To start - I MISS ELENA! Her absence was felt very keenly in this episode, and I feel like the writers were respectful of her memory (with a big BUT.)

BUT they are shameless in their ways of holding onto Delena viewers, and seeing as there is no guarantee that Elena/Nina will ever return, it stings. I get they are trying to make money, and they didn't have a say on Nina's decision to leave the show, but the teasing isn't entirely appreciated.

So the first scene is of a cargo dock, I think in New York. The text onscreen informs us that it is 3 years in the future. Pan into a warehouse holding two closed coffins. Enter Stefan, obviously running away from something terrible (panting, stumbling, etc.) He opens one coffin to reveal a desiccated Damon, and he proceeds to pour blood down his throat "Damon, wake up! I need you!" Damon awakes with a gasp and yells "I told 你 not to wake me until Elena wakes up!"

So. Now we know that sometime between "now" and "3 years from now", Damon has decided to go the starvation route as he mentioned in the final episode of S6. This is an obvious way of placating the Delena viewers. No chance of a Damon/anyone romance for at least 3 years! Yay!

I know that sounds sarcastic, but I am honestly quite happy about that. I'd rather our 3 年 future shot was of Damon AND Elena waking up, but it at least shows that the writers realize how OOC it would be for Damon to 移动 on, if not at all, then at least any time soon. The bad news - we don't know when the series is going to do the permanent jump from "now" to "3 years from now." And we don't know what is going to happen after that time jump. They sure are trying to keep us hooked, aren't they?

After this scene we jump to "current time" for the majority of the episode, with the final scene jumping back to Damon & Stefan in the warehouse. I'll get to the "current time" bit in a different article. So, as Damon's getting out of his coffin, complaining about being awoken, Stefan is yapping about some mysterious "she" that is after them. Suddenly the warehouse erupts in gunfire, a woman standing in the entrance with a gun (or guns, can't remember.) She is conveniently backlit, so we can't tell who this woman is that is hunting Damon, Stefan, and possibly Elena. Very clever, TVD!

OK, tomorrow I'll write a review of the main part of the episode. I'm tired and want to see what y'all think about this bit. Very short summary: there's a very brief Bamon friendship moment that felt like forced fanservice for Bamon shippers, the Heretics are pretty awesome, and a cool Bonnie/Damon death whammie gets put on the guy everyone hates on sight. Oh, yeah, and some Steroline stuff. ;)