumes her.
3.    When Bonnie toched her,she saw Damon.
4.    She was the reason he came back.
5.    Because it was nice to meet him.
6.    Because she let...
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I have been thinking about link and was bored during history lesson, so I wrote this.

I know that some 粉丝 were pissed off about Elena hurting Damon and her constant denial before the promo of 3x19 was released. (It's the only thing I've been thinking for the past few days) I think if I wrote this earlier it may help stop the Elena hate. Because if 你 loved Damon's journey last season, 你 should know that Elena's is no different.

I realized that their journey of realization began on 2x01 for Damon and 3x14 for Elena. Of course they have their moments of realization before that, but it became...
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Guys, I've seen a lot of freaking out over the last episode. I think lots of DE 粉丝 are worried but I don't see why. For me the nail in the coffin for SE was last episode. Stefan used one of the worst moments in Elena's life against her...just to gain the upper hand on Klaus. I'm not even going to get into what he did and how I feel about it 或者 even compare it to what Damon did in 2x20. But I get why he tried to do it(he didn't have to do it, he could have returned 首页 at the end of 3x09 and not plot his revenge against Klaus, keeping everyone save in the first place. He wouldn't have to...
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