I didn't think it would end like this.
How did we, a fandom with everything to hope for and everything to gain, end up losing everything? (OK, maybe we haven't 迷失 *everything* but that's what it feels like). I went to 床, 床上 last night and couldn't sleep. Every Delena 'worst-case scenario' I never dreamed could become a reality spun round and round in my head. It didn't seem possible that Elena could be written out of the show, when she was the female lead.
Nina has not currently 给 a reason for leaving, but it's probably down to 2 things.

1. She wants to be free to work on other projects and movies.
2. She's unhappy on the TVD set and wants out.

Nina is well known for being very ambitious and wanting to do everything, but could anyone have foreseen her leaving before the end of the show, and thus upsetting all her fans?
As for her being unhappy...well, we've heard the rumours but I didn't think things were THAT bad between her and Ian. It seems that ever since Nian split, things have steadily gone downhill. They looked OK when they won that People's Choice Award last 年 - (if they weren't, then they sure put on a prize-winning performance); but when they won again this 年 and didn't bother to 显示 up, then that was a sign that something was wrong.
Now, I would not have 你 think that I'm laying all the blame on Ian because we don't know what's gone on behind the scenes. We DO know, however, that he has 说 some unpleasant things about Nina on social media which must have contributed to what was surely a highly uncomfortable environment on set.
You'd think though, that all the time they were together, Nina and Ian would have at least discussed what would happen should their relationship not work out, and ensured that their private lives didn't interfere with their professional lives. Their personal lives apparently did get in the way, and they both had an equal responsibility to see that things remained neutral, so in that respect, Nina is as guilty as Ian.
Eonline have claimed that Ian and Nina have remained professional since their break-up, and that it was her plan to leave after 6 seasons even before she and Ian broke up. But I'm not so sure if I believe them. Let me re-phrase that: I DEFINITELY DON'T BELIEVE THEM. 粉丝 in the know have reported that Ian didn't even attend Nina's goodbye party.
Would she have been so eager to 'move on' and 'spread her wings' had she and Ian still been a solid, loved-up couple? And think about it: even if Ian HAD played a part in her decision, it's not like Nina could ever have admitted it in the media, could she? It would have looked bad for Ian and herself. Plus, the writers must have known about her leaving for a while now. Why did they continue letting us think DE would be together if they knew Nina was leaving anyway? At least with Stelena, the SE 粉丝 have had a lot of time to accept their couple weren't going to end up together, and they've been able to (hopefully) 移动 on, so it won't be so bad for them. We, on the other hand, have faithfully watched the show, believing Delena would end up together, never knowing that their days were dwindling down to nothing.
I would much rather have had Damon written out of the 显示 with Elena, so at least that way, they could have been together. 给 the way their story has progressed throughout the years, that seems the most logical thing to do.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel betrayed 由 almost everyone on the 显示 right now. I feel betrayed 由 Ian, for changing his stance on Delena and praising Bamon and Kat since his 分裂, 拆分 with Nina; I feel betrayed 由 the writers and the producers; I feel betrayed 由 Nina for wanting to leave and only telling us as S6 nears its final episodes; I feel betrayed because 'the show' has treated Delena 粉丝 badly. 你 might disagree with me, but I feel to some extent, they have taken us for granted. They are always coaxing us DE 粉丝 into watching the show, but when it comes down to it they can't even give us the ending we deserve. Am I being cynical to assume that probably the main reason the writers didn't give us some early warning that DE may NOT be ending up together, 或者 told us in advance that this would be Nina's final season, was because they were afraid the 显示 would lose viewers?
Were we wrong to assume that DE would live happily ever after? I don't think so. We only believed it because we were encouraged to believe it time and time again. If we were wrong, then so were the writers for stringing us along.

你 might think that I'm being melodramatic to expect the worst. After all, we haven't seen the ending yet. But...it feels like we've reached the end of our journey. Do we still have hope? Of course. Even if Elena 'dies', she could still be brought back to life at the end of the 显示 and she and Damon could be reunited. 或者 if she leaves town, then the writers could bring her back in the finale and she and Damon could be reunited. Some have even speculated that Elena could be played 由 a different actress. But here's the thing: 由 the time the finale airs, and after all the pain and heartache we've suffered, what will that kind of endgame even mean? Will we even care? Should we really trust the writers to eventually give us the ending we deserve after Nina leaves the show?
It's true that there are many different stories that could occur. But how can any of them really justify taking Elena away from Damon indefinitely? That's another thing I can't 熊 about this. They are ALWAYS tearing Delena apart and we have ALWAYS kept on watching anyway, because we believed they would get back together, because they belonged together.
It seems to me that we can either continue to watch the 显示 after Nina leaves in the hope that DE get an endgame after all and grit our teeth while the writers do their worst to the 显示 and dangle the prospect of a Bamon friendship-romance in front of our noses, 或者 some other 'love interest' for Damon. Or...we can call it a 日 and be grateful for the journey we've had, even if we didn't get the ending we wanted. Didn't we always say it was about the journey, not the destination?

Personally, I can't stand the thought of Bonnie 'developing feelings' for her best friend's former lover, and making eyes at Damon. I mean, the very idea of it makes me want to scream. OK, OK, I know that I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions before they even happen. But do I think that Elena's exit greatly increases the chances of Bamon becoming a thing? Well I hate to say it, but yes. The 显示 can and will go on without Elena and Delena, and it also thrives on shock tactics and drama. What would be 更多 shocking than seeing Damon hook up with Bonnie?
I can smell Bamon fans' smugness from here. 你 just know they're congratulating themselves at the prospect of their darling little bird finally getting Damon all to herself and telling each other that ending Delena was all part of the writers' plan to get it back on track again and all the rest of it. I hope they realise that IF they do get what they want, it's only because Nina left the show, thereby making Bonnie Damon's consolation prize, not his (or indeed, the writers) first choice. She was his and the writers 'back-up plan'.

A 显示 without Elena and Delena is a 显示 I can never watch 或者 accept. Of course, I don't expect everyone in the DE fandom to feel the same way, and I totally understand if 你 wish to continue watching the 显示 after Nina leaves. I'm not sure if I even have the 心 to watch DE's last episodes together, no matter how beautiful they are. I know I should, but it will be too heartbreaking, now that the 显示 will continue without them. At the end of six years, we could have had everything, and we almost did, but we were cheated out of it at the last moment. This has been the most incredible fandom to have been a part of, and I will miss it like crazy. 你 have been the best people to have shared this experience with, and I will never forget this journey we've shared together. I 爱情 你 all, and Delena. And I will forever.